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DAVID HICKS | "Fiendish legal inventiveness ~ the sort of cleverness ~ threw the law book out ~ favor of gossip, arbitrariness and political judgment ~ US legal system has, and continues, to pay dearly for" | "100 years now the globalist movement has been out to usurp ... in the face of what we are now up against, honoring our dishonorable treasonous presidents ... Waking up and rejecting their tyranny | AC ~ DC | APARTHEID CONTRACT | DICTATOR$HIP CONTROL | ENERGY ISN'T CONTROLLABLE AS A FORCED FORCE SOURCE OF ALL POWERFUL LIFE




Living in the EARTH PLANE, isn't other than living in the earth's plane of energy, or some idea that forms the reality that life in the universe as a Homo Sapiens ?  Human Being ?  Or ?  Life in EARTH is about the evolution of life in the MIND of the species, all.  Separation is in the same mind as the imagination of wholeness.

GLOBALISTS.  What is the name, in actuality, of the same species that decides to be, of own species,

  • predator
  • parasite
  • chosen
  • victim
  • ET AL
  • Et Cetera

INNOCENCE?  There is no separation.  IE, EG, George W. Bush, Sr., is a reflection of the mind of the species Homo Sapiens, all unfortunately.  APARTHEID?!  GENOCIDE?!  In the reality of our time in earth's plane of nature's bounty we've committed the most criminally insane acts as though there is a civilization happening.  Civilized hasn't been and isn't our real true living experience as a species in earth.
Genetically Modified BRAIN has-been/is, well-orchestrated.  Generations already in the brain-blood-chemistry of NOT WHOLE. Thus, the time arrived already, long ago, to remember should we be able to, that WE ARE ENERGY. Energy must birth energy that is whole.  The brain isn't accessed wholly, but certainly can be.  We've not reached a ten (10) percent access to our "mind" via the 'majority' of our species!

Television or any connectedness to technology is the favorite practice.  Practicing the boring practices of being more whole, well again, the brain has been compromised and maybe once upon a time there was a seven (7) percent in the brain IQ, however, more like five (5) percent now.  AND EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT?  "EQ"!  Oh my, how we are governed by and through the KILLER$.

Raised on IT, the KILLER$ are known via the UNIFORMS and other clothing to separate (ROBED GAVEL TYRANTS) the uncivilized from the people that choose to be in contract, the REAL DREAM.

SENTIENT BEINGS are real, too!  The KILLER$ in our so-called "democracy" are not well Mr. Bulmer, Et Al.

Nightmares can be cured.  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE BRAIN, can be reality, but practice every day or no such truth.

There are nine compartments in the brain.  Simply breathe the breath (AH HEM, PARADISE IS OUR BREATH GIVE ABOUT FIFTEEN MINUTES, MAYBE, AND NO BREATH NO EARTH PLANE LIFE FOR THE ORGANISM CALLED "I"), nine times breathe into the CHAMBER, following the numbers one through 9.  CROWN of the head, don't go back down into the lower "hypothalamus" part of the "reptile brain".

Do the breath first with "BEAK HANDS" as the/a conduit.  Eventually sitting and being still and breathing into the chambers can be realized - driving, or doing any physical activity, too.

Running around the earth insane and then the getting rid of all the experimented on humans, isn't getting a higher consciousness reality happening.

There must be enough brains that can access the DREAM power, ELVIS sang the Gospels because the wholly spiritual truth of his breath was and is, gospel:  breathe into the nine chambers in each head of every Homo Sapiens and we can get higher vibrations to bring what Elvis sang about already.

DREAM?  Or is the reality that the molecules of our universe has the energy as a source to force the life power to be an eternity and we are in contract to the great design?!  We're molecular energy, according to "science".  And science finally caught up with the Taoist masters, that were already able to do what needed done, then, too.  We must ready as many minds as can be readied, and follow the GREAT DREAMERS that have all our species in the spiritual fetus of now and through all eternity.

NATURE restores the necessity of WELL BALANCED SPONTANEITY.  Homo Sapiens may enact the act of changing the earth's plane of natural elements, but there is an ENERGY that has the all powerful power to be the seen and unseen and all the in-between the no real words to say the WU WEI (IE "GOD")

.. to be continued, videos are dreaming into realities of how to 'practice' ....]

Ron Holland censors my last comment at the Daily Bell:
Laugh on laugh on my freind
Hee laugheth best that laugheth to the end

For that reason, the fate of Hicks remains the greatest affirmation of fiendish legal inventiveness, the sort of cleverness that threw the law book out in favour of gossip, arbitrariness and political judgment. It is one the US legal system has, and continues, to pay dearly for.  The Australian citizen, on the other hand, can always rely on his or her own government to surrender liberties at the drop of the judicial hat, an anaemic form of patriotism if ever there was one.  Washington, right or wrong, will have its day.  Dr. Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge.  He lectures at RMIT University, Melbourne.  Email:  >><<

For 100 years now the globalist movement has been out to usurp our national sovereignty, replacing it with a one world government with one currency soon eclipsed by a microchip. There has been a war on both religion and family in this country just as individual rights are being attacked. Loyalty to the collective group above all else has been taught in the federalized public education brainwash called Common Core. Secrecy abounds in a totalitarian state. The militant Orwellian arm of child protective services and the thoroughly broken foster care system in this country are also at war with the American family. Obama and company have been busy making secret deals with the UN as part of the preparation for enactment of the Agenda 21. Still another NWO policy in both North America and Europe is the free anduninterrupted flow of immigration, pitting races, classes, religions and nationalities against each other.

All the globalists worldwide are traitors to their constitutional oaths they once swore to uphold and protect as well as traitors to the people that they also took oaths to serve. They are brazenly now violating the US Constitution, every citizen’s civil liberties and pursuit of happiness and security because they are at war with the American people. The militarized police state makes us all easy targets by the shadow rogue government now in crime syndicate power carrying out a globalist eugenics plan to drastically reduce the human population on earth. Whether by soft kill or hard, it doesn’t much matter to them, the endgame is the same – lower the current 7.2 billion of us down to a half to one billion people that will be the zombie class of subservient lackeys left serving the needs of the ruling elite. In the face of what we are now up against, honoring our dishonorable treasonous presidents no longer seems like a good idea. Waking up and rejecting their tyranny does. 

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  1. WU WEI aka GOD focus focus focus intention practice practice attention and DREAM into REALITY the spirit of power to be WHOLE RIGHT NOW