Saturday, February 14, 2015


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>>Embattled Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber announces resignation<<

He added: "But even more troubling -- and on a very personal level as someone who has given 35 years of public service to Oregon -- is that so many of my former allies in common cause have been willing to simply accept this judgment at its face value. It is something that is hard for me to comprehend -- something we might expect in Washington, D.C. but surely not in Oregon.”

Fox News' Dan Springer and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

[SIDEBAR:  "KITZ & KATZ".  According to Rita Swyers that was the first person to manage the CREDIT SYSTEM for the "POOR" (IE EG WELFARE FOOD, SHELTER, ET AL, FOR MOTHER'S AND CHILDREN THAT WERE "FATHERLESS IN THE HOME"), KITZHABER AND VERA KATZ were indeed the government Oregon relied upon to be the biggest mess imaginable.

PAMELA GASTON, she is dead and the reason she got killed was because Pam and Wilbur Gaston called out John Kitzhaber, and the Oregon Government, for child paedophilia and that is not stopping, at least not in the office of Kitz, where GOLDSCHMIDT'S PHOTO is the reminder to those that know, Israeli agendas have destroyed the STATE OF OREGON.

ANN L. AIKEN, ET AL, STATE OF OREGON, stole my passport, home, gallery, and as much personal property that could be looted -- KITZ sent a SWAT down our street -- flee or else to my Big T boys, and so the cast of killing fields has been honored as usual.

Criminal fraud?  Well Oregon Senate Bill 117, 1959, and that APARTHEID-GENOCIDE has been what has enriched those that are known via the KITZHABER AGENDA "GREEN", "TWENTY-ONE", AND NAME A RACKET THAT OREGON HASN'T PARTICIPATED IN WITH WASHINGTON D.C.

PLEASE, the internet doesn't hide the criminally insane separate from the species that was enlightened regarding life in earth.


Kitz and Katz forgot how to get into the reality that wasn't thirty-seven years ago, and more, RITALIN IN THE SCHOOL SYSTEM KITZ-KATZ?  Wow, what devotees to a RICO for them, those, they -- the THATS that don't synapse in the power of brains that are whole.

.. to be continued ...]

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  1. Ghetto-Hell Israeli Firster & we can expect lots of pain, GOLDMAN'S GOVERNMENT SAKS 5TH AVE, in Portland, Oregon?! An IRS in reality that watched those that gambled and even took them in helicopters to do so. EVERGREEN INTERNATIONAL AIR, McMinnville, OR and how do the RICO devotees escape? Goldschmidt flies to Israel regularly, too, John Kitzhaber, Et Al. ISRAEL'S SUPREME COURT DECIDED TO DESTROY OREGON VIA HOME FORECLOSURES. Ask Jay S. Bybee, Ann L. Aiken, John V. Acosta, Michael W. Mosman, KITZHABER, Et Al!