Thursday, April 10, 2014

AMERICA: Hillary Clinton (Killery) who kills in reality, is running to be the President of the United States in 2016

>> click >> Shoe thrown at Hillary Clinton at Vegas speechUSA TODAY ‎- by Catalina Camia ‎- 3 hours ago  A woman was in federal custody after throwing a shoe at Hillary



War Criminal
Only in the denial called United States of America.  There was a United States President, his name was supposedly William Jefferson Clinton.  But, turns out he is from the lineage of Rockefeller.  Now the publication in FRANCE outed the story about Hillary and the tight Knit family meetings in Wyoming, the Ranch of the Rockefellers.  Where does Dick Cheney live?  Wyoming.  Keeping America's families in the lineages of power that hasn't been an American Dream in the majority of the people's reality/ies.  War mongering and mass murdering, the only imaginations in this cult of pure corruption is, cannibalization of our own species and planet.  Not exactly higher thinking forms.  What are these HOLLYWOOD
War Criminals
ACTORS that are in the world movie now and not exactly thought of as other than what IT is:  dehumanized.  IT has become IT.

to be continued ...]

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  1. Known by the AGENDAS so many and the time has long past for this family of criminally insane cannibals, the GLOBALISTS' "Tribe" known as the VULGARIANS, need to get new costumes and masks, too.