Monday, April 7, 2014

American Culture | Poetry | A Poem

 American culture turned zig zag
circling around hags dressed in Shakespearean costumes
people were brand freedom new
open minds and imaginations innocent
the hucksters and the criminal human filth
preyed but of course, naturally?

where can we say poetry
saw the potential birthing Mark Twain, and
Donald, Melville, Hawthorne, Hemingway, Dove

Bird, Brancusi, Donald taught art in America and he was the greatest contemporary artist in the U.S.A.  why not a 'household name'?

naming names disappearing games IT
took hold and imaginations hard-wired, twenty
four seven infinitely insane electromagnetic

energy is energy and now
circling around whatever pulsates tweets new grab
instant gratification dead on arrival

there has been a quickening
to stay cemented into programming known evil
vile sparks quivering shivering see

there is a mind watching
always was never wasn't greater vision
visionary visionaries verve is verve



  1. A religious cult got into a position of extreme power, there was free credit to the practitioners of 'Metzitzah b'peh' and then the Rockefeller family had ITS' evil verve enmeshed a global paedophilia cult, too, and now the corrupted imbalance is in critical mass contaminated decomposition, good riddance!

  2. ROCKEFELLER vile evil was the model for early America and now we've arrived at the peak of the ROCKEFELLER failed American experiment. OIL and JD weren't God after all!