Saturday, April 5, 2014

GMO | Rep. Mike Pompeo

[sidebar:  GMOs shrink the brain, and the entire human internal system turns into a blubbering pile of decaying protoplasm.

TUMORS grow in every cell of the body, and the organs filled with pus slowly, but certainly, decompose. FAT is indicator of GMO non-human being.]


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  1. GOTROCKS is dead, his corpse carries on the Paedophilia Cultists' nightmare, and so TIME TO REJOICE in a clean-whole-imagination/s free from the bondage of this family's Monarch Enslavement CURSE.

    ALL GMO 'Blubbering Piles of Protoplasms' ARE DEAD. STOP THE SELF-LOATHING, the King of Paedophilia is really and truly already dead.