Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Market Schizophrenic" | District of Cannibals didn't get the Aftershock Tweets

[sidebar:   The MARKET is where the humans get to be for the recycling of the verve, and those that steal through this UNSEEN MARKET, are Cannibals.

We know them as DC and Wall Street and of course the BLOB "Federal Reserve System" (FRS/Fed/FED Et Cetera).

The MARKET was an earthquake.  IT was a tsunami, weapon/s of financial mass destruction, FRAUD.  Now the aftershocks of the hits repeatedly, are in the last throws of the final blows to U$ from the owners of the Schizophrenic Market running the Cannibal Global operation, the worst of the agents gone completely criminally insane are in the DC bunkers.]


  1. Come on, Lehman Brothers was a collapse and that was not an unknown or unseen market hand, IT was and is a deliberate cannibalization of the U$Petro$!

  2. MARK TO MARKET the agenda is working well for the Cannibal Tribes.