Sunday, April 6, 2014

MONARCHY STANDARD OIL | HOUSE OF KING DAVID | A Century and More of PAEDOPHILIA Ruler/$ | America How Shock & Awe

When America was 'taken' by the ROCKEFELLER family, the MONARCHY was called "Standard Oil" and of course the "Commerce To Build A Great America".

We have the results of the EXPERIMENT.   People in the United States best awaken, the HOMO SAPIENS' IMAGINATION/S, CIRCUMCISED, METZITZAH B'PEH ET CETERA, VIA the PAEDOPHILIACS,

well the KING PAEDOPHILE is dying and the sickest of our species wants the whole world to die with this freak of nature that was certainly not from a healthy family.


  1. David took culture and in his cult the most vile evil was BLOOD RITUAL and today we're at crossroads, lots to consider about the demise of the HOUSE OF "GOT ROCKS" as Warren Buffet said about the Rockefeller crumbling empire. America's PAEDOPHILIA Big Global Gov!

  2. GOTROCKS is dying. Warren Buffet called the family that, to his shareholders' "GOTROCKS". Now the King of Paedophilia and from his family what was expected?! He's going and soon to be gone. Time to get rid of the MONARCH SLAVE U$A. Sovereign Money Already belongs not to King Paedophile GotRocks!

  3. America has no more excuses. CONGRESS can't be the MONARCH SLAVE$, absent full transparency! Blood Rituals and other backwards Middle Ages Religious Curses, BEGONE SCOTUS, POTUS, FLOTUS, COTUS CULT OF CORRUPTION 100 YEARS PLUS!