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Nancy Pelosi Et Al, Fascism | Ken Wahl, one of Hollywood's former Star Actors Wants Obama Out of Office: ‘I Just Don’t Like This Guy’ (Plus: Why He’s Breaking His Silence)

Ken Wahl Speaks Out Against President Barack Obama, Discusses Being a Hollywood Actor
 Photo Credit: Ken Wahl
Actor Ken Wahl, known for playing several iconic roles in the 1980s and 1990s, has been increasingly vocal about the current state of affairs in America. He has openly decried the Obama administration, made his voice heard about the atrocities at Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s clinic — and is even considering pleas from some that he run for public office.

Considering the rare occurrence of a Hollywood actor coming out as a conservative — and an especially vocal one — TheBlaze spoke with Wahl to learn more about his worldview. The actor, according to his own account, hold views with little rooting in partisan politics, as he embraces values over party ideology.

Wahl’s Background and Apolitical Upbringing, Photo Credit: Ken Wahl

“My family was very apolitical. We were just lower-middle class working people — and sitting around at the dinner table, politics was never a discussion,” Wahl told TheBlaze by phone of his childhood. “It was always about working — and I never considered myself a conservative. I never put a label on myself.”

Wahl noted that he was taught that the world doesn’t owe people anything and that it’s essential for individuals to work for themselves and their families — and to take care of their own.

“I didn’t realize I was a conservative until after I got into show-business,” he continued.

But rather than lambasting Hollywood for its politics or claiming that he was denigrated over his right-of-center views, Wahl said quite the opposite, citing inaccuracies that some conservatives advance about the entertainment industry.

“I think there’s been some misconceptions about that. … In all my experience — I had a very serious spinal injury — my entire career was only 11 years long, I can tell you that no one in Hollywood ever asked me for my political affiliation or my religious beliefs or anything like that,” he said. “What they care about is making money.”

That said, Wahl agrees that Hollywood elite are overwhelmingly liberal.

Why He’s Speaking Out

TheBlaze asked the actor, who is married to Shane Barbi — one of Playboy’s most famous cover models (and part of of Barbi twins duo) — why he is choosing now to be so vocal about his conservative views. His two-word answer will likely resonate with many Republicans.

“Nancy Pelosi,” he quickly responded.

“And that’s the truth. I’m a very happy, content private person. Even when I was acting before I got hurt I never had a publicist, I never had PR help,” he added. “I always wanted my work to do the talking for me. I did very little publicity.”

But when Pelosi famously said, “But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it….” in the midst of the contentious Obamacare debate, Wahl said he could no longer contain himself.

“That day when Nancy Pelosi said ‘Let’s pass this bill and then we’ll find out whats in it,’ I actually choked on [my coffee],” he explained. “But what was even more astonishing after that was that there was no push-back in the media about that. I was Godsmacked.”

Her statement made something “click” for the actor and he decided, as a result, to make his views known.

“Something just clicked and I thought, something’s going terribly wrong in America now if this is what it’s comes to,” he added. “That moment flipped the switch for me.”

God’s Plan for Wahl

With his injuries inhibiting his acting career, Wahl said he believes God’s plan for his life may now, in light of his shift in focus, be rooted in politics and commentary. Noting that he became disabled in 1992 — an injury that led to “deep, deep depression” over self-perceived “uselessness” — the actor said that he went through a very challenging time.

“I felt like I just had no purpose, but I also knew my faith was very strong. I knew God was not done with me yet,” Wahl said, noting that his journey, despite the challenges, was far from over. “He put me on a shelf for 20 years. I just knew that He had other plans for me and what I’m doing now is what His plans for me were.

As for what’s next for Wahl, he told TheBlaze that he’s been urged to run for Congress — something he’s considering. While he has never had an interest in politics as far as being a part of the institution, he seems open. While the actor didn’t comment explicitly about what he will do in this regard, it’s clear he’s exploring all options.

However, he’s no fan of politics, as it is known today.

“To me, politics isn’t about leadership or governing. The definition of politics to me is getting power — attaining power — and then retaining power,” he said. “It’s not about leading its about who gets the power. I consider myself now an independent. I just despise party politics.”

The entertainer-turned pundit doesn’t believe that the nation’s Founding Fathers envisioned party affiliation in the form that it currently exists — and he laments the power of money in the political realm.

As for the current dynamic being observed in government, Wahl believes that the nation is experiencing a “terrible spiritual deadening” and that the negative culture is coming from the top.

Ken Wahl Speaks Out Against President Barack Obama, Discusses Being a Hollywood Actor
Photo Credit: Ken Wahl

“I’m not going to call [President Barack Obama] a communist or a socialist,” the actor said, showing his ability to separate enhanced rhetoric from viable critique. “There’s so much hypocritical stuff going on. I just don’t like this guy and what he represents.”

He went on to say that Obama’s attachment to Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his views on partial birth abortion are just two of the elements that have left a sour taste in his mouth.

“He was going to be the most transparent administration in history and, as it turns out, it is the most opaque,” Wahl charged. “Getting him out of office will be the first huge step [to getting America back on track].”

Considering how vocal Wahl was about abortion and the Dr. Kermit Gosnell murder trial, TheBlaze asked him about his views on the outcome. In addition to noting that he’s content that the doctor will spend the rest of his life in jail, he noted that, as horrible as abortion doctors like Gosnell are, “those guys couldn’t exist if there weren’t people going to them seeking their services.”
For more about Wahl, follow him on Twitter and visit his official website.


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