Friday, April 11, 2014

Spy Jonathan Pollard to be Released

Jonathan Pollard
An undated photo of Jonathan Pollard before his arrest. He is set to be released under a new deal between Israel and the US. Reuters

[sidebar:  Israel was a state set-up so the so called 'richest' of earth humans could have THE footprint in the Middle East and own, but of course, the land and then OIL:  BLACK GOLD.

Netanyahu "Yahoo" is said to have been so indoctrinated into the CAUSE, that his own brother was allowed to be sacrificed for the cause and, the use of that emotional weapon against our humanity has been used to the point of a very sick abuse.

HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS.  This incredible psychological damaging brain toxic shock has been used to the point where our species is actually in a genocidal maniacal frenzy, no common sense can be accessed by almost no human being.  Very terrifying to witness such 'soullessness'.


War was the choice of the owners of Israel, and long before the footprint in the Middle East was stomped into the lives of those that were innocent of the evil that was brought there.

Human Beings.  Homo Sapiens.  What are the flesh that are cannibals of their own flesh?

Metzitzah b'peh and Circumcision are practiced by the flesh eating cannibals and all the criminally insane vampires, too.  PAEDOPHILIACS.  When the brain is destroyed and then the mind is criminally insane from whatever happened to the trauma/$ to the brain/$, then we have a world of complete pus.  There isn't thinking stuff of higher consciousness in the brains that have literally been traumatized into a greasy mess of protoplasm decaying.

AMERICAN JURISPRUDENCE dress up in robes, chosen by those that chose to institutionalize FRAUD.  And, commit acts of FRAUD and call the acts 'justice'.

INJUSTICE is when the money sovereignty wasn'tNixon was one of the POTUSES that caused a terrible pus of the American 'reality'.

PUS is being made as a commodity.  LOOK UP in the skies, chemicals, body-mind-spirit of world earth is dying and there are other PEOPLE who choose to not go down with America.

We have to ask ourselves what century is this we're living in, in reality.  Also, what happened to the brain chemistry and what happens to IT, those that are institutionalized in such as, COURTS.  The Bates HEAD JUDICIAL, begged recently for millions of digits, from the HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS, to construct a court house in Tennessee.  Big Deal, courthouses across the U.S.A., FEDERALIST SOCIETY and mighty proud of this faction.

... to be continued ....]

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  1. Metzitzah b'peh did a real number on this one, Yahoo too.

    MRI: Circumcision causes an Apartheid in the Male's brain, imagine what the Metzitzah b'peh does? See Pollard and Netanyahu, State of Isra HELL and Ghetto America, known via the Apartheid-Genocides