Saturday, January 23, 2016

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9/11, Follow the Money; How Big Oil Conquered the World: Crossroads of Corruption and Criminality<

James Corbett
By James Corbett and Bonnie Faulkner
Global Research, January 23, 2016
Guns and Butter 6 January 2016

Ten Facts Everyone Needs To Know About Israel<

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu walks out following a press conference at his Jerusalem office on Tuesday, July 14, 2015. The nuclear deal with Iran could strike a heavy personal blow to Netanyahu, leaving him at odds with the international community and with few options for scuttling an agreement he has spent years trying to prevent. (AP Photo/Oren Ben Hakoon) 

Chinese President Xi Jinping Backs Palestinian State Leaving Netanyahu Redundant and Isolated<


FBI Seattle
1110 Third Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101-2904
(206) 622-0460
You may also mail a written copy of the complaint and materials you submitted to the FBI to the Criminal Section at:
US Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Civil Rights Division
Criminal Section รข€“ PHB
Washington, DC 20530<<<


The so-called GOVERNMENT USA ~ isn't.  The USA Government is WE THE PEOPLE and in one word, NOT.  The SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY of those that have "Decided" they're the "Deciders" as dictators of all the planet earth and all the human beings all the time are completely insane.  BEYOND MORTAL TURPITUDE!<


How do we form a BLOODLESS REVOLUTION in this time of great peril?  After all the AGENDAS are very clear.  To empty more than SIXTY ROUNDS IN AN UNARMED MAN and say the "Sheriff Department of Cowlitz County, State of Washington 'feared for ITS' life' ~"""" PLEASE we need to awaken from the obvious ....


The Davos World Economic Forum. Financial Manipulators and Politicians Mingle and Meet Behind Closed Doors<


Any brain reading the "news" knows the robotic criminally insane are just that.  Intending to do exactly what the IT has been programmed to do because IT can't find a synapse to spark together any thinking stuff ... and too much cocaine or too much BIG PHARMA or then, there is the alcohol with all the psychotropic drugs to make certain there are only so many "life forms" to get whatever done needs to be done for the reality GOD IS DEAD?  NO resoundingly, each energy must rise up and do the BLOODLESS REVOLUTION ~ Petitions and and and there is much our WHOLE (WE ARE THE SAME SPECIES!!!) brain(S) can do ~ just because "WE" are simply in a state of shock due to the fact, that these diabolical separates from our own species are "reality" ~~ SUN TSU lay on the floor of a dungeon for two (2) years and then escaped to use his WHOLE MIND for the wicked emperor of China to be defeated (Sun Tsu the greatest military strategist to this day)  see Hexagram #36, in the I CHING "Tao Version" via Hua Ching Ni ~ we must do what has been done by the greatest "humans" such as get the worst of our species to set themselves on fire via their own selves, get what IT as the "evildoer" deserves.  THINK OUT LOUD and THINK SILENTLY for Bush to set on fire the evildoer$ ALL!  OBAMA is proof our "LEGAL SYSTEM" isn't other than a gulag for those that have absolutely no spiritual link to the divine immortality of eternity.  Time for change alright and the revolution that does not get done other than in a bloodless way so the that$, the they$ the those whom are going to detonate some kind of 'nuke' get exactly what eternity orders for the cosmically non-giggle plasma of dense, coarse, gross, too heavy to do other than sink into oblivion.<

.. to be continued ...

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