Friday, April 4, 2014

Barack Obama and Saudi Arabia: Behind the Scenes of the Visit | FRAUD isn't but what IT really is, FRAUD

[sidebar:  Hustlers, Robber Barons, Criminally Insane Homo Sapiens.  When the species continues to be criminally insane, then there is only the reality of critical mass criminal insanity.

America is insane.  China is too.  So are all the so called 'countries' in earth:  CRIMINALLY INSANE HOMO SAPIENS.  Or we would not have our own species growing the species to commit Genocide.  There would not be an Apartheid, as what is and has been, for too long and that can be historically documented.

Think about this for one nanosecond:  First, the certain factions of our species Homo Sapiens make up how the Homo Sapiens of our species have to pay the certain faction to live in earth.

Come now, grow the imagination into full bloom regarding the ART of life as a human being in earth.

There are those that actually have convinced themselves in their minds that they're living the life they choose.  While, there are those living the life that they really didn't choose.  Thinking about the incurable crack cocaine addict for a moment and want to actually not be here in this place where that can be an acceptable 'life'.

When the species Homo Sapiens are at critical mass extinction, the disconnect is quite obvious.  There are so called leaders that call themselves important and go about the world earth in the psychopathic dramas of lying, cheating, stealing and killing.

Ready or not, nature is going to decide in how the species Homo Sapiens chooses to realize what life actually is and costs in the molecular energies of unseen, especially since that is also an equal part of life in earth and our universes seen and unseen.]


  1. MAKING MOVIES and how the Globalists are all about NARCISSISM as the banquet of thieves continues into the future of Genocidal maniacal criminally insane "Homo Sapiens".

  2. When the most criminally insane Homo Sapiens are in full SUPER CANNIBAL POWER mode, we get what we have in our news. The information shares the SUPER POWERS aren't TOTALITARIANISM agreeing on the gulag global. Have to get along, nukes can be used. Knowing nuclear winter option is risky, weather weapons and laser weapons and name a weapon not LOVE fested in the nest of pure maniacal hell bent in destroying home earth, 'Homo Sapiens'.