Friday, April 4, 2014

Snowden could be and likely is a Simulated Person (Computer-generated real-looking person), just like Julian Assange may very well be a simulated person. A simulated person's PR is a lot easier to control than a real person's PR- no doubt.

Is Edward Snowden helping Israeli tech industry?

Edward Snowden, the alleged computer expert, former CIA employee, and "rogue NSA contractor" responsible for ostensibly obtaining and disclosing thousands of classified documents and files relating to purported NSA spying on American citizens, foreign governments, and international politicians and world leaders to the media, may actually be helping the notorious Israeli tech industry, according to one expert recently interviewed by The Times of Israel.

Israeli cyber-security companies that can promise to effectively protect user information from prying eyes may want to send rogue NSA operative Edward Snowden a thank-you letter. It’s because of Snowden, in large part, that the European Union is significantly tightening its rules on what data companies are allowed to access and how they are allowed to process that data — providing new opportunities for Israeli firms.

“For Israeli companies, the new rules may appear to be onerous, but there could be a great business opportunity for many of them in Europe as a result,” according to Patrick Van Eecke, one of the leading legal experts in Europe on cyber-security policy issues. “There are many companies around the world that specialize in collecting data, but they are not clear on the implications of Europe’s new policies — and as a result, there is opportunity for companies from Israel, many of which do understand the policies.” [...]
I've long been suspicious of this character known as Edward Snowden for reasons laid out here and here. I'm not saying that the above article proves Snowden is a con-man or some sort of agent or operative, but it certainly lends credence to that notion.

[sidebar:  Snowden's father is connected to Israel and his lawyer is too.  Now why would Snowden be connected to the Israeli agenda to be the one world government?  Please look what good he and Greenwald with his arrested lover boy, have done for so much money but of course.  And RUSSIA?  What great actors they've become!]


  1. Snowden a VIRTUAL brainwashing for the obvious reasons.

  2. Virtual money and virtual people to fool all the fools all the time.

  3. The Russians get to be world stage actors now, the healing is about feeling the power of the ego that isn't a damaged pile of blubbering pile of protoplasm. The "Satanists" seemed to have lost some of the fear factor, Russians got around the superstition of commingling with those that contradict?