Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wall Street Stock Exchange, Bankers' Psychopathy and Apartheid

When there are humans that do rather than be, a serious loss in reality occurs.

Psychopathy can be defined, as those who are the same species and are the most predatory humans.

When a doing human preys upon nature to the point of complete insanity, destroying their own species to feel a sense of power in an outer, the reality is vile.

An inner is powerless in their own spirit-mind-emotion-body, those WHOM separate from nature, as those that decide to control the planet and all life, psychopath is a word to be considered alright.

In fact, when the most predatory of the human being species decide to destroy their own species to feel absolute power, the time must choose to seek balance from nature's sincere truth.

What is nature's sincere truth?  CHANGE.  Yes nothing is other than a variable in the invariable universe and the moment has arrived for ALL sane humans to decide what to do about the APARTHEID in earth ... to be continued ....


Monday, March 6, 2017


And the saga continues -- economic criminally insane dressed in robes like the Vatican, hammering gavels, proud to be tyrants

... heroin = pharmaceutical drugs and cocaine and and and of course, there's down-down-down further into the filth and the humans are doing hard time in consumption of lying, cheating, stealing and killing ..

playing uncivilized dress up and acting as if the justice in due process is addicted to the extinction of species degenerates soon to be forever begone ... to be continued ...