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Worshipping "Money" Has a 'Tap Root' In Evolution or Devolution?

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Why Are We having So Much Trouble Connecting the Dots?

Matt Weidner reports that he went to court on a case where IndyMAc was the plaintiff. IndyMac was one of the first banks to collapse. It was found that they owned virtually zero mortgages and had “securitized” the rest which is to say they never loaned the money or got paid off by a successor. Now the servicing rights on IndyMac have been sold. So when the time came for trial he finds the lawyer fighting with his own witness. It seems that she would not say she worked for IndyMac because she didn’t. That meant there was no corporate representative present to testify for the plaintiff. case over? Not according to what we have seen where IndyMac foreclosures continue to be rubber stamped by Judges who do not understand the gravity of the situation.

The precedent being set is for anyone who knows about a default to race to the courthouse with a complaint to foreclose after fabricated a notice of default and asserting themselves as the successor to whoever the borrower was paying. The borrower doesn’t know the difference and generally doesn’t care because they mistakenly think they are screwed no matter what. So the pretender lender that was collecting takes it time partly because they are simply collecting fees on “non-performing” loans. Meanwhile our creative criminal goes in and alleges that he is the holder of a lost note, submits affidavits, but of course stays away from the essential allegation that there ever was a transaction between himself and the borrower. These days Judges don’t seem to require that.

Judgment is entered for our creative criminal and he becomes by court order, the creditor who can submit a credit bid at auction. He makes the non-cash bid at the auction and presto he just got himself a free house which he sells at discount on the open market. He only needs to do a few of those before he vanishes with a few million dollars. In fact, we have learned that such “foreclosures” are going on now sometimes creatively named such that it looks like the name of a bank. That is why I have been saying for 7 years that  the foreclosures, if they are allowed to proceed, will eventually create chaos in the marketplace.

You might ask why the banks don’t raise a big stink about this practice. The answer is that there are only a few such scams going on at the moment. And the banks are relying on the loopholes created in pleading practice to get their own foreclosures through the same way as our criminal because they really don’t own the loan or even the servicing rights. Yup! That is called a syllogism: if the creative criminal is a criminal for doing what he did, then the bank or anyone else who engages in the same behavior is also a criminal.

And that is why the justice department and regulators are ramping up their investigations and charges, getting ready to indict the bankers who thought they were untouchable. If you read the reports of securities analysts, you will see three types of authors — those who obviously have drunk the Kool-Aide and believe Bank of America and Chase hinting the stock is a good buy, those who are paid to plant pretty articles about the banks, and supposedly declining foreclosures and increasing housing prices, and those who have looked at the jury conviction of Countrywide, looked at the pace of settlements, and looked at the announcements that there are many more investigations and charges to be resolved, and who have seen the probability of indictments, and they conclude that BOA is soon going to be on the chopping block for sale in pieces and the same will happen with Chase, Citi and maybe even Wells.

While the media is not paying attention to the impending doom of the mega banks, the market is discounting the stock and the book value of these companies is dropping like a stone because real investment analysts under stand that much of what is being carried on the books as assets, is really worthless garbage. Charges of fraud are announced practically everyday, saying that the banks defrauded investors, defrauded Fannie and Freddie, and defrauded each other, as well as insurance companies and counterparties on credit default swaps. In other words it is pretty well settled that the sale of mortgage bonds was a sweeping fraudulent scheme and that the word PONZI scheme is accurate, not some conspiracy theory as I was treated back in 2007-2010.

So now that we know that there was complete fraud at one end of the stick (where the funding for the origination and acquisition of mortgages took place), the question is why is anyone looking at foreclosures as inevitable or proper or even possible. It is the same stick. If one end is burning then it is quite likely that the other end will be burning soon and that is exactly what I predict for the coming months.

Having been in court multiple times over the last month representing clients seeking to retain their homes it is readily apparent that the Judges are changing their minds about whether the foreclosure is inevitable or that collection by these creative criminals is wise or legal — i.e., whether the enire exercise involves an arrogant willingness to commit perjury. Since the mortgages were part of the scheme and the part where the lender appeared with the money is covered in fraud, it is certainly reasonable to assume that the the fraudulent schemes included the origination and transfer of mortgage paper. And that is exactly the case.

If it wasn’t the case there never would have been fraud at the top because the investors would be on the note and mortgage and some some nominee of the broker dealer (“BANK”) or they would have been on a recorded assignment closed out within 90 days of the start of the REMIC trust, which would have been funded by money from investors paid to the investment bank (broker dealer) who then forwarded the net proceeds tot he Trust. None of that ever happened, though, which is how the fraud was enabled.

Practice Hint: I like to demonstrate by drawing a large “V” where the bottom is the closing agent, the left side is the money trail and the right side is the paper trail — and showing that they never meet. That means the paper trail is a fictional story about transactions that never occurred. The money trail is actual facts and data showing actual transactions where money exchanged hands but there was no documentation. The “Trust” was never funded with money or assets, so the money went straight down the left side from the investors at the top of the left side to the closing agent, who applied the investors money to close a transaction that was documented as though the originator had loaned the money. The same reasoning applies to transfers and assignments.

The core of the cases filed by the banks is that the Note is prima facie evidence that a transaction occurred. It is entitled to a presumption of validity. But where the borrower denies the transaction ever occurred, and files the right discovery to get evidence of the wire transfers and canceled checks, the banks go wild because they know their entire case will not only fall apart but subject them to prosecution.

Which brings us to Marshall Watson, who seeks to be licensed again to practice law, and David Stern who is about to be disbarred forever. The good news is that they were disciplined for fabrication and forgery of documents. The bad news is that the inquiry stopped there and nobody ever asked why it was necessary to fabricate or forge documents.

FRAUD! In Foreclosure Court Indymac/Onewest Doesn’t Own Notes and Mortgages, But “They” Continue To Foreclose Anyway
-Suspended Ft. Lauderdale foreclosure mill head seeks return
Florida Bar referee calls for ex-foreclosure king’s disbarment <<

In this essay I have tried to take certain of the characteristics that Levi-Strauss and others have regarded as marking the distinction between primitive and advanced, between wild and domesticated thinking, and to show that many of the valid aspects of these somewhat vague dichotomies can be related to changes in the mode of communication, especially the introduction of writing. The advantage of this approach lies in the fact that it does not simply describe the differences but relates them to a third set of facts, and thus provides some kind of explanation, some kind of mechanism, for the changes that are assumed to occur.<<

Wall Street Humpty All Fall Down & Dump Lazarus' Bonuses Dead!

Bonus bite: Wall Street bankers fear lower pay in 2013

October 31, 2013 Get short URL
John Moore/Getty Images/AFP
John Moore/Getty Images/AFP
Only half of Wall Street bankers expect a bonus larger than the average $121,900 awarded last year, and senior employees could receive massive pay cuts if fourth quarter results aren’t on a par with the first three.

A repeat in 2013 is unlikely, according to the office of the New York State Comptroller.

Bonuses Only To Half Of Wall Street Criminals & Sr. Employees Massive Pay Cuts!  For Conducting FINANCIAL FRAUD Derivatives that are WEAPONS OF FINANCIAL MASS DESTRUCTION.  Dear We Can Grow Our Selves UP & Not Reward The Criminally Insane Of Our Own Species That Are The WORST Ever In History World Earth.

[SIDEBAR:  FALLOUT OR BLOWBACK?  The systems of trading and exchanging aren't bound to the Wall Street frown, no more upside down clown for all the people except those that are calling themselves the FINANCIAL INNOVATORS.  Names don't cover up the crimes anymore, the people have mostly all, gotten how bad this 'trip' is.

Obama's bosses have lost control of the vision which was decided so long ago to have to be what the humans' wanted, those that sold the same species digital virtual electronic units for real true wealth measured in verve.  Wake up and tell the people the fraud isn't going to discover to be real.  Artificial is fake.  Money sovereignty stolen from USA is treason.  World earth decides American people are also victims of the crimes of Wall Street, how to negotiate with our new 'partners?!']

... to be continued ....

EU calls for suspension of multi-billion ‘Safe Harbor’ deal over NSA spying

Published time: October 31, 2013
US President Barack Obama (L) and EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso (AFP Photo/Tim Sloan)
US President Barack Obama (L) and EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso (AFP Photo/Tim Sloan)

Roger Shuler, American Journalist & Blog Owner, Legal Schnauzer: UnConstitutional, UnLawful Arrest Via FRAUD Charges 'ShadowGov' Violating Our First Amendment Right/s' To/For US ET~AL ALL, Et Cetera UPDATE

Roger Shuler Arrest Scene Photos And Video

by: Osborne Ink

Thu Oct 31, 2013 

As you may have heard, last week Roger Shuler of the Legal Schnauzer blog was arrested by Shelby County sheriff's deputies on the orders of Rob Riley as rubber-stamped by a Roy Moore-appointed special judge in a sealed proceeding. At issue is Shuler's reporting on allegations that Riley had an affair with a lobbyist, leading to her divorce and an abortion. Shuler is still in jail with no bond. His friends have started a legal defense fund at

Responding to this Kafkaesque situation yesterday, I carried out a successful mission to deliver supplies to Mrs. Shuler and make a photographic and video record of the scene where her husband was arrested by Shelby County deputies. Many thanks to Mrs. Shuler for her courage and hospitality. Here are the images from the scene of Mr. Shuler's arrest, which was still untouched when I arrived. 

The video is on the flip:
Osborne Ink :: Roger Shuler Arrest Scene Photos And Video   

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