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What is IOLTA? What was "Jurisprudence" by Klimt?

IOLTA.orgInterest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA) is a unique and innovative way to increase access to justice for individuals and families living in poverty and to improve our justice system. Without taxing the public, and at no cost to lawyers or their clients, interest from lawyer trust accounts is pooled to provide civil legal aid to the poor and support improvements to the justice system.

A lawyer who receives funds that belong to a client must place those funds in a trust account separate from the lawyer's own money. Client funds are deposited in an IOLTA account when the funds cannot otherwise earn enough income for the client to be more than the cost of securing that income. The client - and not the IOLTA program - receives the interest if the funds are large enough or will be held for a long enough period of time to generate net interest that is sufficient to allocate directly to the client.

Every state, along with the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands, operates an IOLTA program. In 2009, the U.S. IOLTA programs generated more than $ 124.7 million nationwide. These funds, together with state and federal appropriations as well as private grants and donations, enable nonprofit legal aid providers to help low-income people with civil legal matters such as landlord/tenant issues, child custody disputes and advocacy for those with disabilities.

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Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA) is a method of raising money for charitable purposes, primarily the provision of civil legal services to indigent persons, ...How It Works - ‎History - ‎Legality - ‎Canadian Practices

Update November 2009:    ... In doing the research for this post (which took way longer than I estimated because more and more fascinating & beautiful artworks kept rising up), I discovered that Federal Judge Michael B. Mukasey (Yes, that Mukasey – the soon-to-be new U.S. Attorney General) ruled on a dispute of one of Schiele’s paintings:  ”Portrait of Wally” (the same “Wally,” but a painting by Schiele).  A 2002 Forbes article explaining that dispute can be found here.  That dispute in federal court appears to still be ongoing as noted in this year’s New York Times article >> here.

Michael B. Mukasey on Wikipedia
Gustav Klimt on Wikipedia
Schiele on Wikipedia

If you don’t think Klimt’s ideas and work mattered, then attempt to name one of his contemporary fellow Austrian citizens from that era.   Sadly, some of his art has been lost, but hopefully it will not be forgotten.  Viewing many more of Klimt’s artworks today (in selecting the few above), this idea came to mind:  “Visual arts work often because many people prefer to ‘see’ protest in action rather than to read about it.”

Here are Some of Klimt’s Paintings That Have Been Destroyed Over Time:




Heffermehl, Fredrik S.: Vanunu
In April 2004, after sixteen years of correspondence, Fredrik S. Heffermehl met his friend Mordechai Vanunu, one of the world’s most famous political prisoners, for the first time.

Vanunu managed to survive physically and mentally through 12 years of isolation in a cell no more than 6 square meters big; in itself an imposing expression of the enormous strength of human mind.

While Vanunu struggled for his survival, Heffermehl had a central position in the international campaign for the release of the political prisoner. After his release Vanunu continues to be persecuted by Israeli authorities. "Vanunu’s case is about high-level politics", Heffermehl says, "and thus a series of misunderstandings has been dispersed about Vanunu and his motives." In this book Heffermehl tells about Mordechai Vanunu and his background, about the dramatic kidnapping from London to Israel and about how he survived extreme punishment in the form of protracted isolation.

In today´s world dangerous projects flourish behind impenetrable doors, and Heffermehl explains how whistleblowers, insiders more loyal to society than to their superiors, are increasingly essential for our survival. The author has decades of experience with the attitudes of media and politicians to dissenters, and shares a rare insight into a vitally important political struggle largely hidden from the public

”A vital reminder of the importance of safeguarding the whistleblowers among us”
(Aftenposten)  First published: 2005, Aschehoug Non-Fiction
Fredrik S. Heffermehl: Biography and bibliography 

Oct. 5, 1986: Israel's Secret Nuke Arsenal Exposed

On Oct. 5, 1986, the British newspaper The Sunday Times broke the story of Israel's nuclear arsenal, as told by a former technician at the Negev facility.

Image: Courtesy Wikipedia 
1986: The existence of Israel's secret nuclear weapons program is revealed by a former nuclear-plant technician, whose story is published by The Sunday Times of London.

Israel has never acknowledged possessing nuclear weapons, although most defense experts believe the Jewish state has been developing nuclear warheads since the 1960s at its Dimona Nuclear Research Center in the Negev Desert. Official Israeli policy is to be deliberately vague on the subject.

There was nothing vague about what Mordechai Vanunu told the Times, however. The former army sergeant became critical of Israeli policies and left the country after being laid off as a technician at the Negev facility. While living in Australia he met a Times reporter and told him, in detail, about what was going on out in the desert.

Vanunu -- who changed his name to John Crossman and converted to Christianity after leaving Israel -- accompanied the reporter to London and gave the paper around 60 photographs he had taken secretly while working at Negev. The photographs showed, among other things, the plutonium spheres used to trigger nuclear warheads.

After thoroughly fact-checking Vanunu's account, the Times broke the story on Oct. 5.

Israel, tipped that the Times had the goods, abducted Vanunu in Rome (after luring him there from London, so as not to incur the wrath of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher by nabbing him on British soil) five days before the newspaper published the story. He was drugged by Mossad agents and shipped back to Israel on a freighter.

A secret court convicted Vanunu on charges of treason and espionage and sentenced him to 18 years. He was released from prison, where he'd spent up to 10 years in solitary confinement, on April 21, 2004. Vanunu remains a thorn in Israel's side, continuing to attack the nuclear program as well as Israel's treatment of its Arab minority.


Israel’s Secret Nuclear Program Stephen Lendman Global Research, January 31, 2014

It’s an open secret. It’s been known for years. Mainstream media suppress it. They pretend none exists.
It’s real. It’s menacing. Imagine ignoring what threatens humanity. Imagine pretending Iran’s peaceful nuclear program does so. Imagine risking regional or global war by doing it.

London’s Guardian is an establishment broadsheet. It’s usually conformist. Once in a while it’s not.

It wrote many times about Edward’s Snowden’s revelations. It told readers what they need to know. On January 15, it headlined ”The Truth about Israel’s secret nuclear arsenal.”

Rarely ever would US establishment publications suggest one. Or Israel’s chemical and biological weapons.

They’re used freely against Palestinians and other adversaries. Doctors discover injuries never saw before seen. Mainstream media ignore them.

Israel’s nuclear program is one of the world’s best known open secrets. It’s still not publicly acknowledged. It’s hard refuting indisputable evidence.

Israel began developing nuclear technology decades ago. It did so “deep beneath desert sands,” said the Guardian.

It “us(ed) technology and materials provided by friendly powers…” It did it the old-fashioned way. A “clandestine network of agents” stole it.

It’s the “stuff of pulp thrillers and the sort of narrative often used to characterise the worst fears about” Iran’s nuclear program. One’s military, the other entirely peaceful.

“In reality…neither US or British intelligence believes Tehran has decided to build a bomb…” Its program is the world’s most closely monitored.

Israel’s is entirely clandestine. It’s illegal. Iran’s fully complies with NPT provisions. Israel won’t sign the landmark treaty. It wants nothing about its program revealed. It wants freedom to enhance it.

Its open secret reflects “an extraordinary feat of subterfuge,” said the Guardian. It produced a powerful arsenal. It’s enhanced by long-range delivery systems.

Israel threatens to use all its weapons if threatened. It’s used chemical, biological and radiological ones against Gaza and Lebanon. It’ll do it again in future conflicts.

Despite open knowledge of its nuclear program, Israel’s position is never confirm or deny. In December, former Knesset speaker, Avraham Burg, broke the taboo.

He said Israel has nuclear and chemical weapons. He called official non-disclosure “outdated and childish.” He called for “open and brave public discussion.”

He said only “regional dialogue, including with Iran” could create a nuclear-free Middle East. Burg is a former Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee member.

He has direct knowledge of Israel’s nuclear program. The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel is a right-wing group. It wants Burg investigated. It accused him of “treason.”

He revealed a key national security secret, it said. He disclosed what’s increasingly common knowledge. Israel’s nondisclosure policy is nonsensical.

Western governments play along with Israeli “opacity.” Obama won’t discuss it. Nor other US officials. Nor mainstream media. They pretend none exists.

Britain is largely silent. In November, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi was asked about it in the House of Lords. She tried being circumspect.

She said what’s rarely heard. “Israel has not declared a nuclear weapons programme. We have regular discussions with the government of Israel on a range of nuclear-related issues,” she said.

“The government of Israel is in no doubt as to our views. We encourage Israel to become a state party to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.”


According to the Guardian, countries conspiring with Israel’s nuclear program include America, France, Germany, Britain and Norway. It omitted South Africa.

Israeli agents were involved. So was a Hollywood billionaire. Arnon Milchan admitted his role. He did so last month.

He was born in Israel. He supported Israel’s nuclear program decades ago, saying:

“Do you know what it’s like to be a 20-something-year-old kid (and your) country lets (you) be James Bond? Wow! The action! 

That was exiting.”

He operated in 17 countries. He worked with 30 companies. He brokered deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

It was a challenge overcoming his arms dealing reputation, he said. He had to convince people he didn’t “live off selling machine guns and killing.”

He risked his life aiding Israel. Israeli President Shimon Peres was its unacknowledged nuclear weapons architect.

He recruited Milchan. Actor Ben Affleck calls him “a very mysterious, exotic figure in Hollywood.” Actor Robert De Niro asked about his clandestine activities for Israel.

“He (said) he was an Israeli and that of course he would do these things for his country,” De Niro said.

He had no qualms about being a secret agent. He wasn’t concerned about its illegal nuclear program.

He didn’t consider its potential harm. He ignored its destructiveness. Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, secretly ordered developmental activities.

It began after Israel’s creation. Ehud Avriel was a European operative. He was a later MK. He recruited East European Jewish scientists.

Avraham Marcus Klingberg was enlisted. He later became an Israeli chemical and biological weapons (CBW) expert. He was Israel Institute of Biological Research deputy director.

Ernst David Bergmann was the father of Israel’s bomb. He later headed the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC).

In his farewell address to the Israeli Armaments Development Authority (RAFAEL), Ben-Gurion defended his agenda, saying:

“I am confident, based not only on what I heard today, that our science can provide us with the weapons that are needed to deter our enemies from waging war against us.”

He and Peres were the leading forces behind Israel’s nuclear and CBW programs.

By the early 1970s, Israel had advanced nuclear technology. It had world class scientists. It had several dozen ready to launch bombs. It had delivery systems able to hit distant targets.

France and South Africa were Israel’s main collaborators. Washington supplied a five-megawatt research reactor.

It was part of Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” program. Washington became complicit in Israel’s illicit development.

Israeli scientists were trained at US universities. They had access to domestic weapons labs.

They got advanced technology transfers. They included supercomputers able to design sophisticated nuclear weapons and delivery systems.

Mordechai Vanunu became a heroic whistleblower. He did so long before term gained prominence. He exposed Israeli nuclear secrets. He revealed what everyone has a right to know.

He was unjustly punished. Israel dispenses it ruthlessly. He spent 18 years imprisoned. He was isolated brutally in solitary confinement.

He’s been harassed ever since. His fundamental civil and human rights are denied. He’s prevented from leaving Israel. He wants to do so to live free.

Daniel Ellsberg once called him “the preeminent hero of the nuclear era.” Vanunu says he’s neither traitor nor spy. “I only wanted the world to know what was happening,” he said.

From 1988 – 2004, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize each year. His heroism is recognized worldwide.

Israel has destructive chemical and biological weapons arsenals. In 1993, it signed the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).

It refused to ratify it. It did so for spurious reasons. It wrongfully claims it’s surrounded by hostile neighbors. Israel’s only enemies are ones it invents.

It never signed the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC). Its policy is CBW ambiguity. It uses banned weapons in all its conflicts.

They include chemical, biological, and radiological ones. Monstrous new weapons are tested. Victims attest to their potency.

Corpses bear witness to hideous wounds, malformations and toxicity. Official policy prohibits discussing anything related to Israel’s nuclear, chemical or biological programs. Doing so is considered treason.

Israel’s destructive weapons threaten world peace. So do America’s. Both countries partner in crime.

Daily events should scare everyone. Warmakers win peace prizes. Peacemakers are vilified. Criminality is rewarded.

Permanent war is official US policy. Israel is a warrior state. Both countries threaten humanity. It may not survive Obama’s second term.

His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
Visit his blog site at
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.
It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

[SIDEBAR:   How do we the Homo Sapiens', reign in the criminally insane that are holding the nuclear rain, a winter to definitely make quite a different living environment.  We live in the SHADOW of "Is Ra HELL" and the 'owners' of this Bullshit are really and truly long past the shelf life of earth's patience with the extincting of our 'species' humans' being ...

... to be continued ...]

War is a BANKSTER Racket

... most people can’t distinguish between govt propaganda that declare wars as “bringing democracy” to countries versus the truth that wars are a bankster-controlled racket designed to steal resources and make bankers filthy rich. highly decorated army generals have written books to expose the profit-driven reasons for war worldwide.


Joint Base Langley-Eustis  
Join the Air Force

News > Into the frontier: Airmen get on target
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Into the frontier: Airmen get on target
U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Exlyaxcel Interian, 790th Missile Security Forces Squadron response force member, participates in the second day of a 10-day, nuclear-convoy training exercise at Camp Guernsey, Wyo., Oct. 16, 2012. F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., Security Forces members train on different weapons systems to familiarize themselves in the case of any dangerous scenarios they may encounter. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Kayla Newman/Released)
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Into the frontier: Airmen get on target

Posted 10/16/2012   Updated 10/22/2012 Email story   Print story
by Senior Airman Jarad A. Denton
633rd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

10/16/2012 - CAMP GUERNSEY, Wyo.  -- The acrid smell of gunpowder lingered in the air as spinning rounds of hot brass peppered the rocky terrain of Camp Guernsey, Wyo.'s South Range, Oct. 16.

Airmen from F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo. waited patiently as targets popped up in the distance - only to be knocked down by a round from an M4 carbine.

During the second of a 10-day nuclear-convoy training exercise, called Road Warrior, the Security Forces Airmen were given the opportunity to hone their sharpshooting skills on a U.S. Army qualification course.

"It is extremely important for Security Forces to be familiar with their weapons," said Tech. Sgt. William Hinchcliff, 620th Ground Combat Training Squadron nuclear training instructor. "We want to get them time behind the gun, so they know every part of their weapon."

Weapon familiarization allows the Airmen to quickly react to the dangerous scenarios they train for during Road Warrior. In the event of the theft of a nuclear device, these Airmen are required to respond quickly to recover the resource. Hinchcliff said communication is the key to success during this training.

"Communication is everything," he said. "It allows these Airmen to coordinate, respond and get back on target."

Last year, during the ninth-annual Road Warrior, Hinchcliff said Airmen from F.E. Warren initially struggled with effective communication. During their first exercise, they were locked in a firefight for roughly three hours. However, he said, by the end of the training course the Airmen were able to engage the enemy and recover the resource in just under 45 minutes.

Senior Airman Sean Thornton, 790th Missile Security Forces Squadron convoy response force leader, represented F.E. Warren at Road Warrior, both in 2011 and this year. He said both Road Warrior exercises have given him the opportunity to mentally prepare for combat.

"This exercise really gets our minds ready for a combat situation," Thornton said. "The more prepared we are, the more we can think through a situation."

As Thornton readied himself on the firing line he said he reminded himself to stay calm and control his breathing. The rocky terrain of Camp Guernsey provided a different and somewhat challenging landscape for responding to a threat.

"We mostly have a lot of flat terrain," Thornton said. "Road Warrior teaches us how to acquire a target and get on line over mountainous terrain."

Thornton said despite the change in terrain he is eager to meet the challenges of Road Warrior.

"I'm ready to bring the same intensity to this exercise that I do to my every day job," he said. "It feels good knowing this training will help provide safety and security to the American people."

Editor's Note: This story is part of a series highlighting Road Warrior X, the nuclear-convoy training exercise held annually at Camp Guernsey, Wyo. <<

[sidebar:   Be real CLEAR HERE, weapons are so many and the trades, exchanges, ??

WALL STREET'S MULTI MILLIONAIRE CONGRESS, and ITS' chosen people that get to kill our own species and call it STOCKS ARE UP!


... to be continued ....
most people can’t distinguish between govt propaganda that declare wars as “bringing democracy” to countries versus the truth that wars are a bankster-controlled racket designed to steal resources and make bankers filthy rich. highly decorated army generals have written books to expose the profit-driven reasons for war worldwide.
most people can’t distinguish between govt propaganda that declare wars as “bringing democracy” to countries versus the truth that wars are a bankster-controlled racket designed to steal resources and make bankers filthy rich. highly decorated army generals have written books to expose the profit-driven reasons for war worldwide.

JIHAD USA MILITARY GLOBAL ~~ "New Scandals Rock US Nuclear Command"

pentagon (2)
The Pentagon has been forced to pull nearly one out of every five of the US Air Force’s nuclear launch officers from their posts, as a result of spiraling drugs and cheating scandals.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the number of officers implicated had more than doubled since the scandal first became known earlier this month, with 92 airmen—all of them assigned to Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana—now facing charges of being either directly or indirectly involved in cheating on proficiency tests.

The report came the same day that US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel convened a top level meeting at the Pentagon of the country’s nuclear commanders to review the growing signs of serious morale and discipline problems in a force entrusted with weapons that could wipe out humanity.

The base is responsible for 150 nuclear-armed Minutemen 3 missiles, one third of the country’s entire Minuteman 3 force. The test in question is designed to assess officers’ proficiency in carrying out emergency war orders issued from the US president to launch the missiles as part of a nuclear war. This horrific task is supposed to take under two minutes.

Each of the Minuteman 3 missiles carries a payload with 27 times the destructive power of the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. They are capable of leveling and vaporizing everything within 50 miles of their target, while the blast, heat and radiation would kill everything for hundreds of miles.

The cheating scandal came to light as the result of an investigation into illegal drug use by 11 Air Force officers, including two launch officers at Malmstrom. The revelation that the two officers had been stripped of their security clearances and temporarily suspended came on January 9, just as Chuck Hagel was set to make the first visit by a US secretary of defense in six years to one of the nuclear missile facilities.

Speaking to the nuclear missile crews at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, he praised them for “doing something for the greater good of the world,” while stressing that they had “chosen a profession where there is no room for error,” an implicit reference to the danger of an accidental launch.

The visit appeared to be aimed at boosting morale for a force putting in 24-hour shifts in underground bunkers, where “burnout” has been widely reported. Moreover, the missile commands’ top commander had been sacked recently over alleged “behavioral incidents.”
Last month the Air Force released an official report charging that the commander, Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, appeared to be on a drunken binge through much of a US-Russian nuclear security exercise in Moscow. It cited testimony of other officers that he had consorted with two “somewhat suspect” women at a bar, where he also repeatedly demanded to be allowed to play with the band. The report also said he offended his Russian hosts with remarks about Syria and Edward Snowden.

The sacking of Carey came shortly after another firing of a top level nuclear force commander. Vice Admiral James Giardina, who was second in command of the US Strategic Command, was relieved of his command on charges that he had tried to gamble at a casino with $1,500 worth of fake chips.

“We’re confident in the security of the nuclear arsenal of this country,” Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby told reporters last week. “That said, clearly we’ve got some issues.”

The crisis in the US nuclear war command, particularly ominous because of its potentially world catastrophic implications, is only one indication of mounting tensions and morale problems within the US military as it carries out what the Pentagon refers to as the “rebalancing” of America’s armed forces in the wake of over a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Washington Post published a pair of articles documenting an unprecedented series of military investigations of personal misconduct and abuse of subordinates by dozens of generals and admirals over the past 15 months. The newspaper, which obtained reports on the investigations under the Freedom of Information Act, warned that the incidents had “tarnished the reputation of US military leadership.”

Tensions have also been growing between the military brass and the Obama administration over issues that include the drawdown of forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, the so-called “pivot to Asia,” and claims that the Pentagon budget fails to provide enough resources to modernize the military for a potential confrontation with China.

“Technological superiority is not assured,” the Pentagon’s undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics, Frank Kendall told a congressional panel this week. “This is not a future problem; it is a here and now problem.”

Meanwhile, an indication of political moods within the military brass was provided last week by Admiral Michael Mullen, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who addressed a meeting in Washington called by the neo-conservative magazine, the Weekly Standard and a right-wing veterans’ association.

“I worry that America has paid us very well, the compensation’s good, [so it says] ‘please go off and fight our dirty little wars and let us get on with our lives,’” said the former chief military commander, who has since joined the boards of directors of General Motors and Sprint-Nextel.

Pointing to the increasing divide between an all-volunteer military and the rest of society, Mullen added, “The people in the Northeast don’t know us anymore.” He proposed the imposition of two years of universal national service, while claiming it would not be a draft.
“The military becoming more and more isolated from the American people is a disaster for America,” he warned.

Indeed, the immense and growing power of the US military and intelligence complex, the emergence of a professional military caste and its increasing independence from civilian control poses tremendous dangers to basic democratic rights.

[SIDEBAR:   When the Federal Reserve System (FRS) and ITS' partners of criminally insane mass murderers, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements BUT OF COURSE (BIS/Bis/BIZ/Biz), World Bank, and name a vampire of antiquity not involved in the annihilation and extinction of our own species not getting 'rewarded' somehow ...

Bank of London and Bank of New York.

We have what ?? exactly ?? controlling planet earth in 2014?!  The proof of using humans to kill, our own species in the name of ?, proves in the aughts, the Century Twenty One, we are stark raving insane.  Of curse (course?) the mirror reflection is in those that have been made into the worst of our human species to then work for whatever, for the most criminally insane and beyond the worst of the species, these 'creatures' are ???

We must get to the tap root of our disease BEFORE the insanity looks like this

Rockefeller Ranch, Wyoming, Bill's Father "Winthrop Rockefeller" is JPMorgan CHASE, too



... to be continued .... ]

Obama’s Feds: Death to Boston Jihadist ~Tsarnaev, and calling for the death penalty? It’s too little, too late~


Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that the Justice Department would seek the death penalty for Boston Marathon jihad mass murderer Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

This is a transparent face-saving gesture. The clueless, politically correct, willfully ignorant Feds bungled the Boston jihad attack in numerous ways. Now, when it is far too late, they’re trying to look tough on jihad terror.

The Feds’ incompetence on this case began long before the bombing itself. The Russian government had Boston jihad bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev under surveillance, were deeply concerned about his contacts with jihad terrorists, and shared those concerns with the FBI. A Homeland Security official at the same time confirmed reports that the Saudis had also warned the FBI in writing about Tsarnaev – a claim that the Saudi ambassador in Washington immediately and heatedly denied.

Nor did the Feds conduct any investigation of the Islamic Society of Boston mosque that the bombers attended. Yet they are not the only jihad terrorists associated with that mosque. Aafia Siddiqui, a.k.a. “Lady al-Qaeda,” who was convicted of trying to murder American soldiers and may also have been plotting a jihad terror attack against an American city, was also a member, as was convicted jihad terror plotter Tarek Mehanna and his accomplice, Ahmad Abousamra. The renowned Muslim Brotherhood sheikh, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has praised Hitler and called upon Muslims to finish his job of killing Jews, was a trustee of the Islamic Society of Boston and has addressed the mosque congregation during fundraisers. Another imam who has addressed the Boston congregation, Yasir Qadhi, has called for the replacement of the U.S. Constitution with Islamic law and said that the “life and prosperity” of Christians “holds no value in the state of Jihad.”

On June 12, 2013, as the scandal of the Obama Administration’s massive surveillance of law-abiding Americans was breaking, it was revealed that while the National Security Agency was listening to every phone call and reading every email, there was one place where people could be safe from surveillance: inside a mosque. Investor’s Business Daily reported that “the government’s sweeping surveillance of our most private communications excludes the jihad factories where homegrown terrorists are radicalized.

Since October 2011, mosques have been off-limits to FBI agents. No more surveillance or undercover string operations without high-level approval from a special oversight body at the Justice Department dubbed the Sensitive Operations Review Committee.”

This panel “was set up under pressure from Islamist groups who complained about FBI stings at mosques. Just months before the panel’s formation, the Council on American-Islamic Relations teamed up with the ACLU to sue the FBI for allegedly violating the civil rights of Muslims in Los Angeles by hiring an undercover agent to infiltrate and monitor mosques there.”

And specifically: “The FBI never canvassed Boston mosques until four days after the April 15 attacks, and it did not check out the radical Boston mosque where the Muslim bombers worshipped.”

The next day, Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) confronted FBI director Robert Mueller about this, saying:
The FBI never canvassed Boston mosques until four days after the April 15th attacks. If the Russians tell you that someone has been radicalized and you go check and see the mosques that they went to, then you get the articles of incorporation as I have for the group that created the Boston mosque where these Tsarnaevs attended, and you find out the name Alamoudi – which you’ll remember because while you were FBI director, this man who was so helpful to the Clinton administration with so many big things, he gets arrested at Dulles Airport by the FBI and he’s now doing over twenty years for supporting terrorism. This is the guy that started the mosque where your Tsarnaevs were attending, and you didn’t even bother to go check about the mosque? And then when you have the pictures, why did no one go to the mosque and say, “Who are these guys? They may attend here.” Why was that not done, since such a thorough job was done?
Mueller initially disputed this, saying, “Your facts are not altogether well –” In a heated exchange, Gohmert shot back: “Sir, if you’re going to call me a liar, you need to point out specifically where the facts are wrong.”

Mueller responded: “We went to the mosque. Prior to Boston,” he said vehemently. “Prior to Boston happening, we were in that mosque talking to imams several months beforehand as part of our outreach efforts.”

Gohmert then asked: “Were you aware that those mosques were started by Alamoudi?”

“I’ve answered the question, sir,” Mueller replied.

Not satisfied with this, Gohmert pressed: “You didn’t answer the question, were you aware that it was started by Alamoudi.” Mueller then admitted that he had not been.

So we had the spectacle of the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation being warned by at least one foreign government that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a jihadist, but not even being aware of the fact that Tsarnaev attended a Muslim Brotherhood-linked mosque that was founded by a principal al-Qaeda financier – and sending agents to that mosque not to investigate the Tsarnaevs or any other possible jihad activity there, but to engage in “outreach” to Muslims.

If anything illustrated the Obama Administration’s abject failure to take the jihad threat seriously, that was it. The only thing that would have completed the picture would have been if Robert Mueller had been holding Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s photo on the cover of Rolling Stone.

The foremost lesson of the Boston bombing was that the denial of the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, which the Obama Administration (as well as the mainstream media) had pursued so assiduously, was wrongheaded and dangerous. Obama said in late April 2013 that his FBI had not acted improperly, but had investigated Tamerlan Tsarnaev and found no signs that Tsarnaev was “engaging in extremist activity.” This was probably because agents had no idea how to tell whether or not Tamerlan Tsarnaev was “engaging in extremist activity,” because the “extremist activity” he was engaging in was Islamic jihad, and Obama’s FBI is forbidden to study Islamic jihad. And so the politically correct FBI ignored Tamerlan Tsarnaev despite repeated warnings from Russian authorities.

And if they did investigate him, they didn’t know what to look for or how to understand what they were seeing.

Now, after all their massive failures, they’re getting tough with the surviving Tsarnaev, and calling for the death penalty? It’s too little, too late.


[sidebar:  Did BARRY and his Federal Reserve System (FRS) WANT the RUSSIAN FEDERATION to be in the GREAT WAR as was said via HEINZ KISSINGER?  We must ask the very difficult questions of this CRIMINAL OPERATION called "DOJ" and POTUS#44 ET AL.]

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Global Intelligence | GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE | global intelligence: "GI" 

[Two thirds of GCHQ is underground.]
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Ft. McClellen -- Ft. Meade , MD --The National Security Agency was created on 4 Nov 1952 . Its headquarters were Fort Meade , VA. The National Security Agency (NSA) employs tens of thousands of employees and has a budget larger than the CIA. It has also been kept far more secret, while the CIA has been used as the fall guy to protect the National Security Agency’s reputation. In the late 1960’s, under Operation Minaret and Program Shamrock, the NSA and its British counterpart GCHQ began monitoring much of the communication within the USA and UK .  The NSA monitors all American calls via computers using trip words, specific names, specific addresses, specific telephone numbers, etc. NSA has several computer to record all the millions of conversations which the computers have examined and deemed worthy of recording. How the NSA can get any use out of millions of recorded telephone conversations is beyond me? What intelligence agency could adequately process so much information? These organizations now monitor all communications within both countries. At least one congressman got upset that his phone was bugged by the NSA. (see David Corn’s article, "The case of the bugged senator" in Nation, Feb. 6, ‘89 , p. 152.) NSA has developed a fiberoptics network called Internet computer network. An orange book is used to specify some of the NSA’s security levels. An informant in the National Security Agency states that establishment newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are used to communicate secret messages which are placed within want ads, buzz words in editorials, and via other methods. Because of some of what this person told me, I have given some possible examples in this newsletter of how people might be using the papers for secret messages. For instance using Michael Jackson with his hands making some type of sign might be a signal.

The Illuminati Formula Appendix I: The Programmers 

A Secret Treaty of 1947 linked all the major commonwealth and American intelligence groups. This is just one of countless agreements, most secret, for the exchange of information. At that point in time, levels of secrecy were ULTRA (very secret), Pearl (moderately secret), and Thumb (secret). Pearl and Thumb later became Pinup. On 17 February 1972 a National Security Council Intelligence Directive (NSCID)-6 directed the NSA to be the principal US SIGINT agency, with the FBI and CIA basically working for the NSA. Although some people are claiming that their is friction between the NSA and its front organizations the FBI & CIA, it is hard to picture that this friction is anything serious because many people in these front organizations work for the NSA. The CIA, MI6 and the Mossad all worked through the BCCI which was scandalized recently, although the elite kept the lid on the scandal. Together the UKUSA intelligence community (or what is better termed the NWO’s intelligence world-wide intelligence agency, of which MI5, MI6, CIA, NSA, FBI, NZSIS, RCMP, SIS, ASIO, GCHQ, NRO, DIA & the SASB are simply departments, have together at least 300,000 people employed full time. If there was in the 1968 time period a Van Duyn serving as the liaison between these various intelligence "departments’, he would be a very powerful man. (There is a way open to me to confirm this about a Van Duyn if I get the time.)

 Bloodlines of the Illuminati Van Duyn

Particular excitation potential, is then broadcast by pulse modulated microwave transmitter. This pulse modulated microwave beam has the ELF excitation potential frequency imprinted upon it. It was found that each behavioural set in humans had a distinctive frequency. There was one for: anger, suicide, hysteria, trauma, serial killing, paranoia, lust...etc. Intelligence operatives in the UK regularly park microwave transmitters outside targets' houses and beam specific mood inducing excitation potentials at the victims. To aid them, they have sophisticated millimetre wave scanners to look through the victims' walls, so they can see the targets' in their homes. Pulse modulated microwaves are regularly directed at the victims' brains, while other people in their homes are oblivious of what is going on. A leading conspiracy researcher, who looks into GCHQ at Cheltenham, found one of these vans, with two spheres on its roof parked in his road. When he took the number plate and through contacts checked who owned it, he found it was an MOD van. Hopefully he has found the microwave weapon system before it has done him too much harm.


Stephen Drinkwater worked at the UK spy base called GCHQ. In 1983, he was found dead at his home with a plastic bag over his head.

In 1997 GCHQ worker, Nicholas Husband, was found dead at home dressed in a bra and panties – with a plastic bag over his head.

In 1999, Kevin Allen, 31, a language expert at GCHQ, was found dead in his bed with a plastic bag over his head and a mask over his mouth.

Mi6: The History Of The Secret Intelligence Service 1909-1949

Keith Jeffery and Keith Jeffery


The first - and only - history of the Secret Intelligence Service, written with full and unrestricted access to the closed archives of the Service for the period 1909-1949.

Global Intelligence

Paul Todd and Jonathan Bloch

The CIA, the KGB, MI5, Mossad, Boss, Savak, Dina -- the names read like a rollcall of the seamier side of history in the years following the Second World War. Today the Cold War is dead; there are fewer dictatorships; and 9.11 has created a whole new raison d'etre for covert action.

Global Intelligence:

* Explains how the war on terrorism provides a wholly new context for the murky world secret services and intelligence agencies operate in;

* Describes in detail how ultra-modern new technologies have vastly increased their power to spy abroad and eavesdrop at home;

* Tells us the changing priorities and working methods of the CIA and other US agencies, the FSB (successor to the KGB) in Russia, Britain and Western Europe's secret services, Mossad in Israel, and the various security services in developing countries.

.. to be continued ...

ROTHSCHILD versus ROTHSCHILD (1pub2/24/13)

Downfall: Rothschild has become embroiled in financial scandal and is down £50million on an £80million investment

... Rothschild vs Rothschild?  Impossible, surely, in the closely-knit international family who all trace their gilded roots back to the Jewish Mayer Amschel Rothschild setting up a bank in Frankfurt in the 1760s ..  

The family did not like the way, for example, he celebrated his 40th birthday with a near £1million three-day bash at Porto Montenegro, a development on the Adriatic coast in which he has an investment, with invitations offering helpful details of where guests could park private jets .. 

Nor were they keen on his highly publicised friendships with controversial people such as Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska whose £80million yacht was the scene of that infamous gathering in Corfu with George Osborne and Peter Mandelson which led to Nat’s dramatic and widely reported fall-out with Osborne, an old chum .. 

Above all, though, they felt deeply uncomfortable at Nat’s use of the most revered name in global finance to attract investment into speculative activities. 

In the case of Bumi, investors are so far down by £1.4billion .. Nat himself, once the soaring freelance star of the family — doing it his way and even talked about as potentially the richest of all the Rothschilds — is down £50million on his £80 million investment 

.. Read more:
There may have been the odd business split among the Rothschilds, but as the previous head of the dynasty, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, now in retirement at 81, declared only in 1996: ‘The first important strength of the family is unity.’ 
Head of the family: It is rumoured that David de Rothschild had a hand in the downfall of his cousin Nathanial Head of the family: It is rumoured that David de Rothschild had a hand in the downfall of his cousin Nathanial .. Certainly, there was some Rothschild unity on display yesterday. But it was directed with dismay and bemusement against lone operator Nat, 41, for the way he had allowed the family’s most precious asset — its name — to be dragged through the full glare of a public row involving mass boardroom resignations, accusations of mismanagement and allegations of missing millions
Family seat: A view of the south front of Rothschild's Waddesdon Manor,near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Family seat: A view of the south front of Rothschild's Waddesdon Manor,near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
 Getaway: The Rothschild family estate in Agios Stefanos on the Greek island of Corfu
Scandal: The Corfu home where Nat Rothschild entertained George Osborne and Peter Mandleson
Scandal: The Getaway: The Rothschild family estate in Agios Stefanos on the Greek island of Corfu where Nat Rothschild entertained George Osborne and Peter Mandleson

to be continued ...


Jan-08-2013  America Can be a Scary Place for Americans
  Larissa Nearing’s story is a poignant illustration of what can happen when you are busy living your life.

Larissa Nearing and her son
Larissa Nearing and her son

(SAN DIEGO) - We are a nation of rules and laws, with over 40,000 new laws that went into effect on January 1, 2012, alone. With such a minefield, even for the most sober citizen, it is easy to slide down the rabbit hole. Not see a construction zone sign; it could cost you dearly. Overdrawn at the bank; there are fees and penalties. Recently, in Oklahoma there was a 21 car pileup on an icy street and every driver received a $252 ticket.
Larissa Nearing’s story is a poignant illustration of what can happen when you are busy living your life.
On November 3, 2011, Larissa began what seemed like a routine day. She had taken her baby to daycare in the morning and then went to work.
Around noon, she got an urgent phone call from a neighbor who said her apartment was on fire. She rushed home to find the firefighters wrapping up and learned that the apartment above hers was where the fire originated.
She saw from her doorway all her worldly goods. Many of the items had been wrapped in plastic by the fire department. But she noticed her speakers for her DJ business were not protected.
She tried to enter her apartment since the fire was out and police officers were standing inside her apartment talking. She was prevented from entering and so she asked if they would please protect her speakers. Larissa explained she had a DJ business and this equipment was vital for her livelihood.

The War on Moms: Making
America Safer
There was one officer, Scott Crane, who ignored her pleas for help. She says she never was hostile to the officer, but was just frantic to get her possessions protected from further damage. After several attempts to reason with the officer, she said he spun her around and stated, “You are under arrest for obstruction of justice”. He then proceeded to take her to the back alley away from all the neighbors and witnesses. But the media, about five TV stations and even more news reporters showed up while Larissa was being handcuffed. She kept asking “Why are you arresting me? What have I done wrong? Why won’t you help me? My equipment is worth $20,000. That’s my business. Why are you doing this?” Because of her upbringing she knew not to lose her cool and did not use any language toward the officer that would be deemed inflammatory such as swearing at him.

She knew she shouldn’t be getting arrested. "Don’t hit him. Don’t swear. Don’t hit him. Don’t swear," was the mantra ringing in her head.

It seemed the more controlled Larissa was the angrier the officer became. He was rough and at one point her breast came out of her dress and was exposed. Mercifully, another officer came to her rescue and covered her up. Then Officer Crane threw her into the back of the police cruiser. The media was capturing everything on film.   ~~Continue reading ...

[sidebar:  Upon finishing reading the article, the critical thinking human must ask:   JUSTICE JUST US is about protecting human rights' and citizen rights' ~ ?  Yes?

No.  The Great American Adventure began with George Washington that had a namesake of a King in Great Britain that was a world tyrant too.  George Washington married one of the richest women slave owners in the Americas.  George Washington succeeded in being a king, rather the first US President and he was a slave owner with plantations that caused him to be always very busy managing his slaves, especially WILL SHAG.

George Washington paid to have WILL SHAG sent back to where he came, rum sold him into the South Seas, home he went, FREE.  No matter what King-President George did to Will, beatings and you name a slave master that didn't know how to kill a slave in the most vile sub human filthy cannibalistic method, King-George could not break the WILL of WILL SHAG.

LARISSA proves we are all WILL SHAG and must do what WILL did and grow our WILL POWER of knowing our Bill of Rights.'


Only [WE THE PEOPLE] can amend our Constitution.  Whenever our representatives act outside their authority, we need to notify them and then ignore their acts as lawful and continue forward with our Republic!

Here we are, another year has passed and the past isn't other than the worst nightmare.  Worse the situation has become, the multitudes of poor Americans sold to be the SECURITY STATE GLOBAL, where are these 'humans'?  Are they lurking in the shadow getting ready?!  Ready to do what has been done to US, and the intention was to do what has been accomplished.]

  1. UCC = Uniform Commercial Code [notice to the world
  2. Wet Ink Signatures = prevents computer documentation
  3. Implementing Regulations = a constitutional published law
  4. Security Financing Statement = establishing you as a responsible individual as opposed to a corporate entity
  5. Nunc Pro Tunc = meaning now for then
PS: The term FOREIGN means that they are foreign to us and we are foreign to them.  A Foreign Judgment is a judgment created without benefit of a Trial.  The Courts have become extremely difficult about accepting these Judgments.

You probably identify with this CORPORATE PROCESS as LEGAL PROCESS but it really isn’t about what is legal or lawful because all process is about the enforcement of CONTRACTS or the imposition and enforcement of CORPORATE REGULATIONS called STATUTES.  The best advice you will ever receive is to: AVOID THEIR COURTS WHENEVER POSSIBLE.  There is NO justice to be found in those Courts unless you are a member of the Vatican; the Royal or Elite, or have purchased Diplomatic Immunity!

~~THE COURTS:  The only Constitutional Court in America is the International Court of Trades, which was created because no Foreign Nation Government would Trade with the Corporate United States, until they provided a way for these Foreign Nations to enforce their Trade Agreements with America.

NOTE: Historically, the World Court was created to provide Nations with a venue to enforce their Trade Agreements but the Corporate United States refused the Courts invitation to participate because they were denied control over the Court.

All of the other American Courts are pseudo courts or fictions and simply are Corporate Administrative Offices designed to resemble Courts and all of their Judges are simply Executive Administrators designed to resemble Judges.

The purpose of these pseudo Corporate Courts are only to settle contract disputes and since George Washington’s government was military in structure; if either party refuses to participate, these Courts cannot become involved and the dispute is dead in the water!  My use of the term “dead in the water” is not a canard because these pseudo Courts are unconstitutional Courts of Admiralty, the International Law of the Sea!

The pseudo Judges of these pseudo Courts have NO powers without the Consent of both the Plaintiff and the Defendant.  [AND]  In every case the Judge must determine that he has Consent; Personam and Subject Matter Jurisdiction before he can act or access the Cesta Que Trust.

NOTE: All tradable Securities must be assigned a CUSIP NUMBER before it can be offered to investors.  Birth Certificates and Social Security Applications are converted into Government Securities; assigned a CUSIP NUMBER; grouped into lots and then are marketed as a Mutual Fund Investment.  Upon maturity, the profits are moved into a GOVERNMENT CESTA QUE TRUST and if you are still alive, the certified documents are reinvested.  It is the funds contained in this CESTA QUE TRUST that the Judge, Clerk and County Prosecutor are really after or interested in!  This Trust actually pays all of your debts but nobody tells you that because the Elite consider those assets to be their property and the Federal Reserve System is responsible for the management of those Investments.  Continue ~~

America's Culture of Corruption (1pub1/13/13)


In fact, as former London Metropolitan Police financial crimes specialist Rowan Bosworth-Davies recently wrote on his website:

“These institutions exist … to handle and facilitate the through-put of the staggering volume of criminal and dirty money which daily flows through the financial sector, because the profits there from are just so incredibly valuable.”

Wall Street Looting: Will JPMorgan Chase Be Held Accountable for Money Laundering “Lapses”?


by Sancho Jones

From Kindergarten to University: Homeland Security Culture in America 

In early March of 2009, The Department of Homeland Security, held it’s annual National Fusion Center Conference [1]. The conference highlighted the necessity for Fusion Centers to achieve Baseline Capabilities in the sharing of information and intelligence with the federal government and each other.

At the end of the same month the DHS gave a press release [2] to announce their selection of Purdue, and Rutgers Universities to co-lead the newest Center of Excellence (COE),By Global Research News, Global Research, January 12, 2013, 14 October 2009

These universities, and their disseminated information are not just a national problem for Americans, but the entire world. They are creating educational programs from kindergarten, and they are partnered with several foreign countries. It’s seemingly more, and more a 1984 Orwellian hell of reality, that Americans are being made into a “new breed”; now with the words of Patrick Henry:

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?
Forbid it, Almighty God!

I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

Centers of Excellence were created through the Homeland Security Act of 2002; the first centers began operation in 2004. With the addition of the newest one above, there are a total of 12 Centers across the country. The total number of these centers is skewed; as each center is in collaboration with multiple universities; as well as being partners with local, state, federal, and international entities. These COE’s also work with national laboratories, and corporate partners such as the RAND corporation to offer viable real world applications. In the end, there aren’t 12 centers, but a web of several hundred, and possibly thousands of centers.

The official list[3] of 12 centers are overseen by the Orwellian “Office of University Programs” [4]. The “Strategic Objectives” of this office are quoted as follows: