Thursday, December 12, 2013

Steve Forbes' father was allegedly a homosexual and the magazine Forbes reported wrongfully that the Irish President was a homosexual, ARE WE CONFUSED? Ethan Couch & AFFLUENZA?!

Ethan Couch was drunk and on Valium, when he was driving.

'Selfie Photos'
Nelson Mandela's Funeral

[SIDEBAR:  Life is very difficult in being human we're learning just how S.M.A.R.T. we aren't.  Giving drugs to children in grade school, in the womb whatever poison can be ingested to believe in the ideology of 'medicine', food be damned.  AND on the reality horizon is, AFFLUENZA is a truth to be told and the new world order of what is America's future for the next no less than three (3) generations?  CALL WHAT IT IS:  HEALING CRISES.  Call what IT isn't, and that is, higher intelligence isn't happening here.

Ethan is never going to wholly recover from his acts of murder.  He was damaged enough to cause that truth, which is heinous.  SOCIETY has broken down a long time ago and Mr. Forbes in his 'cover-up' of being 'homosexual' was also a warning sign, as is poor 16 no sweet birthday ever again, Ethan.

The unnaturally made dead via unnecessary murder, the beloveds gone are a question to be asked without ever ending.  Spirits perhaps to let us know just how sick the sickness is, and sick for so long that the AFFLUENZA book had to get to society and now what do we do?

Forbes could begin a long story about what we're going to do in healing our society.

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  1. Society is sick. Forbes has an opportunity to be one of the greatest voices in society, to begin the HEALING CRISES that is certainly no less than a thousand mile journey.