Saturday, December 21, 2013

We Can't Talk Open And Honestly Because That May Involve FEELING & This Is Against Police $ta$i U$A

When we look at 'pictures' of how the life in earth may have been, before the resources such as ELECTRICITY was co-created via the genius of being a human ? Homo Sapiens ?  What are we flesh as so called upright walking organic (not since GMOs), forms of life?

Nature was a seeming foe, once upon a time.  But, we EVOLVED ? and figured out how to PARTNERSHIP with NATURE ?

We kill one another and this is for certain.  We slaughter children indiscriminately and this is well proven.

The separations are so astonishing the stars in the skies can't compete in the numbers of our confusion and then the stars shine-sparkle.

Tired of struggling in the massive criminal insanity.  How can the brains that choose to behave as though being insane towards life IS THE ONLY CHOICE, continue finding other brains to pay IT digital fraud to kill.  Chinese now don't want dollars they want gold.

They, the Chinese, never wanted dollars anyway.  Gold can't really get where the superpowers want to go now, anyway.

Owning the earth as the BIGGEST owner of earth.  The brains of humans keep going until the thinking of the mind gets in charge, or not.

In the mind, which is the body-mind-spirit, mental-emotional-physical-spiritual-material, there can be a spiral movement.


And the potentials for SUPERPOWERS have been set aside so to speak, for the 'blood rituals'.

Imagination in the brains-minds of the humans that practice the blood rituals of Metzitzah b'peh and Circumcision are not only barbaric, the practices are fully and completely unnatural.  Add criminally insane and we have to begin questioning in the Century of 2014, 'Twenty-One', just what exactly do we do with our brains-minds, anyway.

We see too many Chinese are populating the earth.  We count the numbers and the multitudes are because they are grown by the so called government leaders, of the countries.  Government leaders are not exactly other than the worst of our species and this is our tragedy.

When the human begins to realize in the brains-minds, that the energy to co-create is in the brains-minds, then maybe we can manifest the bitcoin -only one example- the Taoist were working on the alchemy of lead into gold.  Same old problem.  Those that choose to make the masses of earthlings pay to live, while the makers of the 'money' get to be paid and kill for the services of criminal insanity.

Now this may not include the Malaysian intelligence that appears to be far superior in the thinking stuff.

When WALL STREET was being demanded accountability via OCCUPY, the civilized world isn't going to be in history as civilized,

WALL STREET caused World War Fiscal Collapse.  Now this wasn't other than worth paying lots of brain dead Americans to be eating poisons galore, GMOs, and ? P HARM aceuticals to cause complete toxic ?,

AND the most heinous of our species cannibalize the civilized humans understanding how criminally insane the WALL STREET agenda is.

HARMED, MAIMED, KILLED, and call the degradation of 'law' policing.

In our brain are nine (9) compartments.  There are powers and we've not begun to get HOW TO.  How to, for example, in the palm of our hand manifest the necessity in the moment that the so called dictators over life demand.

Worth the time to see how the future can in reality become ? we can't be certain of any uncertainties in the changes of universes.

BUT, think about this for just one nano:  When we got here as an innocent infant, where did the contract REALLY begin?  Did we 'make' the form of innocent infant?  Why?  Isn't this form a 'miracle' so-to-speak ? should the form organically grow into a 'Mozart', so-to-speak ?

... to be continued ....

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  1. Condi Rice said "PANGS? 'BIRTHING A NEW MIDDLE EAST'" This is how the statement stands today, the Bush Crusader for the Right Wing Criminally Insane U$$ta$i 'Merica, and of course the Leftie$ all dressed up doing one another, etc. paid to kill for that's the Agenda 21 GREEN