Friday, December 20, 2013

California high school to be tested for tuberculosis: QUESTION ? Have YOU Ever Been The Caregiver, & Observed A Human Die From TB !?

DEATH TB is beyond hideous.
Where FEINSTEIN ET AL get the 'brain' NO synapses, to think about the ATMOSPHERE.
ITS' as though she and the ilk she is high in the Agent ladder on, are going to escape being human.  Reptiles also die from TB, after a fashion.
LUNGS are OUR SKIN, too!  Human beings in America know NOTHING about the horror that has already been accomplished.
Programming via the dead leading the dead.

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  1. Look up in the skies: ITS' A BIRD, NO ITS' TB flying to U$ via PLANES which pay the 'retirees' U$A. DEAD ON ARRIVAL goes into the pockets of the monsters that are doing Apartheid-Genocide Global New World Order