Saturday, December 28, 2013

Private Investigators [PIs], Et Al, Top Investigatively Curious 'Attorneys-At-Law': Hello, 9-1-1 ITS' 'New Call'?!
David C. Ronk | AP Photo Vehicles are piled up at mile marker 286 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, a mile outside Reading, Pa., on Thursday, Dec. 26, 2013. Portions of both the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 78 were shut down in snowy eastern Pennsylvania Thursday after chain-reaction pileups involved dozens of vehicles on slippery roads.

[sidebar:  Before 9-1-1, there were lots of so called 'bets'.  Bets or 'shorts' - the gambling casino was on and the people of world earth have yet to awaken to the global genocidal game of insurance and derivatives and algorithms and secrets galore.

People made lots of money on 9-1-1, and the FOLLOW THE MONEY almost never lies in the earth plane of who owns the golden rule of digital fraud.

Before all these WEATHER happenings, there were no doubt lots of derivatives traded in algorithms in the Wall Street Global Casino of whatever can be made to turn a quick zillion digits.

The WEATHER 'stock' was brokered through ROMNEY?  Bain Capital and also, BLACKSTONE which is a 'desk drawer corporation'?? of Goldman Sachs???

Snowden showed us the snow job we're getting, how do we get the secrecy unlocked in the information about all the WEATHER 9-1-1 CALL THE 'GOV' to save U$ from ourselves!

Weather keeps a very vast business global working in the best interest of those that own (1) Weather 'Channel', (2) Weather 'Modification Patent?', (3) Derivative-Algorithm Market in 'weather' commodities, (4) IE EG Insurance-Medical-ET-AL (4) ET CETERA 'Weather'!

Nasty realities, OIL a necessity and the weapon of all weapons AND WEATHER our natural element a weapon of all weapons - now - AND, not just in the religious superstitions either.]


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  1. ELITE moved commodities into WEATHER for the WEALTHIER of Global Earth, to recover from Changing horses so to speak, in mid-stream, the failed banking experiment. A backup always in the works.