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IN A WORD, MINIMALISM:   Icon: Bird in Space by Constantin Brancusi
From the 1920s to the 1940s Constantin Brancusi was preoccupied by the theme of a bird in flight. He concentrated not on the physical attributes of the bird but on its movement. In “Bird in Space” wings and feathers are eliminated, the swell of the body is elongated, and the head and beak are reduced to a slanted oval plane. Balanced on a slender conical footing, the figure’s upward thrust is unfettered. Brancusi’s inspired abstraction realizes his stated intent to capture “the essence of flight.” This particular conception of “Bird in Space” is the first in a series of seven sculptures carved from marble and nine cast in bronze, all of which were painstakingly smoothed and polished.

“Bird in Space” has broken the world auction record for a sculpture in 2005 by fetching $27,456,000 at Christie’s New York to an anonymous buyer.
Bird in Space by Constantin Brancusi

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Yahu Coo Coo Bird

[sidebar:  What happened since the 1940s?  A state of dark arts was born and the life blood of creative genius has been changed into DERIVATIVES-ALGORITHMS-SHADOW-MARKET.

Owner/s of Israel wanted to own all the resources that drive the war machine, OIL and of course the natural resources rich in wherever in earth:  COVETED.

History doesn't lie when art gets to the point of telling the whole truth.  When Brancusi was an artist alive learning the fine tune of MINIMALISM, the MONSTERS of DIGITAL FRAUD weren't holed up in the Middle East with nuclear weaponry as about as complex as we could have gotten.

WHAT IS THE 'ARTIST' TO DO?  We must co-create our TRUE 'Justice' in the TRUTH of 'Law' as the ORDER which isn't the criminally insane directing human beings into APARTHEID-GENOCIDE.  Minimalism isn't other than a single focused 'EYE' to see how simple reality is, when the SECRET CULTISTS don't do what is being done to others and certainly, the self Yahu isn't concerned about AMERICA'S MONEY SOVEREIGNTY.

We American Artists, ALL, must demand our sovereign right to make digital 'money' restored as the MINIMALIST great work of art for our future 'auction' of greater wealth as should be!]

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  1. Minimalism is Money Sovereignty and a GREAT WORK OF ART for our future 'auction' into the wealthiest nation to honor truth, justice, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all, right now.