Tuesday, December 31, 2013

☢Make A Law☢Make A Business☢ ☢Old Jersey Street Saying☢


~Fooled too many of the people again~


There isn't one positive projection for the situation we're in, in America. The fossils that believed the all powerful mentally ill were going to be allowed to continue on in ITS' criminal insanity, for the sake of Apartheid and Genocide?!

REALLY!?  AND THE THUGGERY CULT of Racist, Sexist, Supremacists ☢ WHITE MOSTLY TOO ☢ TOO WHITE and the METZITZAH B☢PEH BLOOD RITUAL -- proves the species has met critical mass contempt for 'self' ?

Are we not in reality, the species such as a rose with so many different 'varieties',

.. to be continued, however, the prognosis isn't what we deserve ...

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  1. Drug addicts using whatever substance to not feel real, doesn't grow any other energy but, drug addiction to not feel real.

    Metzitzah b'peh and the Vatican and IT being THE PAEDOPHILIA Cult for far too long in the getting away with IT.

    Full blown critical mass ARTIFICIALITY always implodes.

    Century 21, 2014, CHANGE get READY or NOT?!