Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2014, All I Want For Christmas ~~ 'Due Process Rule Of Law' ~~ Beginning Right Now To HEAL X-Ma$$ [circa 16??-2013], & Canary - Canaries Symbolic Sing To All "Jailed" 'Christmas'

All I Want For Christmas Is Due Process Rule of Law

Twa$ Day B4 X-MA$$, 2013

Jail House Wasn’t comfort
and joy, Roof Tops weren’t either,
examined, carelessly sleigh awry-away ~

Syria’s slaughterhouse too, bloody democratic
revolution clashing-gnashing human flesh trading, gnarl
snarl backwards Hitler-Mussolini-Stalin?

Obama, De~Idiot~ize ALL, WARs, Religions,
Absurdities-Atrocities-NOT spirit faith,

COMMONERS, Guardians Of Divine PEOPLE
knowing LAW, OH YES, we can GOVERN
and be government ALL 'gov',

NOT escape core values made
moral-immoral, laughing at Americans’ CONTRACT/S families
NOT word-smithing Virtual Realities,

NO bullying information-media-news,
NOR propagandizing - NO deceit-brainwashing-killing-imagination
geniuses cultured subterranean trash-filth –

STOP degradation, being confused
once I threw my ‘self’, tumbler thought
I’d roll’n’around upside-down –

that – once, wet-rode-out
hard core, too, sometimes, BUTT
not unashamed! too many memories,

crying true lies exposed, we
can run BUTT, hiding under bus tires?
tracks all cris-crossing over

SLOPPY-back$ seconds-thirds, gender/s
bent? WOW! Artificial protoplasms experimented into blubber,

maimed-lobotomies, paedophilia-mutilation, institutionalized
criminally insane GAME!? the sane, run, BUTT,
IMMUNE? NO! tide roll$ “OBNOXIOU$”

Troll$ toxically ebb flow FUK
EG U$ HIM A ~ ‘nuke’
? under 42 USC 1983

and corresponding state statutes ....

Judges and other officials will
state that they have immunity, however their
immunity is not absolute.

Violation of civil rights under
the color of authority is not only
illegal, it is a criminal offense ...

Dr. Orly Taitz  >>  http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/ <<

2014, whimper boom gloom doom
soon snap crackle pop bacon’s all ‘done’ ?
Money Sovereignty Restored, Full Reparations

RICO, Too ?
Choice is also our reality to choose,
due process rule of law!


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  1. Depositions of Tim Geithner and Heinz 'Henry' Kissinger, that can begin the path of due process rule of law restoration, indeed let the new year begin!