Sunday, December 22, 2013

UKRAINE & Criminally Insane McCain, THAILAND & Criminally Insane U$$TA$I EU-UK-Et-Al, WORLD EARTH DECIDES

The West, and the Fortune 500 corporations that drive their destinies – corporations like Exxon, BP, Monsanto, Chevron, Raytheon, and other giants of big-pharma, agri, defense, oil, and finance – will not come to the aid of those opposing Nazis in Ukraine or fascistic, bigoted, violent mobs of “red shirts” in Thailand. No – that task is left to us. We must be the ones to speak up in the silence or confusion created by the West’s media machine and the many little helping hands that carry their propaganda far and wide. 

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  1. MONEY drives the ideology that civilization is happening. What does IT really look like? PASSION? INSANITY? ENERGY ! The McCain-Clinton-Bush-Kissinger-Federal RESERVE mafioso Global Apartheid Genocidal Homicidal Maniacal Tyrants: SLOB/S-BLOB/S ET AL are what they prove to all that IT is. Are the whole species of Homo sapiens going to be alive to see a future where the IDEA of sanity at long last gets a chance to grow enlightenment?