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Daniel N. Gordon, Misfortune's Best Friend? THE ENFORCER, By Nigel Jaquiss, Apr12'13 WillametteWeek [WW]

An unfortunate affair ~ Oregonian

     April 22, 2013, first posted                                         

'04 /Neil Goldschmidt former Oregon Governor describing sexual relationship 14-year girl an affair !

.. only escaped prosecution for statutory rape .. statute of limitations ..  OR State Bar .. expired .. ??



TO: WW Nigel Jaquiss, news reporter ET AL, 2220 NW Quimby St., Portland, OR 97210; Nigel Jaquiss &  F503.243.1115, RE:  BANKS SEND LAWYER DANIEL GORDON AFTER PEOPLE WHO DON'T PAY THEIR CREDIT-CARD BILLS.  WHO IS WATCHING HOW HE OPERATES?

Daniel Gordon practices law in the State of Oregon, and therefore, in the United States of America.  He is lawfully able to, according to the United States Constitution?

Investigative reporters, the most curious driven minds and intuition, can and do as it is the integrity of the calling, inform the Public in the Republic, our USA best educated trustworthy news.  We The People [WTP] are then able to solve any and all problems according to the highest intellectual choice regarding the whole composition, IE

EG 22 Jun 2011, Closing the Loop on May’s Lawyer of the Month, By Elie Mystal, .. honor a recent law graduate who might be doing everybody a world of good .. Anna Alaburda. She’s .. suing Thomas Jefferson School of Law, her alma mater, over its allegedly misleading employment statistics. It’s a big deal to even try, but if she wins (and she might win), it could really change what law schools have to tell prospective law students .. Now is the time when people should think critically about the value of the legal education they have received or hope to receive.



States each have a BAR [British Accredited Registry] that every lawyer must be licensed with in order to "practice."  There are Inn(s) of Court(s) [fashioned after Inn of Court in England] and this institution evidently oversees the BARs.  Then the United States' institutionalized RICO global fraud owned by Wall Street, the Federal Reserve System [Fed], is the creditor power in the USA.  The Fed is how the BAR, Inn of Court, Courts, corrupt Governors and Daniel Gordon get paid to commit high treason against WTP.

Oregon State died when Goldschmidt got to get away with being a criminal paedophile.  Does not mean the death is terminal.
  The City of Portland, County of Multnomah are reaching a point of vanishing:  NO respect for the rule of law due process.  Rather, the State of Oregon, and the City of Portland specifically, have chosen to not honor the United States Constitution AND stand in higher intellectual understanding of our Bill of Rights ..  IE EG Neil Goldschmidt is a stain on humanity and damns with faint praise, a degenerate.      Where did this Mayor, Governor, oath taker of the US Constitution get his ideology that criminal predatory paedophila ~an affair!  Terminally~ mentally, emotionally, physically, materially, spiritually ~bankrupt!  State of Oregon brought the great renown Gershann Koffmann to 'psychoanalyze' Bob Packwood ET AL for degenerate behavior?  Oregonian owner/s  Donald Newhouse, S.I. Newhouse, and Goldschmidt ET AL the problem >> metzitzah b’peh, *drawing blood from baby’s penis the circumciser uses his mouth .. Naomi Reice Buchwald .. USDC Judge




I am a deeply curious human artist, looking to see what the vanishing point is, in the whole composition.

Who was watching Goldschmidt?  The City of Portland is known, now, due to deep probe investigation, as where the terminal stopped - train - and many players got off from various points in the USA, and globally.  The Port, of course, a Port Town.  All these merchant marines and other migrant workers of the ports and rails, spent a lot of money having fun in the Stump Town's out of control anything goes, no boundaries, still continuing on Mayor Sam Adams tenure too.  Toxic shame.

Corruption is a terminal contamination in the City of Portland.  Robert Seaver filed an Oregon State BAR Complaint against the Police NAZI Chief, Kruger and then his family and he were disappeared in the federal witness protection program, threats on their lives were all too real.

I am going to upload the deposition of Ronald Frashour III, on to >> ~you must recollect his name - the lone shooter that murdered in cold blood.  A tit-for-tat, the Portland Police Bureau's publication said.  In a round-about way, cops killed due to a drug deal that included themselves, in Washington State ~ it appears a decided get back by the cult of tribal genetically modified no brains that are indeed well connected ~Aaron Campbell.

Portland, Oregon has a composition.  America does too.  Earth has a composition and the word is, nature.  The composition of people assembling, as in the State of Oregon and in particular here, City of Portland, is a form of art - called 'society'.  Society is a vitiated contract in the State of Oregon.  The City of Portland has been practicing no due process law that has manufactured an apartheid, a faction, and any-and-all Bill of Rights' contract protecting the innocent was long ago vitiated.

Daniel Gordon is one of the most important Pond Scum Agents that the Federal Reserve System [Fed] can rely upon.  Public Access to Court Electronic Records [PACER] allows him to do what he does because Public Employees Retirement Systems [PERS] relies upon the DEBT INDUSTRYOf course he is the Agent for USBank (et al), not a bank(s).  The words in America have failed us in modern time.  Deskdrawer Corporations [DDCs], that is what the so called money lenders are.  There is NO MONEY as what we have been hypnotized into beLIEving by the Fed and its' DDCs.



A High Renaissance could have been experienced, would have the reality been known, since 1913, and much earlier, should the DCUs been the REPUBLIC'S to share, all of US equally.

The saddest reality is it's the law.

DANIEL GORDON and AMERICAN LAWYERS do not know simple money law.  This simple truth means they commit fraud in representing contracts involving 'money,' when clueless is taught in Wall Street's schools of no real law.



Lauren J. Paulson >> has been vigorous in contacting the Willamette Week and Oregonian, as I recollect.  His blog addresses the Supreme Court and De Muniz, Bank of America, Et Cetera.

This must be one of the most important reporting of our time:

WTP reclaim our self representative Bill of Right' that got usurped via judicial review that is against the United States Constitutional actual intended good law ... ?


The first law school did not have attorneys who were taught the scholar of law formally - common law from England - and herein lies the true rub in our past-present-future.

Attorngive our right to self represent to another.  It is wrong.  The result in the United States of America due to this wrongful action is glaring in our inability to understand the simplest reality in trading and exchanging digital credit debt as money.

We need the buildings that have been erected in this time on the PUBLIC DCUs to be turned into Constitutional Law Centers.  The right of every American citizen is to enter and have their credentials when leaving, to represent in the courts as the framers intended.

Thank you,

.. to be continued ...


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