Friday, December 20, 2013

Screw Magazine: "Angry Jew" Al Goldstein Dead At 77

Al Goldstein is a classic Metzitzah b'peh 'Apartheid' ??!!
Golda Mier Man?  Woman?  Israeli Agent
Pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, and the systematic promotion of sexual deviance, promiscuity, and debauchery (not to mention homosexuality and transgenderism) are all Jewish in their inspiration. As Dr. David Duke has documented, pornography and the systematic promotion of sexual deviance are weapons used by the organized Jewish community in their on going cultural, spiritual, and psychological war against traditional White Western Christian civilization. In Dr. Duke's book Jewish Supremacism, he cites an article published in the winter 2004 edition of The Jewish Quarterly, "a leading literary, cultural and political journal" in the Jewish academic world, where Jewish professor Nathan Abrams openly documents the Jewish role in promoting pornography as a means to debase, corrupt, and ultimately destroy White Western Christian civilization. 

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  1. Sex was and is, a healing practice in the TAO, the male organ used to heal the female and the female healing the male.

    Metzitzah b'peh has SPLIT the hood and an Apartheid can be measured in the 'brain' chemistry, via MRI. Poor Al, he could have been much happier than he chose should he have been not mutilated ?!