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When Life is a Shit Storm Art is Your Only Umbrella

Dick Cheney knew, 5 POTUSes 'ALL' knew, Sniggering Shrew Hillary + John, too ET AL knew, BUT chose not to be, in Century XXI


We all know by now how the "pivoting" follows what has been the US's strategic target in Central Asia since the first Clinton administration; to interfere in Pipelineistan not as much in terms of diversifying sources of energy for the West, but in preventing strategic victories for Russia, China and Iran.

Washington has had its own New Silk Road ideas, Hillary-style, linking Central to South Asia. None of them incorporate Iran. The only US Silk Road so far has been the Northern Distribution Network (NDN) - that logistical/military marathon snaking across Central Asia with - what else - a narrow military purpose, so the US and NATO could resupply their spectacular failure in Afghanistan bypassing "unreliable" Pakistan.

So the Big Picture, long term, indicates relentless Chinese expansion westwards - based on trade - versus a US strategy that is essentially military. What is certain is that a great escape from the Atlanticist-dominated routes of trade, commerce and finance has been on for quite some time. And the New Silk Road(s) will be built by emerging Asia - and not by a fearful, declining West.

Pepe Escobar is the author of Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War (Nimble Books, 2007) and Red Zone Blues: a snapshot of Baghdad during the surge. He also wrote Obama does Globalistan (Nimble Books, 2009). He may be reached at

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Alliance to Feed the Future

Codex Alimentarius is a testament to the continuing and increasing power of the titans of world corporations, able to take control of our most basic needs, turning them into profit-driven industries, and pressing us into the slavery of feeding their greed.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Its name signifies the horror of Nazi Germany. In its conglomeration of 48 camps, over a million people were exterminated in gas chambers, starved to death, murdered individually, and killed and tortured in horrific medical experiments.

Codex Alimentarius is a modern-day tool for usurping the people’s rights to limit their choices in that most basic of needs: food. The rules set forth by Codex bureaucrats, people who, for the most part, know nothing of nutrition or health, are enforced on humanity by national governments and treaties. Their decisions are based on the instructions of masters from Big Pharma and Agribusiness, corporate entities that are on the verge of taking complete control of the food supply and what’s left of health.

What do these two exemplars of fascism, Auschwitz and Codex Alimentarius, have in common? 


Story at-a-glance

  • The United Nations established the Codex Alimentarius Commission in 1962. Usually referred to as “Codex,” it consists of approximately 170 member countries that set food guidelines and standards for the world.
  • Over the years, Codex has been embroiled in controversy for a number of reasons, but now our investigations show that Monsanto―one of the world’s largest producers of genetically-modified seeds― is behind a significant number of front groups that control Codex policy.
  • Most recently, more than 50 industry trade groups formed a new alliance called Alliance to Feed the Future. These groups represent multi-national food-, biotech-, and chemical companies that generate hundreds of billions of dollars-worth of revenue each year
  • Alliance to Feed the Future claims its purpose is to "balance the public dialogue” on modern agriculture and large-scale food production and technology. Or, in other words, they aim to become the go-to source for “real” information about the junk being sold as “food”
  • The Kellen Company is instrumental in creating and managing front groups for the processed food and chemical industries. These front groups are specifically created to mislead you about the product in question, protect industry profits, and influence regulatory agencies

Who’s Behind the International Food Additives Council (IFAC)?

The International Food Additives Council (IFAC) is “an international association representing companies that produce high quality substances used worldwide as food ingredients in traditional and organic products.” The group is very active in Codex. But how do you know who they are, and who they represent, when it’s almost impossible to find out who their members are?

As the NHF noted above, it’s virtually impossible to locate a list of its members (which naturally would indicate sources of funding, and potentially reveal behind-the-scenes agendas).

But here, I’m making public IFAC’s list of officers and board members as of 2011. It wasn’t easy to find this list, primarily because IFAC isn’t a regular 501(c)(3). In fact, it isn’t a 501(c)(3) at all. Actually, it’s a 501(c)(6)―an IRS classification for nonprofit “commercially oriented” organizations such as football leagues, chambers of commerce and, apparently, groups like IFAC. Once you know its non-profit classification, you can find its 990 forms―which all non-profits must file, complete with lists of officers and directors. I obtained IFAC’s 990s for the years 2004-2011. And there I learned the truth.

By Dr. Mercola

Misprision of a Felony, 18 USC § 4: Citizens of Wisconsin Deliver War Crimes Indictment against President Barack H. Obama

We believe we have a responsibility to deliver this indictment.  We cite Misprision of a Felony, 18 USC § 4 – Misprision of felony,
“Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

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GMO Wheat Found In Oregon Field. How Did It Get There?

Genetically modified wheat has been discovered growing in a field in Oregon. GMO wheat is not approved for sale in the U.S. Above, a wheat field in Arkansas.
A farmer in Oregon has found some genetically engineered wheat growing on his land. It's an unwelcome surprise, because this type of wheat has never been approved for commercial planting.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says it's , trying to find out how this wheat got there. The USDA says there's no risk to public health, but wheat are worried about how their customers in Asia and Europe will react.

In fact, worry about export markets is the main reason why genetically engineered wheat isn't on the market in the first place.

The biotech company Monsanto did create varieties of wheat that tolerate the weedkiller glyphosate, or Roundup — just as it created "Roundup Ready" corn, soybeans, cotton and canola. It also carried out field trials of this wheat in 16 different states.

But the country's wheat growers told the company that they did not want it.

"We are not in favor of commercializing any biotech trait unless it's gone through regulatory approvals in the U.S. and in other countries," says Steve Mercer, vice president of communications for . Many countries, including some that import wheat from the U.S., are quite hostile to genetically engineered crops.

Monsanto dropped the wheat project. It never asked for government approval, and it ended its field trials of wheat in 2005.

Fast forward eight years. About a month ago, a farmer in eastern Oregon noticed some wheat plants growing where he didn't expect them, and they didn't die when he sprayed them with Roundup.

The farmer sent samples of these curious plants to , a scientist at Oregon State University who has investigated other cases in which genetically engineered crops spread beyond their approved boundaries.

She found that this wheat was, in fact, genetically engineered. She passed samples on to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which confirmed her results.

Bernadette Juarez, an official with the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, said in a that her agency is collecting more samples from the farm, conducting more tests. "We have a team of dedicated investigators working on the ground daily to figure out what's going on here," she says.

Nobody knows how this wheat got to this farm. in Oregon were in 2001. After all such trials, the genetically engineered crops are supposed to be completely removed.

Also, nobody knows how widely this genetically engineered wheat has spread, and whether it's been in fields of wheat that were harvested for food.

According to the USDA, even if it has, there's no danger to public health.

Still, if further tests show that this unapproved wheat has spread into the food supply, it could play havoc with wheat sales.

In 2006, traces of genetically engineered rice — also unapproved — were discovered in large parts of the American rice harvest. That discovery shut down America's rice exports to some countries. Exporters lost millions of dollars. The wheat harvest is much bigger.

Steve Mercer, from U.S. Wheat Associates, says there's no indication that this will happen to wheat. Right now, it's just a few isolated plants growing in eastern Oregon.

"We're in the process of getting in touch with all of our customers," he says. "We are going to work to make sure that they have all the information that they need to make their decisions, and reassure them that this isolated trait hasn't entered commerce."

So far, he says, those customers aren't making any decisions. They're just asking for more information.

The Monsanto Blackwater Connection: Agent Orange, PCBs, rBST, DDT, aspartame and now hit men ~

28 May 2013, 09:04 
Any illusion about the intentions of the former chemical company turned major food producer, Monsanto, the GMO foods/ health controversy notwithstanding, has been dispelled.

Monsanto has contracted  the firm Blackwater, no, not a P.R. firm, to collect intelligence on activists opposed to the global food producer, as well as infiltrate their ranks.

Remember the  private mercenary army Blackwater,  which caused a stir in Iraq, during an unprovoked attack in 2007.  Apparently, Monsanto and the controversial security firm are in bed together, described by blogger Randy Ananda as "a death- tech firm weds a hit squad" 

Notorious for the Iraqi Nisour Square Massacre, Blackwater "created a web of more than 30 shell companies or subsidiaries in part to obtain millions of dollars in American government contracts after the security company came under intense criticism for reckless conduct in Iraq " reports the New York Times.  One of these subsidiaries became Total Intelligence, the company contracted by Monsanto between 2008-2010 to collect intelligence on activists rallying against GMO crops and other Monsanto activities, Journalist Jeremy Schahill states in The Nation.

" entities closely linked to the private security firm Blackwater have provided intelligence, training and security services to US and foreign governments as well as several multinational corporations, including Monsanto, Chevron, the Walt Disney Company,  Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and banking giants Deutsche Bank and Barclays, according to documents obtained by The Nation.

 Blackwater's work for corporations and government agencies was contracted using two companies owned  by their founder and owner, Erik Prince, Total Intelligence Solutions and the Terrorism Research Centre (TRC)  

Prince is listed as the chairman of both companies in internal company documents, which show how the web of companies functions as a highly coordinated operation.

A spokesman representing Monsanto admits they hired Total Intelligence for information about the activities of groups or individuals that could pose a risk to company personnel or operations around the world which were developed by monitoring local media reports and other publically available information. The subject matter ranged from information regarding terrorist incidents in Asia or kidnappings in Central America to scanning the content of activist blogs and websites.

According to documents secured by Scahill, Monsanto was willing to pay a sizable sum ( up to $500, 000) for Blackwater agents to infiltrate anti- Monsanto organizations.

To conclude, by hiring a mercenary army and former CIA field agents, Monsanto is deadly serious about protecting its deadly products. This further discredits this company.

The painted picture is even bleaker of the firm that brought Agent Orange, PCBs, rBST, DDT, aspartame and now hit men.


The new PCB: Monsanto's Roundup weed killer turning up in air, rain and rivers

Autarchic September 27, 2011

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Last month, the US Geological Survey (USGS) released a report showing that air, rainwater and rivers across the Midwest US agricultural belt are routinely contaminated with high levels of glyphosate, a pervasive herbicide produced by biotechnology giant Monsanto. And according to some, Monsanto has likely known about this for some time, but chosen to hide it from the public.

After two years of gathering and analyzing environmental samples, USGS scientists determined that the more than 180 million pounds of glyphosate spread on conventional and genetically-modified (GM) crops every year is causing "significant" environmental contamination.

Certain that Monsanto is hiding its own critical information about Roundup, Ken Cook, president of the consumer advocacy organization Environmental Working Group (EWG), has written an open letter to Hugh Grant, chairman and president of Monsanto, petitioning him to immediately release any and all studies the company is hiding about the herbicide.

"Monsanto notoriously hid PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) contamination in Alabama for decades," said Cook, referring to the infamous Monsanto PCB scandal where a plant producing the chemical from 1929 to 1972 ended up turning the entire town of Anniston, Ala., into a type of toxic waste zone -- and PCB is still showing up around the area to this day (

"We are asking that in this case, [Monsanto] tell the public what it knew about glyphosate contamination, and when it knew. It is inconceivable that a company with Monsanto's scientific capacity did not predict, and examine, the possibility of air and water contamination by glyphosate."

Back in the summer, it was revealed that Monsanto knew glyphosate caused birth defects, endocrine disruption, DNA damage, reproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, and cancer. This was discovered in many of its own scientific studies. But according to reports, the company knowingly withheld this crucial information from the public, and from government officials, in order to keep the product on the market (

So is it unreasonable, then, to assume that Monsanto is aware of, but withholding, critical data proving that glyphosate permeates into the deepest corners of the natural environment upon extensive use, contaminating everything in its path? Cook appears to think so, and we tend to agree with him.

You can read Cook's full letter to Monsanto's Grant here:

Dear Cowlitz County Sheriff, Attn. 'Pattison' et al ~

Mr. 'Pattison' you spoke on the telephone about the property in Castle Rock, OVERGROWN, is the word I believe you used.

Yes, you are correct and ROUND UP READY 'MONSANTO'S' POISON was used at that property and to the point where the additional rape by the "rogue timber co." of the 'danger trees' [that included far more than just a small bank of tall trees around the home, as you also must have noted], had definitely taken a toll on the 'property'.

The 'neighbors' of course aren't the least bit concerned with what the damage would have been, had the COUNTY proceeded with destroying the environment further with a 'transportation dept project'.



SCOTUSES, POTUSES, FLOTUSES: US$ TERRORISTS: the dollar’s actual perceentage of total money supply worldwide has gone from 90 per cent in 1952 to about 15 per cent today.

... While the dollar currently constitutes 62 per cent of the $6 trillion in foreign holdings by the world’s central banks, when a historical view is taken into account, Dick Bove, vice president of equity research at Rafferty Capital Markets says the dollar’s actual percentage of total money supply worldwide has gone from 90 per cent in 1952 to about 15 per cent today.

Bove, like many other analysts, believes that the rise of the Chinese currency, the yuan, is at the expense of the US dollar’s dominance as a safe haven.

"Generally speaking, it is not believed by the vast majority that the American dollar will be overthrown," says Dick Bove.

"But it will be, and this defrocking may occur in as short a period as five to 10 years," he tells CNBC.
The repercussions of the dollar’s decline as the foreign currency holding of choice would be more than a symbolic hit to America’s economic standing. With a budget deficit exceeding $1 trillion per year, if the dollar were to decline against other currencies the US would find itself in the uncomfortable position of having to pay back this debt.

Bove goes further, arguing that the deadlock in Congress over the federal budget, and the now-mandatory cuts designated by the sequestration, are eroding confidence in America’s fiscal state.

"The ratings agencies are already arguing that the government's debt may be too highly rated. Plus, the United States Congress, in both its houses, as well as the president are demonstrating a total lack of fiscal credibility," says Bove.



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england ... Murdoch’s Newscorp owns many influential media outlets in UK, USA, Australia and other countries in the world .. no prime minister in England can be elected without his newspapers and media outlets’s blessings, that might also be true for any U.S president .. Fox news station in is one of the most followed news stations in America and its is known to support Zionist agendas and in growing islamophobia sentiment across the U.S. >>click>>


” … It’s all ultimately supposed to be for the Cold War cause, but Loftus raises more sinister motives. These include a frenetic effort by powerful US industrialists and bankers to hide their own business ties with the Nazis. They would do this, Loftus asserts, by getting the government to create a super-secret de facto policy of covering up dealings with the Nazis . … “  By Russ Baker, AlterNet | February 9, 2011 ~ America’s Nazi Secret is not what you’d call extremely reader-friendly material. Sometimes it feels like a chore to read it. But wow—does it ever provide powerful insight into the “deep politics” of US policy.


Russia >>click>>
Chertoff KGB Homeland Security

WAR RACKETS: 1812 - Nuclear Winter 2013 | 2021 + / -

As the US and Iranian governments escalate tensions in the already volatile Straits of Hormuz, and China and Russia begin openly questioning Washington’s interference in their internal politics, the world remains on a knife-edge of military tension. Far from being a dispassionate observer of these developments, however, the media has in fact been central to increasing those tensions and preparing the public to expect a military confrontation. But as the online media rises to displace the traditional forms by which the public forms its understanding of the world, many are now beginning to see first hand how the media lies the public into war.…ussbush1


The War of 1812 ..Tecumseh .. respected by his American opponents .. he did not believe in torturing captives .. known to keep his word.


Tecumseh was killed at the Battle of the Thames in Canada on October 5, 1813.

Legacy of Tecumseh .. idea .. organizing .. various Indian tribes to resist white settlement~

and should Tecumseh's idea have succeeded .. the course of American history .. seriously .. would have .. changed .. Tecumseh's political skills and charismatic leadership made him a revered figure.


.. Union general in the US Civil War, William Tecumseh Sherman, was given his middle name in honor of Tecumseh because his father respected the Shawnee chief.


1861-1865 The War Of The Rebellion





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“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” ~Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni & America's impotent individuality

“What is finished is the idea that this great country is dedicated to the freedom and flourishing of every individual in it. It’s the individual that’s finished. It’s the single, solitary human being that’s finished. It’s every single one of you out there that’s finished. Because this is no longer a nation of independent individuals. It’s a nation of some two hundred odd million transistorized, deodorized, whiter-than-white, steel-belted bodies, totally unnecessary as human beings and as replaceable as piston rods.”  Howard Beale, in Paddy Chayefsky’s 1976 film, Network 


Bush & Tzipi
Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni

Cast Lead Mass Murderers
Biden & Tzipi
"Collateral Damage"
Killer Satisfaction

RAGING BULL-SHIT ~ Documentary Shadows Of Liberty ~ Fourth Estate No News other than same ole gambling addictions

"If You Can't Dazzle Them With Brilliance, Baffle Them With Bull." WC Fields

Jeremy Hammond Anonymous hacker: Transparency and Open Government

Jeremy Hammond, Anon 'Hacker'

.. BARACK OBAMA .. Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies,  SUBJECT:      Transparency and Open Government

My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.

We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government .. I direct the Chief Technology Officer, in coordination with the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Administrator of General Services, to coordinate the development by appropriate executive departments and agencies, within 120 days, of recommendations for an Open Government Directive, to be issued by the Director of OMB, that instructs executive departments and agencies to take specific actions implementing the principles set forth in this memorandum. The independent agencies should comply with the Open Government Directive .. This memorandum is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by a party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person ..This memorandum shall be published in the Federal Register ...

Anonymous Hacker Jeremy Hammond Pleads Guilty To Stratfor Hack, Could Face 10 Years In Prison

>>clickHere>>FORBES ~AnonHackerJeremyHammond



BA'ATH SOCIALISM, dedicated to national liberation—sufficient democratic orientation—enshrining social rights in its constitution—would be crushed under the steamroller of US imperialism ~~


The Islamist State: What the Syrian Constitution says about Assad and the Rebels

The idea that the uprising against the Syrian government is inspired by a grassroots movement thirsting for a pluralist, democratic state is a fiction.

The opposition’s chief elements are Islamists who seek to establish a Sunni-dominated Islamic state in place of a Syrian government they revile for being secular and dominated by Alawi “heretics.” “Al Qaeda-linked groups…dominate rebel ranks,” notes The Wall Street Journal. [1] “There is frustration with the West’s inability to help nurture a secular military or political opposition to replace Mr. Assad,” echoes The New York Times. [2] “Islamic forces seem to be ascendant within the opposition,” observes Gerald F. Seib. [3]

Indeed, almost from the opening moments of the latest outbreak of Islamic unrest in Syria, the government has said that while some protesters have legitimate grievances, the uprising is driven by militant Islamists with foreign backing.” [4] It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia and Qatar- monarchies which abominate democracy—are furnishing Islamist militants with arms, while Turkey, Jordan, Israel, France, Britain and the United States are also lending support.

Syria’s post-colonial history is punctuated by Islamist uprisings. The Muslim Brotherhood organized riots against the government in 1964, 1965, 1967 and 1969. It called for a Jihad against then president Hafiz al-Assad, the current president’s father, denigrating him as “the enemy of Allah.” By 1977, the Mujahedeen were engaged in a guerrilla struggle against the Syrian army and its Soviet advisers, culminating in the 1982 occupation of the city of Hama. The Syrian army quelled the occupation, killing 20,000 to 30,000. Islamists have since remained a perennial source of instability in Syria and the government has been on continual guard against “a resurgence of Sunni Islamic fundamentalists.” [5] The resurgence, touched off by uprisings in surrounding countries, prompted Glen E. Robinson to write in Current History that the rebellion was a continuation of “Syria’s Long Civil War.” [6]

But the Western media, echoing former colonialist powers and high officials in Washington, would call it something different: a popular, grassroots uprising against a brutal dictator. Today, however, the flood of YouTube videos by Islamic terrorists, chronicling their killings of POWs, eviscerations of captured soldiers, and barbecuing of heads, has spoiled the narrative. It’s no longer possible to angelize the Syrian rebellion as a popular insurrection against dictatorship. Now even the Wall Street Journal and New York Times share Assad’s view.

Still, the rebels’ spin doctors aren’t yielding entirely. They insist that while the rebellion may be dominated by religious fanatics with a penchant for terrorism, that it wasn’t always so. Instead, they say, it began as a peaceful plea for democracy that was eventually hijacked by jihadists only after the government used brute force to crush a protest movement. At that point, protesters were forced to take up arms in self-defense.
This view is dishonest. To start, it sweeps aside the reality that the rebellion is dominated by Islamists who care not one whit for democracy and indeed are actively hostile to it. What’s more, it conceals the fact that the Assad government made substantial concessions in the direction of creating the kind of pluralist, democratic society the rebels are said to thirst for. The rebels rejected the concessions, and that they did, underscores the fact that the rebellion’s origins are to be found in Islamist, not democratic, ambitions.
In response to protestors’ demands, Damascus made a number of concessions that were neither superficial nor partial.

First, it cancelled the long-standing abridgment of civil liberties that had been authorized by the emergency law. The law, invoked because Syria is technically in a state of war with Israel, gave Damascus powers it needed to safeguard the security of the state in wartime, a measure states at war routinely take. Many Syrians, however, chaffed under the law, and regarded it as unduly restrictive. Bowing to popular pressure, the government lifted the security measures.

Second, the government proposed a new constitution to accommodate protestors’ demands to strip the Ba’ath Party of its special status, which had reserved for it a lead role in Syrian society. Additionally, the presidency would be open to anyone meeting basic residency, age and citizenship requirements. Presidential elections would be held by secret vote every seven years under a system of universal suffrage.

Here was the multi-party democracy the opposition was said to have clamored for. A protest movement thirsting for a democratic, pluralist society could accept the offer, its aspirations fulfilled. The constitution was put to a referendum and approved. New parliamentary multi-party elections were held. Multi-candidate presidential elections were set for 2014. A new democratic dawn had arrived. The rebels could lay down their arms and enjoy the fruits of their victory.

Or so you might expect. Instead, the insurrectionists escalated their war against Damascus, rejecting the reforms, explaining that they had arrived too late. Too late? Does pluralist democracy turn into a pumpkin unless it arrives before the clock strikes twelve? Washington, London and Paris also dismissed Assad’s concessions. They were “meaningless,” they said, without explaining why. [7] And yet the reforms were all the rebels had asked for and that the West had demanded. How could they be meaningless? Democrats, those seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict, and the Assad government, could hardly be blamed for concluding that “democracy was not the driving force of the revolt.” [8]

Elaborating on this theme, the Syrian president noted:
It was seemingly apparent at the beginning that demands were for reforms. It was utilized to appear as if the crisis was a matter of political reform. Indeed, we pursued a policy of wide scale reforms from changing the constitution to many of the legislations and laws, including lifting the state of emergency law, and embarking on a national dialogue with all political opposition groups. It was striking that with every step we took in the reform process, the level of terrorism escalated. [9]
From Washington’s perspective, the new constitution opened space for alternative political parties. Washington could exploit this new openness to gain leverage in Syria by quietly backing parties that favor pro-US positions—a plus.

From the Islamists’ point of view, however, there were only negatives. First, the constitution was secular, and not rooted in Islam. Second, it proposed to ban political parties or movements that were formed on the basis of religion, sect, tribe, or region, as well as on the basis of gender, origin, race or color. This would effectively ban any party whose aim was to establish an Islamic state.

There were negatives too for Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv.

First, the constitution’s preamble defined Syria as “the beating heart of Arabism,” and “the forefront of confrontation with the Zionist enemy and the bedrock of resistance against colonial hegemony on the Arab world and its capabilities and wealth.” This hardly accorded with Washington’s desire to turn Syria into a “peace-partner” with Israel and clashed with the Western project of spreading neo-colonial tentacles across the Arab world.

Second, the constitution formalized the political orientation of the Syrian Ba’athists. This has been summed up by Assad as “Syria is an independent state working for the interests of its people, rather than making the Syrian people work for the interests of the West.” [10] Accordingly, the constitution mandated that important sectors of the Syrian economy would remain publicly owned and operated in the interests of Syrians as a whole. Western firms, then, were to be frozen out of profit-making opportunities in key sectors of the Syrian economy, a prospect hardly encouraging to the Wall Street financial interests that dominate decision-making in Washington.

Ba’ath socialism has long irritated Washington. The Ba’athist state has always exercised considerable influence over the Syrian economy, through ownership of enterprises, subsidies to privately-owned domestic firms, limits on foreign investment, and restrictions on imports. These are the necessary economic tools of a post-colonial state trying to wrest its economic life from the grips of former colonial powers and to chart a course of development free from the domination of foreign interests.

Washington’s goals, however, are obviously antithetical. It doesn’t want Syria to nurture its industry and jealously guard its independence, but to serve the interests of the bankers and major investors who truly matter in the United States, by opening Syrian labor to exploitation and Syria’s land and natural resources to foreign ownership.

Prior to Assad drafting the new constitution, the US State Department complained that Syria had “failed to join an increasingly interconnected global economy,” which is to say, had failed to turn over its state-owned enterprises to private investors, among them Wall Street financial interests. The State Department also expressed dissatisfaction that “ideological reasons” had prevented Assad from liberalizing Syria’s economy, that “privatization of government enterprises was still not widespread,” and that the economy “remains highly controlled by the government.” [11]

Were Assad to demonstrate a readiness to appease Wall Street’s demands he would have departed holus bolus from the dirigiste practices that had irritated the State Department. Instead, he did the opposite, drafting a constitution that mandated that the government maintain a role in guiding the economy on behalf of Syrian interests, and that the Syrian government would not make Syrians work for the interests of Western banks, oil companies, and other corporations. This was effectively a slap in Washington’s face.

He then compounded the sin by writing certain social rights into the constitution: security against sickness, disability and old age; access to health care; and free education at all levels. Now these rights would be placed beyond the easy reach of legislators and politicians who could sacrifice them on the altar of creating a low-tax, foreign-investment-friendly climate. To make matters worse, he included an article in the constitution which declared that “taxes shall be progressive.”

Finally, he took a step toward real, genuine democracy—a kind that decision-makers in Washington, with their myriad connections to the banking and corporate world—could hardly tolerate. He included a provision in the constitution requiring that at minimum half the members of the People’s Assembly are to be drawn from the ranks of peasants and workers.

Therein were the real reasons Washington, London and Paris rejected Assad’s concessions. It wasn’t that they weren’t genuine. It was that they were made to the wrong people: to Syrians, rather than Wall Street; to the Arabs, rather than Israel. And nor was it that his reforms weren’t democratic enough. It was that they were too democratic, too focussed on safeguarding and promoting the interests of Syrians, rather than making Syrians promote the interests of Wall Street, Washington and Tel Aviv.

The Syrian constitution clarifies the orientation of the Syrian Ba’athists and underscores why the Syrian government ought to be supported in its struggle against foreign-backed Islamist rebels. In short, because it is, on balance, progressive, and the forces arrayed against it are retrograde. The Syrian government is pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist, anti-colonialist, and anti-imperialist. It is committed to secularism, non-sectarianism, and public ownership of the commanding heights of its economy. These are values that have traditionally been held high by the political left. Were the Syrian government to fall, it is almost certain that a US-client regime would be implanted in Damascus that would quickly adopt a pro-US foreign policy, abandon the Palestinians, capitulate to Israel, and cater to Western investors and corporations. The left project would, accordingly, be dealt a serious blow, and yet another state, dedicated to national liberation—not to say one with a sufficient democratic orientation to enshrine social rights in its constitution—would be crushed under the steamroller of US imperialism.


... What the president does not seem to understand is that we do not have the money to build schools, upgrade education, modernize economies, and encourage entrepreneurship overseas at a time when our national debt is $16 trillion. And besides, isn’t it a deeply flawed idea that the US government can achieve all of these remarkable results overseas when we know what a disaster these big government undertakings have produced at home? What we reject at home as Soviet-style central planning is fully embraced as effective foreign policy overseas. Should it really be the US government’s role to “modernize economies” or “encourage entrepreneurs” anywhere? Those are activities best left to the private sector, whether here at home or in far off lands.

President Obama’s speech is not at all what it seems. It is a call for more empire and more power to the executive branch. The president promises that “this war, like all wars, must end.”

Unfortunately the war on the American taxpayer never seems to end. But end it will, as we are running out of money.



When trading and exchanging deals, regarding the Middle East - that should not involve other than the nations in the Middle East defined by the inhabitants there, for centuries and centuries - FRIENDS get together and decide how the world is.

John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov
US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a joint news conference after their meeting in Moscow. REUTERS
"Transnationals" the corporations that have stomped earth into a soldier marching in the universe as the masters of weaponry to mass murder.
BERLIN, GERMANY - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (L) and German Foreign Minister Guido Westerelle depart after speaking to the media following talks at the Foreign Ministry .. in Berlin, Germany. Kerry is scheduled to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov later in the day. [FEB 26'13]

Monday, May 27, 2013

BUCKMINSTER FULLER: Capitalism's Invisible Army [CIA] ~ Legally Pigally, and the descriptions of FINCAP and LAWCAP from Buckminster Fuller's Critical Path

... As a consequence the total picture presented here is approximately unknown to any but the Wall Street lawyers' grand strategists, most of whom are no longer alive .... ... In his 1970 book I Seem To Be a Verb, he wrote: "I live on Earth at present, and I don't know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing—a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process—an integral function of the universe."         
          Today's (1980) world-power-structures struggle is one between the U.S.S.R. and big capitalism, which we now call lawyer capitalism [LAWCAP], which deliberately took the world's private-enterprise corporations out of the fundamental jurisdiction of America. They have kept their U.S.A. operations going in a seemingly normal way, so people in U.S. America haven't realized that these companies are officially situated elsewhere despite the incredible amplification of those great corporations' annual profits, whose annual totals payable to these corporations' stockholders are of the same magnitude as the annual increase in the U.S.A.'s joint internal and external debt increases.
America is utterly bankrupt externally in terms of balance of trade due to its own oil companies now operating as Arabian business. The national debt at the time of the New Deal was $33 billion -- which was the cost of World War I. Before World War I we frequently had no national debt whatever. We have today a national debt that exceeds $800 billion -- 30 percent of that indebtedness came from underwriting of ever-longer-term mortgages. In 1934 the U.S.A. underwrote a completely obsolete building industry while Eisenhower allowed the banking world to make an incredible amount of money in interest rates and services (in 1978 over $1 billion just for transferring home-ownership deeds) in support of the building and real estate game, which building industry -- if it were any good -- would pay the U.S.A. back handsomely. The U.S.A. cannot even pay the annual interest on its $800 billion national debt.
That is why the Nixon presidency and all those since have had to enter each year with a negative budget, acknowledging that at year's end the U.S.A. will be a $100 billion-magnitude unrecoverably deeper in debt. Our foreign-trade-balance indebtedness is (as of September 1979) $104 billion ($86 billion if foreign branches of U.S. banks are taken into account).
Sum-totally, what has been taken from the people of the U.S.A. runs into many trillions of dollars. In the quarter of a century since Eisenhower America has become completely bankrupt, with its world leadership, its financial credit, and its reputation for courage, vision, and human leadership gone.
None of this was the American people's doing. It was all done in an absolutely legal but utterly invisible manner by the lawyer-capitalism. Individual bankers, industrial-corporation officers, et al. have had to do what their lawyers told them to do. No bad people have been involved. The lawyers were following their survival instinct -- and doing so completely legally.

Everything we have reported here has been published at one time or another, but with the individual items often so far apart from the last relevant item that the public has tended not to remember and associate the items.

Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion ~ "Nano-Ball" & Et Cetera
R. "Bucky" Buckminster Fuller was a renowned 20th century inventor and visionary born in Milton, Massachusetts on July 12, 1895. Dedicating his life to making the world work for all of humanity, Fuller operated as a practical philosopher who demonstrated his ideas as inventions that he called “artifacts.”

Fuller did not limit himself to one field but worked as a 'comprehensive anticipatory design scientist' to solve global problems surrounding housing, shelter, transportation, education, energy, ecological destruction, and poverty.

Throughout the course of his life Fuller held 28 patents, authored 28 books, received 47 honorary degrees. And while his most well known artifact, the geodesic dome, has been produced over 300,000 times worldwide ..

Fuller's true impact on the world today can be found in his continued influence upon generations of designers, architects, scientists and artists working to create a more sustainable planet.  Sys-Images Admin Bkfill Default Image Group 2010 10 5 1286301058131 Norman-Foster-Dymaxion-006

In 1933, Buckminster Fuller designed the Dymaxion car, a concept vehicle that could hold 11 passengers and had a fuel efficiency of 30+ miles per gallon. Three prototypes were built, but the only survivor is in the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada. Recently though, renowned UK architect Norman Foster, one of Fuller's colleagues late in his life, commissioned construction of his own Dymaxion car. Right now, it's on exhibition at the Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth exhibition in Madrin, Spain. From The Guardian:

  • I watched Foster's Dymaxion No 4 being made in East Sussex, at racing car restorers Crosthwaite & Gardiner. Foster was introduced to this haven of automotive engineering by David Nelson, one of his partners and the co-designer of the elegant McLaren Technology Centre in Woking. It was a marriage made in heaven. "As a child," says Foster, ""I lived in a fantasy world inhabited by these cars and their legendary drivers: Bernd Rosemeyer in the rear-engined Auto Union and Rudolf Caracciola in the Mercedes-Benz, racing at Nurburgring, Tripoli and Monaco."
  • The C&G team had many questions. Restorer Phil King went off to Reno to take 2,000 photographs of No 2, which was in a sorry state. Eventually, with the promise that Foster would create a new interior for the car, No 2 was shipped to Sussex. Meanwhile, Foster's team worked through the Buckminster Fuller Archive at Stanford University, while King and co improvised when clues were unforthcoming. The Dymaxion, says King, "was unlike anything I'd seen before: you almost have to forget everything you've learnt about car engineering to understand how it works."
  • Why? Well, as with the originals, No 4's shell comprises an ash frame sheathed in hand-beaten aluminium. This sits on the chassis of an old 1934 Ford Tudor Sedan, but front to back, so the back wheels of the Ford form the front wheels of the Dymaxion. Much of the detailing echoes Zeppelin design, while its V8 Ford engine is a mounted at the rear, under a long tailfin designed to both cool the engine and increase stability. It is steered by the single rear wheel, which acts like a boat's rudder.



To equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with the necessary information and public support to carry out their duties in accordance with their Oaths of Office.

The Sheriff ~ Author/speaker and former sheriff Richard Mack has served in a wide variety of roles over the course of his nearly twenty year career in law enforcement, which began in Provo, Utah

... And here we thought everybody already knew that the government asking you to report your neighbors for differing political views was a bad idea. No, turns out this Nazi sheriff in Florida just got the House and Senate budget leaders to award him ONE MILLION DOLLARS to be used for that very purpose. Did we learn nothing from Hitler?

... Given the City of Seattle’s involvement in the secret pilot program TrapWire, a surveilance camera program that ran citizens faces through facial recognition software unknowingly, Seattle residents are hesitant to trust the program or the Seattle Police who were recently under federal investigation for their routine and widespread use of excessive force .. Even with some hesitant citizens, the Seattle police are asking local residents to report any and every crime to help build up the department’s crime prediction database .. “With the community’s help, we can prevent some crimes before they take place by being in the right place at the right time,” said Deputy Chief Metz .. Seattle also received a $5 million federal grant last year which went towards 30 Department of Homeland Security-funded surveillance cameras on Seattle’s waterfront area. Despite the claim that the cameras were for the coast line to protect the Port of Seattle from terrorism, the cameras were caught pointing inward, watching Seattle residents by “accident” ~~

Mack began his career with the Provo Police Department as a parking enforcement cadet while attending BYU. A couple of years later he became a full-time officer and was soon promoted to Corporal, Sergeant, and Detective. His most traumatic experience there was a one-year assignment as an undercover narcotics agent. After nearly 11 years at Provo PD, Mack decided to return to his childhood turf in Arizona and run for Graham County Sheriff. His campaign took off and he was elected in 1988.

He was sheriff for two terms until 1997. He was named Elected Official of the Year by the Arizona-New Mexico Coalition of Counties in 1994, received the NRA Law Officer of the Year, inducted into the NRA Hall of Fame, 1995 Cicero Award, Samuel Adams Leadership Award from the Local Sovereignty Coalition, and Gun Owners of America Defender of the Second Amendment Award.

During his tenure, federal officers informed the sheriffs of the state that they would be required to enforce the so-called “Brady Bill” and run background checks at their expense under the law. In 1994, Mack and six other sheriffs from across the country, challenged the constitutionality of the Brady Billand ultimately, fought it all the way to the United States Supreme Court, where they won a monumental decision for freedom.
Three years later, in a landmark 5-4 split decision based on the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Mack won his case.

A graduate of the FBI National Academy, some of Mack’s positions include: patrol officer, undercover narcotics officer, hostage negotiator, youth officer, school resource officer, communications supervisor, corporal, front desk sergeant, detective, sheriff, Search and Rescue supervisor, jail administrator, and DARE instructor.

Mack has been a consultant on numerous cases regarding police abuse, brutality, and other misconduct by public officials. He has joined with other members of the law enforcement community to speak out in favor of drug policy reform.

A graduate of Brigham Young University, Mack lives with his wife in Fredericksburg, Texas.

During the past two years Sheriff Mack has been a speaker at more than 70 different Tea Party rallies all across the country, ranging all the way from Honolulu to Bangor, Maine. Mack has supported this noble movement, because it is both effective and peaceful.

Please see the ‘Speaking Engagements’ page for a list of many of the Tea Party and other events that Sheriff Mack has spoken at in recent years.

Contact info


Phone: 480-840-9091
Mailing address:
PO Box 567
Higley, AZ 85236


Seattle Police Deploy Crime Prediction Software City-Wide: herein~lies~the~rub~people ~ SOFTWARE DOES NOT TRUMP THE UNITED STATES NOR WASHINGTON STATE CONSTITUTIONS

Justice Barbara Madsen

Chief Justice

Barbara Rupnick Madsen

WA STATE Supreme Court ~long-standing support ~access to justice  After initial testing in two precincts, The Seattle Police Department and Mayor Mike McGinn announced last week that they will now deploy their “Predictive Policing” software to all five precincts.

WSBA Number: 7747
Admit Date: 11/10/1977
Member Status: Judicial
Public/Mailing Address: Washington State Supreme Ct PO Box 40929
Olympia, WA  98504-0929
United States
Phone: (360)357-2037

Seattle Police Deploy Crime Prediction Software City-Wide

  The federally-funded cloud-based crime prediction software known as PREDPOL, uses mathematical algorithms similar to ones used in earthquake prediction to predict when and where a future crime is most likely to take place down to a 500-square foot area. The program combines five years’ worth of past crime data with sociological information about criminal behavior. 

“We’ve had anecdotal successes with the pilot project in East and Southwest Precincts, so we’re expanding Predictive Policing citywide,” said Mayor McGinn .. “We’re asking the community to get involved by reporting even minor property crimes so we can improve our data set and predict where crime is likely to occur .. This is a tool that can help us prevent some crimes before they happen, so it’s very important that community members get involved" .. Despite the assurance that the program doesn’t target individuals, civil liberties advocates have already questioned the software and the possible dangers to privacy and constitutional rights down the road. Some worry the Police may target citizens who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, simply based off of what a computer tells them .. Given the City of Seattle’s involvement in the secret pilot program TrapWire, a surveilance camera program that ran citizens faces through facial recognition software unknowingly, Seattle residents are hesitant to trust the program or the Seattle Police who were recently under federal investigation for their routine and widespread use of excessive force .. Even with some hesitant citizens, the Seattle police are asking local residents to report any and every crime to help build up the department’s crime prediction database .. “With the community’s help, we can prevent some crimes before they take place by being in the right place at the right time,” said Deputy Chief Metz .. Seattle also received a $5 million federal grant last year which went towards 30 Department of Homeland Security-funded surveillance cameras on Seattle’s waterfront area. Despite the claim that the cameras were for the coast line to protect the Port of Seattle from terrorism, the cameras were caught pointing inward, watching Seattle residents by “accident” ~~ Washington Residents Force Seattle To Scrap Police Drones ~ Glimmer of Hope: Washington Residents Force Seattle To Scrap Police Drones ! February 10, 2013 By 21wire, Seattle joined by Charlottesville, Va. in rejecting federal and DHS local drone roll-out, Pat_LBPatrick Henningsen, 21st Century Wire ~~



Robert M. McKenna

WSBA Number: 18327
Admit Date: 11/09/1988
Member Status: Active
Public/Mailing Address:
6021 118th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA  98006-6319
United States
Phone: (425)  260-6337
Dear Former Attorney General Robert M. McKenna, and Governor of Washington State Candidate, 2012 ... see UPDATE PDF, to follow ....

>>go~to~link>>mathematical algorithms destroying global economy TOO ~~ie global financial system and it is ... due to .. NO DUE PROCESS LAW