Wednesday, May 29, 2013


england ... Murdoch’s Newscorp owns many influential media outlets in UK, USA, Australia and other countries in the world .. no prime minister in England can be elected without his newspapers and media outlets’s blessings, that might also be true for any U.S president .. Fox news station in is one of the most followed news stations in America and its is known to support Zionist agendas and in growing islamophobia sentiment across the U.S. >>click>>


” … It’s all ultimately supposed to be for the Cold War cause, but Loftus raises more sinister motives. These include a frenetic effort by powerful US industrialists and bankers to hide their own business ties with the Nazis. They would do this, Loftus asserts, by getting the government to create a super-secret de facto policy of covering up dealings with the Nazis . … “  By Russ Baker, AlterNet | February 9, 2011 ~ America’s Nazi Secret is not what you’d call extremely reader-friendly material. Sometimes it feels like a chore to read it. But wow—does it ever provide powerful insight into the “deep politics” of US policy.


Russia >>click>>
Chertoff KGB Homeland Security

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