Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Century Financial, Bank of America - Merrill Lynch, BofA's JUSTICES' Management Portfolios!? ~New World Global Order of Financial Innovative Products for Consumers

If it's a regulated business, where then are the regulators?  

One of them's the same cabal which sets the rates: the Federal Reserve.

The Fed has jurisdiction over all bank holding companies, including Citigroup, Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

Each owns a subprime lender.  Bank of America, among other things, underwrites the predatory loans. 

But the Fed, at least under Greenspan, has had its eye on bigger, more ideological quarry.

And so there are, of course, non-federal opponents.

Consumer watchdogs and community-based groups, and, seemingly in a different sphere, class action lawyers. State attorneys general also play a role: just prior to HSBC's bear hug, Household International settled with states for half a billion dollars.  Citigroup, given the political juice it enjoys, paid half that amount, to six times the victims.  These settlements, in the language of Wall Street, are a cost of doing business.  At most, Citigroup pays back sixty cents on each dollar it stole.

In exchange it gets a waiver: the people accepting the settlement checks cannot sue Citi again.

Coyote Howlin ~ The court system and the judges, justices, all the LEGAL TRIBE are invested in a system of fraud. 

Fraud does not grow the reality of truth and justice.

The first collapse in the system of fraudulent 'money' was New Century Mortgage, the Goldman Sachs fraudulent global RICO operation fulfilled its' goal(s), betting on the collapse of America because the BANKING OWNERS' INTERNATIONAL, need the United States' verve from the tap root to the top of the tallest growing natural abundance in earth.

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