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2014-2016-2025 - 2050: U$$$ CRA$H U$$; NUCLEAR Poisoning; WELCOME 'Higher Intelligence'

Denis MacShane
Mars, as viewed from Earth, December 2007 - Click for larger image ( Planet Mars (A.K.A. Barsoom), Comes "The Face on Mars"...  Is it John Carter... or John Lennon?

"... Not So Happy Christmas For Israeli Stooge Denis MacShane, Gilad Atzmon", continued below ...
Have you noticed an intense red star rising in the east on recent evenings?  That is no star.  That is Mars.  The red planet is having a close encounter with Earth this week.  At closest approach on Tuesday evening, Dec. 18th, 2007 the two worlds will lie only 55 million miles apart.  Mars will not be this near the Earth again until the year 2016.  This information comes to us courtesy of Space WeatherAre you ready for the view? Train your best optics on the bright red "star" rising in the east after sunset: sky map.
Mars, as viewed from Earth, November 18, 2007 - Credit to JL Dauvergne / Francois Colas, Pic du Midi, France - Click for larger image ( to Astronomy Picture of the Day, very good telescopic views of Mars can be expected in the coming days as the Red Planet nears opposition on December 24th. Of course, opposition means opposite the Sun in planet Earth's sky - an arrangement that occurs every 26 months for Mars.  Taking advantage of the shorter travel distance near opposition, NASA launched the Phoenix lander to Mars in August, 2007.  It is scheduled to arrive in May 2008.
It has been over 31 years since Mars last intruded on the mass consciousness of Planet Earth.  For those of us who were present in body at that time, we received a press release from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on July 31, 1976.Face on Mars image from Viking 1 spacecraft, 1976 -  Click for larger image (
In part, it said: “This picture is one of many taken in the northern latitudes of Mars by the Viking 1 Orbiter in search of a landing site for Viking 2.  The picture shows eroded mesa-like landforms.  The huge rock formation in the center, which resembles a human head, is formed by shadows giving the illusion of eyes, nose and mouth.”
The Formation, later called the "Face on Mars” (FOM) appeared frequently on the covers of supermarket tabloids for several years thereafter.  More recently, in 2001 and 2003, very high resolution photos of the FOM revealed that it was “a naturally eroded mesa”, or so we were told. 
Face on Mars, Looking at you. Is it a sign of intelligent life on the Planet Barsoom? Is it the face of John Carter? - Click for larger image ( again, “science” had “disproved” evidence of intelligent life in the cosmos.  “Thank God”, said many who believe that there is higher intelligence in the universe, but are too afraid to believe that they, themselves, may be witness to such intelligence or its construction activities.
If I remember correctly, one cannot “prove a negative”, yet astronomers and scientists all over the world take great pride in telling us that the high resolution photos of the FOM “prove” that it is a “natural phenomenon”, caused by uplifting and erosion.  Many of our scientists offer us a negative proof by saying "a supernatural force does not exist, because there is no proof that it does exist".
If you see a wider smile on the FOM in the future, it is simply divine High-resolution image of Face on Mars, 2003 - Is it John Carter, still searching for the Princess of Helium? - Click for larger image ( laughing, as it allows earth’s scientists to feel secure in not having discovered that which they endlessly seek – evidence that intelligent life exists beyond the confines of Planet Earth.  As the Veil thins, perhaps we shall see that extraterrestrial intelligence not only exists, but that it also has a sense of humor. 
March 2012, Author's note: Since release of the Disney Movie, "John Carter", A.K.A. "A Princess of Mars", there is a renewed interest in helium. In the movie, there is a city named "Helium" on the planet "Barsoom", A.K.A. Planet Mars. When Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote the story a century ago, no one knew if there was intelligent life on Mars, let alone an atmosphere that included helium. Although we now know a lot more about Mars, we have learned little about proper use and conservation of our helium reserves here on Earth.

Report by Gilad Atzmon  ~Shameless former Labour MP Denis MacShane, who infamously operated for more than a decade as the kosher police within the British parliament was thrown into jail today.

MacShane has been put behind bars for six months for expenses fraud after admitting to submitting 19 fake receipts amounting to £12,900.

Mr Justice Sweeney said at court today that MacShane had "deliberately created misleading and deceptive invoices" with the "considerable" dishonesty involved.

MacShane, 65, was a Labour MP for 18 years. Along that time he has managed to chair the inquiry panel of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Anti-Semitism.  In March 2009, he became chairman of a think-tank on anti-Semitism at the European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism.

MacShane went out of his way, chasing the enemies of Israel as well as Jewish power. The Zionist Jewish Chronicle (JC) titled the fraudulent MP an ‘Anti-hate campaigner’, attempting to conceal the fact that it was only anti Jewish hatred that the crook was interested in.

However the JC also revealed that  MacShane “used the money to fund trips to Europe connected with his work on antisemitism.”  So I guess that at least from a ‘Judaic perspective’ MacShane’s perjury was Kosher.  Maybe the moral for Jewish community leaders is plain and simple – in the future they better fund their Sabboth Goyim generously rather than expect their stooges to steal  taxpayers’ money.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, Jewish power and the Sabboth Goy- available on  &  Article originally appeared on Gilad Atzmon (   See website for complete article licensing information. 

U$$ CRA$H U$ $ 2014 ?! << 

#6 Retirement Accounts

According to Wells Fargo, the number of Americans taking loans from their 401(k) accounts has risen by 28 percent over the past year...
Through an analysis of participants enrolled in Wells Fargo-administered defined contribution plans, the bank announced today that in the fourth quarter of 2012, there was a 28 percent increase in the number of people taking loans out from their 401(k) and that the average new loan balances increased to $7,126 from those taken out in the fourth quarter of 2011 - a 7% increase from $6,662.
Of the participants who took out loans, the greatest percentage were to people in their 50s (34.2%), followed by those in their 60s (28.9%) and then by those in their 40s (27.3%). The increase among participants in their 50s was nearly double the increase among those under 30. This is based on an analysis of a subset of 1.9 million eligible participants in retirement plans that Wells Fargo administers.
“The increased loan activity particularly among older participants is concerning because those are the years when workers can start to make ‘catch-up’ contributions and really need to focus on preparing for retirement,” said Laurie Nordquist, director of Wells Fargo Retirement.
[sidebar:  2008, the/a COLLAPSE happened and the PLANET OF MARS was CLOSE TO EARTH.  Coincidence?  2016, MARS visits EARTH, again.  We see the CHOSEN FRAUD finally be in the complete transparency of the world and ITS' not very kind to those that have decided to separate from our own species.  What does REALITY Cosmic Enema Wake-Up feel-look-is?  NOT exactly the same ole subterranean rules' ruling as rulers.  "Israeli" 'CHOSEN' can do better than choosing to be sub-human water-bubbles of insects completely unconscious and totally not intelligent in the higher sense of how the truth is.   STATE OF OREGON DOES NOT HONOR DUE PROCESS LAW.  Can IT be, WELLS FARGO manages, now that BANK OF AMERICA has been completely EXPOSED, the 'PERS' Accounts for retirees, and that includes JUDGES in the Circuit Court(s) such as but, not limited to CHRISTOPHER MARSHALL, ET AL?  Tough questions coming in depositions 2014, too!?]
'Rufino Tamayo, Galaxy'
"... One important factor in that will be the ongoing nuclear apocalypse at Fukushima, Japan and the entire nuclear technology apparatus globally -- from nuclear power plants, to nuclear weapons, uranium mine tailings and nuclear waste. There are literally thousands of various sorts of nuclear sites all across this world, in  many different countries -- France, the USSA, Russia, China, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Japan, Mexico, Iran and many more. Notice how Michael St. Clair points out the powerful influence of Uranus and Pluto in the coming years and next few decades, including in relationship to Mars, the traditional god and planet of war. Of course, the nuclear technology we have developed relies heavily on highly refined and purified plutonium and uranium. There is the obvious connection at a deep, archetypal level between the planet, Pluto, and plutonium, and the planet, Uranus, and uranium. Over the last 70 years, all of this has become tightly bound up with and intertwined with our military technology and commercial, energy production. These are global policy issues that involve the bulk of humanity at a planetary level. What has happened at Chernobyl, Ukraine and Fukushima, Japan with the explosion and melt-down of nuclear power reactors epitomizes our conundrum. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan by the USSA military in August 1945 set the whole process in motion. Since then there have been over 2,000 test explosions by many military forces of a wide variety of nuclear and atomic weapons that have liberally saturated the whole planet with poisonous radioactive, fall out.The widespread, battlefield use of depleted uranium munitions by the USSA and the NATO military forces in recent decades is also part of the nuclear demon we confront. Right now, we are additionally faced with the prospect of potential nuclear war on several fronts, possibly involving any two or more, or all, of the following countries in a complex, violent apocalypse with unforeseen consequences -- China, Japan, Russia, France, the UK, Australia, the USSA, Israel, Iran, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, South Korea, etc. 

Over the next few years and decades we will come face to face with the powerfully purified and highly refined essence of  uranium (Uranus) and plutonium (Pluto). In fact, we will have our collective noses rubbed in the radioactive, nuclear mess we have refused to deal with. In truth that has already begun and is now massively underway. It started in 1945 and never stopped. It will get worse and worse until either we decisively deal with it or it decisively puts an end to all of us and the rest of the planet.  That is perhaps the defining dynamic of the century from 1945 to 2045.  >>

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  1. Mars got close to Earth in 2008, at the time that happened THE REAL CRA$H did too, the CRA$H began when the FRAUD of GOLDMAN SACHS, WALL STREET, Federal Reserve System 'FED - Fed' was exposed for DIGITS used to own world earth. Mars is the planet which, when in positions in ARTISTS' 'chart/s', there are Van Gogh geniuses and other born with Mars are such as, STARS brilliantly shining our human attachment to the COSMOS. Get ready for the predatory of earth to meet a far superior power that isn't amused in the degradation of the universe.