Friday, December 20, 2013

Egyptian King Obama & White Holyrood House, NSA & Co: Double, Double Toil & Trouble Fire Burn, & Cauldron Bubble. For A Charm Of Powerful Trouble, Like A Hell-Broth Boil & Bubble. (Macbeth, Act IV, Scene I)

... She had, however, forbidden the old unhygienic practice of the priest’s spitting down the baby’s throat … 


A few years ago, people on the Hill were revered, Berger said. Now they’re mocked. 

US author praises academic boycott of Israel 

Bracing For An Eventual Day Of Reckoning
Stephen Lendman 12-19-13, >

[sidebar:  "Metzitzah b'peh" needs to be forbidden, and Naomi Buchwald USDC Judge in NYNY did ORDER the old mutilation practice STOPPED, and the Rabbis went underground.

Richard Meeker OWNER-PUBLISHER WILLAMETTE WEEK 'LIBERAL' NEWS, PORTLAND, OREGON & his wife Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum & the NEIL GOLDSCHMIDT PAEDOPHILE REALITY plus the REALITY OF WILL & PAMELA GASTON and where is the REAL NEWS from the so many in the State of Oregon, "Jews"

DON'T BEGIN TO LABEL ME 'ANTI-SEMITIC'.  That bullshit programming is bullshit.  Neil Goldschmit, I met him more-or-less, vis-a-vis one time.  He was despicable and I knew instantly he was a deviant predator.  I was about 25 at the time, upper grad classes at PSU, looked about 12 to 15.  Current Governor Kitzhaber refuses to remove his photo from the State Capitol, but what's to expect from one who has been a three term Gov and look at the State of the State in the affairs of corruption.

How convenient for the faction of humans that decided to be chosen as more better than the species of the same, Homo Sapiens.  IT really hasn't worked out well for the poor losing IT all now, due to insatiable greed always reaching critical mass.

Doesn't this sort of, maybe, a little, begin to get the people wondering about how sick is this - to actually cause mutilation of our own species.  So many dis-eases and then there are so many doctors to fix the sick.

The LIEYERS -ah/hem- *PEOPLE GET REAL HERE*!  Do I need to use the Old Amsterdam Dutch word for sowing seed as an indiscriminate waste into a land of waste!  WTF!!

When did law belong to a certain APARTHEID?

Apartheid is exactly what IT means:  EXPLOITATION via the obvious in Portland, Oregon.

CALL IT WHAT IT IS:  PORK-LAND.  And come on in the bacon is cooked snap-crackle-pop.

Witches and fears and cauldrons and same ole ruling classes crazy as hell.  APARTHEID:  also defined, the language or the 'hood' has been SPLIT.


Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, The Past Got U$ Into The Same Mess As Macbeth!  NO MORE HOLYROOD!

At least Shakespeare was a creative genius.  He was well-educated enough to provide the greatest ACTS to understand our historical thread of past-present and the future keeps boiling the same old cauldron of superstitions and criminally insane practices.  Can we really evolve into an enlightened being?

I've an IDEA that takes all the LIEYERS that did not and do NOT get money sovereignty.  We put 'em in the buildings constructed for the police state that was to make 'em world government agents of robo-stupid.  AND, and until the ACTS of Shakespeare are known well enough to be fully enlightened as to what EXPLOITATION-APARTHEID-AGENDA-21-GREEN really is!?

NO-EXIT as Sarte said.  KNOW THE SAME ENERGY/IES frequencies of NON-LIEYERS, and rise as a genuine star in the truth about life?

A Stain on humanity, who said that?  Who is doing IT!

As far as I'm concerned, when the 'Jewry Practice' of Metzitzah b'peh can be done, and covered up and taken underground to continue this vile mutilation of innocence, then there is serious concern to take these human beings and relieve them of any power over 'life'.  How can the trust continue when the obvious is the mutilation isn't good for society.]

... to be continued ....

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  1. So Gay has been around a long time and Shakespeare was an Agent, how shocking! ART was allowed as ACTS for the most royal-rich, and the peasants? Listening the people ordinary learned what was always going on behind the curtains in the witches spells.