Sunday, December 22, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Federal Reserve 100+Years of FRAUD

"Time for Change!"  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U$A ?

The Rothschilds are the planet’s wealthiest clan, worth an estimated $100 trillion.  They control Royal Dutch/Shell, BP, Anglo-American, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Bank of America and scores of other globalcorporations and banks .. They are the largest shareholders in the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve and most every private central bank in the world .. needed a footprint in the Middle East to protect their new oil concessions, which they procured through Four Horsemen fronts like the Iranian Consortium, Iraqi Petroleum Company and Saudi ARAMCO ..

'HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD/S' is not the most chosen of the 'human species' in measurement of higher than the wild beasts.  Only freaks in nature disturb balance as an intentional unintentional due to:  being an unnatural 'freak' in nature.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!  All we have to do is celebrate the truth, whole truth and not anything other than THE truth:  digitally reproduce, just like the Fed, our own 'CURRENCY'<<

Hired By The Fed !

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