Sunday, December 29, 2013

SOFT POWER vs. George W. Bush "Jr" HARD Monster Hybrids Making Monster Hybrids' POWER

George W. Bush @ Nelson Mandela Funeral
[sidebar:  PHOTOS APPEAR TO NOT 'EXACTLY' APPEAR AS once:  SOFT or HARD 'POWER' U$$ta$I$raeliGlobalGov?]

Nelson Mandela, was he about Soft or Hard Power?

The U$$ta$i Gov Global couldn't make a complete puppet out of Nelson Mandela.

Cuba and the Revolutionaries made sure that Africa and Mandela were involved in hard power vs. hard power, 'power brokering' -- the grand chessboard, earth.

NOW China has begun the outreach into the stars.  This is perfect for the Great DRAGON to do.

Does Mr. Bush look like he is a satisfied 'man', a 'realized human being', in the earth journey?

Did he know at the Funeral of Mandela, that China had launched the supreme SOFT POWER and has completely left the U$$ta$i Gov Global in ITS' HARD POWER 'reality/realities' yet to begun to be addressed.  Darn a NUKE would really do the job right now.  Or perhaps a WEATHER WEAPON, that which can cause so much money to be made via the HARD POWER addicts of subterranean sub-human MONSTER HYBRIDS making more of worse.

HAD A HARD ON FOR IRAQ.  Had Dad's Hard On for as many global wars as could be going on so mother and father could at long last be proud?

When messing with nature, IT is best to pay attention to the results.  For example, Metzitzah b'peh has produced results or the practice would have been discontinued thousands of years ago.

Rabbis find the practice most holy?

Evidently Pompei raized the Mount and one of the specifics was the mutilation of their 'own' in both the male and the female.  The self-proclaimed Tribe of Moses.  'Hebes'.  HOLLY WOOD is the place where the movies get made to keep IT as the Hybrid Monsters necessary to remain lower thinking blubbering piles of protoplasm.

Polish Bantam Roosters, were not really from Poland?  Look that question up, it may be rhetorical the choice is a practice individually-freely.

George W. Bush, "Jr." POTUS#43, was a small time dictator dictated to the American public via the Supreme Court that happens to be SCOTUS / Scotus.  RETIREMENT PORTFOLIOS were to be protected at all costs and this was and is called Gov Global U$$ta$i.  In other words, the American so called government was hijacked a long time ago and what we have and have had, are MUTANTS, after a fashion.  MONSTERS, indeed.  HYBRIDS that appear unable to be stopped and indeed unable to stop.  Criminal insanity has become a product / commodity to trade and exchange in the "PUBLIC EMPLOYEES' RETIREMENT SYSTEM/S'" pirate booty in reality.

Silver Lace
We could have kept the idea of enlightenment and then we'd be doing the MOON retirement portfolios for the future.  WARS got the HARD ON, though, all those 'boys' that slept in coffins to be Scales and Brine Hybrids of Skull & Bones, AND HOLLY WOOD sorcerers' to make more of the Metzitzah b'peh APARTHEID to then keep the same old split hood brain dead, going on Genocidal Tyranny and calling IT 'liberal'.
Hybrid Looks Real Beautiful, BUT

We thought we voted for a United States President.  We got what the GEORGE SOROS' OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE sold globally as though good for societies.  IT isn't good for societies, HYBRID/s.


Polish Bantams have to have a lot of space, they can't really get along, and the birds peck each other something awful.  They'll get very confused about SEX and chase ducks down, and should the poor duck be a baby, well death is just one of those HARD POWER groin grunts.

Like the DRONES in Palestine are an erection, I mean EJECTION of the HARD POWER of the impotent in the real spirit.

Polish Bantams are known to jump corn cobs and then carry the cob around to periodically hump the dried up nasty decomposed form.  HARD POWER knows no boundaries.

SOFT POWER is a 'Yin Energy' and quite due to be in the rule of law coloring the balance - but, not dressed up as a 'Girly Man' POTUS#44, chosen via the chosen that aren't exactly into the SOFT POWER of know thyself and be true to this reality.

First clue?  Physics is about defining what we are born into earth plane as, the 'sexual identity' is about EMOTIONAL Quotient and that is a partner with INTELLECTUAL QUOTIENT.

EQ marries IQ and stop the thinking it's about messing into the gnomes with hybrid artificiality to control the ENDOCRINE.

Larry Summers, Timothy F. Geithner

 GENERATIONS of the Metzitzah b'peh has caused the criminally insane to convince first their own 'tribe' that this mutilation is an ok 'religious' rite.  FIRST AMENDMENT PROTECTION.

Depends on Century Twenty-one.  China is at the MOON.

Surely we can via science and economics, MORE THAN PROVE, there is a serious problem in the brains of the so-self-proclaimed 'chosen'.  HYBRIDS may not be the best choice to pick as the picks of the choices in billions.  MRIs prove circumcision (IE male and/ or female mutilation) SPLITS THE 'HOOD-HEAD', and that-this IS indeed an Apartheid.

How can these 'men' choose to be higher intelligence?  The bond with humanity has literally been blood ritually sacrificed to the 'CAUSE'.  And, the 'CAUSE'?  HOLY MEN only get to know and these 'PAEDOPHILIA CULTISTS' for the majority:  IT isn't about SOFT POWER, and that's the serious criminally insane choice in C21.

NO more of the Old Testament HARD POWER now with every imaginable weapon to destroy all that caused the serious Metzitzah b'peh?  Seems there is a connection.

DRESSING IN ROBES and using symbolic tools to HARD POWER the human being, just does not make a lot of sense since Holly Wood has been outed to be the CIA-NSA-DHS-ET-AL.

Didn't get to vote on this new world order, but the time is arriving.

Perhaps FEW to NO pictures?  There is always a cure to the dis-eased .. to be continued ...

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  1. HARD POWER got U$ into GLOBAL WARS OF TERROR to never end in our lifetimes and now, not but how many TRILLION$ OF LO$$E$? And SOFT POWER leads the Century Twenty-One via CHINA MOON, Stars and Billions of Lights to Shine in the real New World Order