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Snowden Presented His Christmas Message [RAGE RAGE AGAINST THE DYING OF THE WORD-BLOODY TRUTH?!]

Remedios Varo
1908 - 1963
"Celestial Pablum"
For many years in Britain, the Queen’s Christmas Day message has been broadcast on TV and watched by millions across the world. This year, the monarch discussed the birth of a new royal, the 60thanniversary of her being on the throne and took time to reflect on next year’s Commonwealth Games in Scotland. While her anodyne annual Christmas message is eagerly watched by many Brits and is regarded as part and parcel of modern-day Christmas ‘tradition’, there are others who purposively avoid such pap.

Since 1993, Channel 4 in Britain has broadcast an ‘alternative’ Christmas message, sometimes humorous, at other times serious. Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was given the opportunity to convey his message in 2008. This year, it was the turn of former National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

While a fossilized remnant of Empire delivered her message by a Christmas tree in Buckingham Palace’s Blue Drawing Room, Snowden’s setting was sober and devoid of the trappings of privilege or connotations of a violent colonial past. His message concerned the US and British governments’ mass surveillance and the erosion of personal privacy. He stated that a child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all, and they will never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves – an unrecorded, unanalyzed thought. This is because, according to Snowden, a system of worldwide mass surveillance has been created.

In the absence of genuine democracy, we have food safety/regulation authorities being hijacked by corporate interests. We have armaments companies using politicians as their sales lackeys. We have police and intelligence agencies infiltrating and harassing legitimate groups that have every right to protest. And we have a wide range of powerful players that buy political influence, manipulate markets, impose ‘austerity’ and salt away their stolen wealth in tax havens.

The reality is that ‘public servants’ fool us into thinking they serve us, while all the time bowing down to elite interests. We are told that the ‘fourth estate’ mainstream media, the self-proclaimed protector of democracy, is credible even though it largely serves a corporate agenda. A media that too often has little to say about exposing the privacy surrounding the back room stitch ups which take place in banks, boardrooms and the corridors of power – because it involves ‘sensitive’ information; but a media that is readily on hand to support policies that result in the curtailment of the privacy and freedoms of ordinary folk – because its for our own good.

If Edward Snowden and Julian Assange have shown us anything, it is that the official line can never and should never be taken at face value. It is for that reason that Assange remains incarcerated in the Ecuadorian embassy in London and Snowden remains exiled in Moscow.

"Politicial Pablum" American Digest

[sidebar:  Weather turned into the new order for genocide.  Weather Genocide Wars with the wars that include, but are not limited to:  drugs, weapons, idiot, heterosexual, and whatever can be turned into an apartheid --- where the owners of the homicidal maniacal ideologies (mass murdering our own species), went into TKO mode --- 

waking-up the masses?

No chemicals in the five elements take care of the lullaby into never-never land of realizing when it is definitely too late?

The so-called 'ELITE' (EG Mass Murdering Genocidal Homicidal Criminally Insane), aren't benevolent and never have been.  Princess Diana was a supreme hit in the 1990s.  She was relentlessly stalked and PRIVACY?  She is very dead due to the spy network then, too.

That Snowden can be thankful for.  No Technical Knock Out (TKO), for him.

When weather is used to kill lots of life (HUMAN) -- most life regenerates - or maybe this is true -- and then the insurance companies make bank, well a whole new 'TRUTH?' has come into the PRIVACY-SECRECY TKO on we people in the masses.

THE PYRAMID "ELITE":  Top of this structure are the owners of the way humans are in a design structure of being fed Celestial Pablum, and of course we know the REALITY is we're being mass murdered - those that aren't the top of the pyramid ownership, the ELITE?

The 'Elite' (IE Homicidal Global Genocidal Mass Murdering Criminally Insane Apartheid TKO Paedophilia Metzitzah b'peh Cultists / HGGMMCIA-TKO-PMBPC never stop thinking of how to kill humans and charge the species for the experimentation-entertainment and of course the outcome/s.  Tearing down to build anew.

How clever to move on to weather.  An earthquake shall do, nukes are past tense and so what Iran, you can't get a lead or leg up on the weather.  China didn't get caught with ITS' proverbial pants down this time, whew for earthlings?  Depends upon the so-self-proclaimed 'global elite' and that structure is definitely not what IT was.

Twenty-first Century for how many pauses between our coma induced breaths?

America-Africa-Britain-Israel-SaudiArabia-Spain-Sweden-Swiss-Netherlands-India-Turkey-Pakistan-Et-Al-China-Iran-Russia-Africa-Brasil-India-Spain-Thailand-VietNam-Et-Al & nuclear States ALL, Korea-Japan-Cuba?? Non-Nuclear Latin and South America, ET AL, THE 'ELITE' are,

in total how many?


Weather genocide is new-old-AND every 'body' needs to know this news being well kept under the weather, 'secret' via the 'elite'.]

.. to be continued ...

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  1. There is a thought about reaching critical mass, in the 'thinking stuff'. The thinking stuff is what all humans are actually included in, the unseen truth about the seen reality/ies -not always necessarily the truth/s- we make matter from the non-matter. How does this happen? Good question not yet answered or we would not be in the current global imbalanced 'life'. Could be the critical mass turning point, the truth is going to be in the reality happening from whatever is decided to be done in, an artificial small minority of the worst possible sickest of the species Homo sapiens.