Monday, December 30, 2013

UKRAINE, International Monetary Fund & TRUTH-IN-JUSTICE Prevails?!

The UN Says the Ukrainian People Must Decide their Fate, NATO wants something else 

[sidebar:  Victoria Nuland and Queen Victoria.  EYEBROW above the 'RIGHT' eye raised in Chinese face reading is CONTEMPT for the fellow human being. 

[sidebar con't:  Karen Hudes doesn't PLAY any game/s with the dicey devil details.  The CABAL that OWNS America is a criminally insane cult of paedophiles that do whatever to keep the human being that's NOT criminally insane - powerless.

POWERLESSNESS looks like adults allowing children to be experiments for drugs and then the TRANSSEXUAL operations?  IT has taken the point too-TOO far!

GERMANY the 'locals' said they didn't know GAS CHAMBERS were going on, right there in the neighborhoods.  CHILDREN, especially GYPSIES, were gassed and worse.

AMERICAN CHILDREN are being gassed and worse and we watch the MOVIE as though the horror is only a story told via a script writer.

We either get our money sovereignty and grow up, or continue in the most degraded death spiral into a vacuum where some experience a deathless death forever.

CALL-WRITE-JOIN KAREN HUDES and all We The Waking Americans IN healing the vile evil sickness wrought via the International Monetary Fund, Bank of International Settlements, Federal Reserve System & ALL ITS' 'Monster Genocidal Tyrant Puppets' with the Homicidal Maniacal Masters ~ Criminally Insane ~ PERS & Goldman Sachs, Et Al!]

.. to be continued ...

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  1. How sick is America? SCHOOL CHILDREN, GRADE SCHOOL CHILDREN ARE BEING 'ACCLIMATED' !? PLEASE!! Children in grade school are being made into transgender transsexual/s. This is criminally insane and then? Schools are acclimating the children to the Transsexual children. NAZI GERMANY? Oh Yes Indeed, 'MOD' UPGRADED TO FULL DEGRADATION.