Friday, December 20, 2013

Vladimir PUTIN & Ronald Reagan & 'Body Language' (see Putin's fists), AND Netanyahu Smiley Faces Too

President Vladimir PUTIN is standing behind the boy who is shaking hands with Reagan, camera and KGB? ready fists?!
'Putin' translates into in French?

One World Government started out in the circle jerk, where Putin was clenching his fists, and then along came the future.

Riding a Pale Horse ??!

Is the movie funny?

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  1. George W. Bush, "Jr" got away with being at the games in China, he was falling down drunk. Georgia, the border of Russia, was attacking closer into Russia and pretending whatever the tie eating western stooge said as lies.

    Games are very powerful ideologies that turn into real measurements of sanity - insanity, civilized - sub-human.

    Who are all the majority of men who don't practice the necessity of higher intelligence. Can't trust the subterranean that dress into miracles of nature and forget that natural is real true reality. Gotta stop mutilation of one another in the whole of our species, or the obvious is - history isn't promising.