Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gotta Moon & A Billion Stars ... Come On Baby Let's Go Listen To The Night Train

[sidebar:  America was the electronic experiment.  The U$A was and is IT, technology consumers to be whatever the owners of the selling of the commodities of consumerism choose.  IT has gotten out of control, though.  Needs a human being IT to prove how IT may or may not be exactly higher consciousness.]


  1. American Cowboys and IT, technology doesn't control the controller of IT, or does IT?

  2. When life was simpler? TRANSGENDER CHILDREN IN THE UNITED STATES? This is indeed a SIN that the U$$ta$Israeli vile evil can never ever be forgiven for this abomination from SOROS'?! Hardly an Agenda OPEN SOCIETY for the humans still understanding what the choice of knowing one's OWN SEX IS THE FIRST REALITY in being in the earth plane. An Agenda 21? Oh What A Sickness We've Inbred.