Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Circumcision aka metzitzah b’peh ~ Federal Reserve System's [Fed] Wall Street's War Chests, Public Employees' Retirement Systems, Et Cetera

A Mohel performs a circumcision ceremony
to an 8-day-old Jewish boy. (Getty Images)
metzitzah b’peh, *drawing blood from baby’s penis the circumciser uses his mouth .. Naomi Reice Buchwald .. USDC Judge

New York BAR #1064252:  NAOMI REICE BUCHWALD, U S DISTRICT JUDGE, US COURT HOUSE, 500 PEARL ST, NEW YORK, NY 10007-1316, (212) 805-0194, Year Admitted in NY:  1968, Law School:  COLUMBIA 

.. Circumcision was adopted by them as a mark of difference from other men. Those who come over to their religion adopt the practice, and have this lesson first instilled into them, to despise all gods, to disown their country, and set at nought parents, children, and brethren . .  Still they provide for the increase of their numbers.

The Federal Reserve System and the majority of the so called United States Federal Government, its' SHADOW FINANCIAL POWER, ET AL are ruler-dictators that practice the 'religion' that practices the degraded practice circumcision and in fact, metzitah b'peh - that has been found unlawful by the Federal Judge noted.

Perhaps this is why the corporations have taken control of the United States and run, for example, the court system.  Into the very ground, CONTAMINATION via MONSANTO proves the "judicial" is not in power when there is no such reality in America:  shut the courts.  But, MONSANTO has achieved the highest success to-date, there are no such realities:  Checks and Balances U.S.A.

What to do?

Examine the portfolios that are managed by and through the brains that suffer from the practice metzitah b'peh.  This can be accomplished via MRIs, and then reexamine the brain chemistry in the so called judicial for the necessary higher intelligence to begin to charge up and recharge the battery of common sense.

There has been a coup in the United States of America and the Moses Tribe can not be trusted, further, to further the many bad ideologies.

Truth #1, the practice that proves the brains have been seriously altered for too many thousands of years now have destroyed the brains in the so called American majority gov.

Coyote Howls for the cosmic reality enema to happen in the brains of the so called higher intellects in the USA.

The sickest of our species cannot be trusted to use Hollywood, the news, and our truth-in-justice system, to sell us the lies and deadly belief in 'leaders' that are criminally insane.

And, no wonder.  How many have a form of bacterial disease running amok in the physical-mental-emotional and certainly there is no spiritual center with a brain in an apartheid.


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