Sunday, April 28, 2013

Federal Reserve Notes & White Money, ET AL, Et Cetera

Coyote Howlin [CHI] ~ I carved stone for more than forty (40) years, only twenty (20) of those 40 was the art form a serious-serious discipline.  Life had a dance that also required daily practice, the reality of a balancing act embracing children and how hostile the reality is, 'society' as a contract NOT in support of children or the family.  Becomes a jungle and a very dangerous awakening and sleeping, every breath and pause between two, that we as humans must take or die, the time is about fifteen (15) minutes.  Meaning the skies saturated with chemicals shortens our lifespan according to our respiratory and that can only be measured by way of science.  The prognosis is not positive.  Birthing children on earth to watch them suffer and die is not an experience of necessity, it is a commodity of trading and exchanging the Federal Reserve, the Fed's and ITS' cabal, FUTURES, so to speak - after THE faction's fractions' fashion.

There's no art form more demanding than carving stone.  Revisiting casting bronze was a double-edged sword, 2001.  Glad I did and sad I didn't act on the gift at that time:  Big Fork, Montana.  Oh well, MT didn't do the great get out of the globalists' gulag, either.

Then the carver finds a formation of stone as this image inserted here, and wonders what was the sculptor of rock thinking, to think nature can be outdone by "humans"!?

MONEY is very not funny, other than the fact it is virtual digital dust and this image is indeed hilarious.

.. to be continued ...

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