Monday, April 29, 2013

Israel's Serious Problems

Reuters / Hamid KhatibBibi Netanyahu cannot imagine a world not engaged in teaching children how to kill, so the future of Israel has validity.  The State of Israel was and is founded on the ideology of killing as many humans chosen for slaughter as can be.  The ultimate objective is to take the mind of the human being and cause an apartheid in the brain.  This has been executed from Palestine to wherever the killing fields can soak human blood for the so called "rich" to feel as though the FRAUD perpetuated on the entire earth in just about every imaginable 'thought' the criminally insane can manufacture in their contaminated brains, can go on.

The "Israeli Tribe" is bullshit.  Sure there are tribes of people since the beginning of time and wandering the earth, too.  But the ideology of CHOSEN was a brand and the most stupid of our species bought that this most ignorant concept was real.

Self Pity and also Aggrandizement.  Desire to be more special can be a serious ego problem, the self may be deranged in the form of 'reflection,' and in need of not projecting.

I have had conversations with top retired educators, New York schools, university status.  Believing in "Beloved Israel."  That is how brainwashed the "Jews" got in this bullshit chosen BS.

Think about the movies we've been fed as though real.  Think about the ongoing terror war since the poly addicted druggies got put into power:  W Jr. and BS (Barry Sotero).

The worst of our species has been caught.  And there is a serious problem with the reality now, United States of America gets to realize the fake ideology of a liberal democracy was nothing more than a cash cow for apartheid Israel.

Apartheid Israel is America's BIFURCATED Government, and very proud Bibi is to tell US exactly where to stick our idea about life in Century Twenty-one [CXXI].

Experiments and False Flags, Terror and Torture, all to hide the fact the American people were sold digital dust virtual reality while their hard labor wealth was taken as though a fair exchange.  And we have had CONGRESSES over the years, in countless numbers that appear not able to understand the real truth about "modern money."  What is Congresses' job, therefore?

Well it looks like a cover-up, from the Supreme Court Justices that certainly know what Louis Brandeis did when he gave the Federal Reserve oppressors, suppressors, depressors, repression of life since 1913, and much earlier.

Caught and not stopped.  Billions are able to stop the ? millions, but do not because the engineering secretly inflicted on the innocent to take the human being species and cause the organic form to be toxic degeneration, has been far too successful.

Degenerate in the time of Rome was also measured and the Mount where Moses was and now worshiped as though still there, was RAZED, just as Iran has also promised.

Why?  Because the "Bibi" tribe has practiced male mutilation and also female mutilation until they were forced to stop, for thousands of years.  Not ok.  Allowing whatever their tribe wants to act on in the imagination as though this is somehow higher intelligence.

Every human has imagination and to act on this power without any restraint is not SMART.  Understanding imagination and not acting on whatever pops up in the brain, is balanced.

The blood ritual practice is not just ignorant, it is scientifically proven to be a serious health danger.  Then, add the fact that the "Rabbis" are going to go underground?  Should they not get to suck off the male babies' foreskin and why is this "custom of culture," so worshiped by "Bibi", ET AL!?

It is time to teach our children how to behave in CXXI, and for heaven's mercy there is a NEW TESTAMENT that replaced the old school of hell, fire, brimstone.

There are lots of history that teach a culture of life and not the death of Bibi's tribal fraud to satisfy his retirement portfolios.

For pity's sake, digital dust is not exactly a golden cow.

.. to be continued ...

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