Monday, April 29, 2013

... the only way you excise the demons is you acknowledge what happened ...

The Wall Street Culture of Corruption Tribe is insane.  They put all their eggs in one basket and on their way to the market, the stumble and fall happened.  Humpty fell off the Wall, too many times this time and IT cracked, ITS' broken, fallen down dirty low blow to all egos, retirement portfolios?

This 'man' decided that his mother's investments in Israel were not going to be lost.  The freaks of nature are not able to understand they are not nature.  Born in nature, but not the power over nature.  Yes the ability to use technology has caused the nit, half and dim wits ~ to think they can.

Can do whatever the illusory news confusion sells.  Running around earth, dressed up like the morons are SMART, and behaving insane as well as looking as insane as the behavior is.  ACTING as though actually doing something productive.

But, earth has vehemently disagreed, earth is the power of nature.

There is only one reason to not impeach Barry and it's because the Biden is worse.

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