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G KLIMT, 1912
The Vienna SecessionKlimt a visionary?  Painted the 'future'?
Gustav Klimt, Jurisprudence/Jurisprudenz, 1902-03, Black chalk, pencil

... the Viennese government in the last 1880s >> public commissions,

Medicine (1900-1907), Philosophy (1899-1907), and Jurisprudence (1897-98) were proposed as additions to the ceiling in the Great Hall at the University of Vienna,

.. riddled with nudity and departed from traditional symbolic imagery, Klimt's drawings for the proposal caused outrage and the entire project was not completed,

Klimt' support via government gone, he was excited for this new direction in reflecting how society was transiting,

He and 18 other 'artist comrades' started the Vienna Secession in 1897,

.. they strove to uncover the "naked truth",

Klimt's lifetime companion, Emilie Flöge, was a subliminal source of inspiration for the artist.

Ryan Alan Wilson, RAW, Artist 6/13
RAMONA, yes BEATRICE, Klimt's father was just like our Artist
RAW, 6/13
Ryan Alan Wilson's 'DAD' the great artist.  Indeed.  Ryan and his older brother Ian, father Donald P. Wilson was correct about the 'naked truth', too.  DO we need to propose the obvious?  Why Klimt didn't teach 'Hitler?' 

December 6, 2012 ~ ~One of the most controversial laws in U.S. history was enacted in June 1917> The Espionage Act prohibited Americans from criticizing the military draft or the sale of war bonds as the U.S. prepared to enter World War I. This was the first of a series of laws that violated civil liberties, and in some ways it set a precedent for the later rise of European fascism and the contentious laws enacted by the George W. Bush administration to fight the [NAKED TRUTH IS~ CRIMINALLY FRAUDULENT, Bea-Min emphasis added] “War on Terror.”

Artists in history are insatiably curious about what the whole composition is, and the intuition has to be on, or the people like Hitler would have made the grade of artist, and then there is George W. Bush doing his worst, to play 'artist'.  Artists, when the political ritual battle is demanded, show up and do history too, as a visual remembering what perhaps may have been rooted in the - GOLD - that was projected in Klimt's KISS, what does this real artist say ... ? in this painting?! 

... In October 1908, Hitler tried for the second time to gain admission to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. However, his test drawings were judged as so poor that he was not even allowed to take the formal exam. It was a bitter disappointment to Hitler and effectively left him on the outside looking in at the artistic community in Vienna. His friend Kubizek had successfully gained entrance to the Vienna Conservatory and was studying music there, doing quite well, in contrast to >Hitler> soon parted company with his friend in a rather strange manner. When Kubizek returned to Vienna after two months of military training in November 1908, he found Hitler had moved out of their shared apartment and left no forwarding address >> He lived by himself, moving from place to place as his savings gradually dwindled and his lifestyle spiraled downward. Despite the need for money, Hitler made no attempt to get regular employment. He eventually pawned all his possessions and actually wound up sleeping on park benches and begging for money. He quickly became a dirty, smelly, unshaven young man wearing tattered clothes and did not even own an overcoat. In December of 1909, freezing and half starved, he moved into a homeless shelter. He ate at a soup kitchen operated by the nuns from a nearby convent >> In February 1910, he moved into a home for poor men where he would stay for the next few years. Hitler sometimes earned a little money as a day laborer, shoveling snow and carrying bags at the train station. He then discovered he could earn a meager living selling pictures of famous Vienna landmarks which he copied from postcards. Another resident at the home, Reinhold Hanish, acted as his agent, hawking Hitler's works of art to various shops where they were mostly used to fill empty picture frames. Hitler also painted posters for shop windows >> Hitler left Vienna at age 24, to avoid mandatory military service in the Austrian army, and thus avoided serving the multicultural Austrian Empire he now despised >> Twenty-four years after leaving Vienna, Adolf Hitler would make a triumphant return as Führer of the German Reich. However, the memory of those miserable days of failure in his youth and the attitudes and ideas he acquired would forever remain> Copyright © 1996 The History Place™ All Rights Reserved >>

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2011, Articles May Be Reproduced OK'd Br Nathanael Kapner & Link To Real Zionist News (SM) >> >> In 1916 he was reelected. He defeated the Republican candidate Charles Evans Hughes by an electoral vote of 277 to 254. The campaign slogan “He kept us out of war” probably won him more popular votes than any other factor. After the election  Wilson tried to end the war by active mediation. The Germans, however, resumed  unrestricted submarine warfare. On April 2, 1917, the president asked Congress for a declaration of war. Before a joint session of the two houses he read the solemn words, “The present German submarine warfare against commerce is a warfare against mankind. It is a war against all nations. . . . We are accepting this challenge. . . . The world must be made safe for democracy.” On April 6, Congress declared war.

... As head of the U. S. Food Administration, Hoover, given the authority by Wilson, became a "food dictator." The Lever Act had given the president power to regulate the distribution, export, import, purchase, and storage of food. Wilson passed that power on to Hoover. To succeed, Hoover designed an effort that would appeal to the American sense of volunteerism and avoid coercion. In designing the program, he adopted a federal approach, combining centralized power and decentralized power. He oversaw federal corporations and national trade associations; he sought cooperation of local buyers and sellers. Through it all he called for patriotism and sacrifices that would increase production and decrease food consumption. "Food," Hoover and the administration proclaimed, "will win the war.

>> WITH POWERFUL JEWS BEHIND HIM, Woodrow Wilson has done more to bring America into the hands of international Jewry’s pernicious designs than any other president >> As Jewry’s abject pawn, Wilson was instrumental in creating:

•    The Federal Reserve Bank (Jewry’s Debt Instrument)
•    The Federal Trade Commission (Jewry’s Economic Instrument)
•    The Federal Income Tax (Jewry’s White Slave Instrument)
•    The Federal Intervention of WWI (Jewry’s Globalist Instrument)

In Curtis Dall’s book, “FDR - My Exploited Father-In-Law,” when comparing FDR to Wilson, the author makes a connection between the overweening influence of powerful Jewish figures at the outset of Wilson’s presidency and his subsequent ‘illness’ during his second term:  “Bernard Baruch would often walk into the Democratic Headquarters in 1912 with Wilson in tow, leading him like one would a poodle on a string >> Wilson would be given his ‘indoctrination course’ by several of the top Advisers assembled there. Reversing his role as classroom idealist, Wilson became a well-behaved, political pupil” >> A major factor brought to bear on Wilson’s ‘controllability’ was his affair with Mrs Mary Peck during his Princeton years. As it turned out, Wilson’s first lady, Edith Galt, ran the country when the president became ill” >> Dall makes mention of the book, “When the Cheering Stopped,” which chronicles in painstaking detail the events leading to Wilson’s “nervous breakdown” in 1919:  “On September 25, 1919, while on a national speaking tour, Wilson fell ill in Wichita and was forced to cancel the rest of his trip >> His personal physician, Dr Cary Grayson, informed executive aides that, ‘The President has suffered a complete nervous breakdown’ >> Until the end of Wilson’s second term in 1921, his wife, Edith Bolling Galt, ran the affairs of the Executive Office, a role denied to Wilson’s vice president, Thomas Marshall >> Thus ensued what was known only by rumour throughout Washington: “The Petticoat Presidency” of Woodrow Wilson >>

“Bernard Baruch would often walk into the Democratic Headquarters in 1912 with Wilson in tow, leading him like one would a poodle on a string >>





.. At that, the implementation of the plans may become a bumpy road.

.. There is no clear sea economic zone delimitation of borders between the neighboring states >> The Eastern Mediterranean «gas pie» is disputed by Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Turkey, as well as Palestine striving for independence… The matter gets even more complicated because the states have disputes between themselves, as well each of them with Israel >> Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already ordered to create a special military force for gas fields protection. The formation includes missile craft and drones. Israel is in talks with Germany on acquisition of four frigates.Some estimates say the government will have to spend around half a billion dollars annually for gas fields and infrastructure defense. (7) 

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