Sunday, January 19, 2014

CRYSTAL COX: Great American & SIRUS 'Star', RULE of Due Process Law, & New York Times [NYT] Et Al Human Filth Degradation + Libel

William Paley (Paloff): CBS Radio
David Sarnoff: NBC Radio
[sidebar:  Tim Geithner, was interviewed (more than likely the interviewer wasn't BLOB 
FAMILY) ... Tim said, his children and he didn't invest in BONDS, the 'FAMILY' invests in the NEWS.  What rhymes with NEWS? <<

And the information of news was actually begun in the GOOD TIDINGS moment, that 'Angels' would bring to earthlings.  Spreading the GOOD NEWS / TIDINGS.


There's a lot of power in feeding the masses of 'human minds'.  The RAW POWER enjoyed by those that aren't other than what they prove to be, MONSTERS?  Maybe HOLLY WOOL over our eyes got us into this mess?  Perhaps the MIND has a lot to do with the systems that are FRAUD, not one system set up via this global conglomerate of criminally insane is 'reality'.  Not for the billions of humans that also choose to be in the life cycle of living here in the finite planet we must all learn how to SHARE EQUALLY.  That is the problem with the criminally insane that pay a system of so called JUSTICE to be the worst imagination of Homo Sapiens to be in the history of TIDINGS.  Bad News .. sidebar to be continued below ....
Eugene Meyers: Washington Post
Adolph Ochs: NY Times

Friday, January 17, 2014

The United States COURTS of LAW, Judges USE the opinion and version of the news that the New York Times posts as FACT and it can and WILL be USED against YOU for the rest of your life regardless of any base in Truth. With this you will have no rights to sue the New York Times for DEFAMATION as they are CLEARLY Above the LAW.

Folks you SHOULD be ALARMED that the opinion and version of a story that the New York Times writes is taken by JUDGES across the land as FACT.

In articles across the land we see the highlight of this statement "Cox apparently has a history of making similar allegations and seeking payoffs in exchange for retraction." This is a false and defamatory statement made by David Carr of the New York Times and it CLEARLY violates Defamation law and with actual malice.  Yet JUDGES cite this "media" as FACT.

Crystal Cox was never on trial for Seeking ANY Payoff in Exchange for a Retraction. Crystal has NEVER sought payment to retract anything. And Blogger Crystal Cox CERTAINLY has no "HISTORY" of "seeking payoffs in exchange for retraction".

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox is an Anti-Corruption Blogger who has gave everything she has known to be her life to fight for the victims of corruption.

Crystal Cox has NEVER posted Fraud and Corruption allegations to SEEK Payment for a RETRACTION, this is NOT True and simply something Big Media, Judges, and Lawyers hold on to in order to attempt to paint me, Anti-Corruption Blogger Crystal Cox as the "Bad Guy". When in Truth Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox is SELFLESS in her blogging to expose corruption and give victims of that corruption a voice in the top of the search engines, in NEW MEDIA.

Why is the Facts of LAW being made by the New York Times in a Judicial OPINION, a Ruling that Bloggers have Equality with reporters such as the New York Times? What David Carr says, his distorted facts and reality is NOT FACT that should be used in a court of law as some proof that Crystal Cox has a "history of making similar allegations and seeking payoffs in exchange for retraction". Crystal Cox has not ONCE sought a payoff in exchange for a retraction, little own have a history of such.

"After Padrick’s appointment, Crystal Cox published blog posts on several websites that she created, accusing Padrick and Obsidian of fraud, corruption, money-laundering, and other illegal activities in connection with the Summit bankruptcy. Cox apparently has a history of making similar allegations and seeking payoffs in exchange for retraction.

See David Carr, When Truth Survives Free Speech, N.Y. Times, Dec. 11, 2011, at B1. Padrick and Obsidian sent Cox a cease-and-desist letter, but she continued posting allegations. This defamation suit ensued."


[sidebar con't:   The NEWS is owned (IE MAINSTREAM) via the criminals that have destroyed the so -called PETRO DOLLAR.  There isn't any accident in how a country gets to be made to be then destroyed.  Civilization Empire Building is what the worst of our human being small faction of criminally insane get to do.  HOW?  STANDING ARMIES?!  When the 'military' gets (and this is really very scary thinking processing), that the human commodity isn't anything but, a newsworthy digital turnaround artistry in the ideologies of mass murderers -- then we can see REAL CHANGE?  Doesn't look too HOPEFUL, the brain chemistry and other necessary 'tools' to be standing upright and civilized ARE destroyed in any and all ways imaginable via NEWS, and every SYSTEM the so called GOVERNMENT has DECIDED to sell us as though worthy of TIDINGS GOOD FOR US.

OREGON IS THE MODEL?  Has been a long process to take and SELL 'LIBERAL' as though reality when the truth can be seen, touched, heard and felt as CRYSTAL COX proves:  CRIMINAL FRAUD and very dangerous, ask ROGER WEIDNER who was made brain dead via the Oregon State Mental Hospital - why?  He was a real attorney that fought the corruption.

NEWS?  New York Times is a heavily invested 'partner' in the ideology of the most vile evil destruction of the human being:  METZITZAH B'PEH.

.. to be continued ...


  1. Long in the Tooth is the NYT Et Al and ITS' 'PAEDOPHILIA' of whatever can be destroyed in the 'American Dream' via the NIGHTMARE of, for example, METZITZAH B'PEH & BAD-BAD-BAD NEWS

  2. Sewers, toilets and the greatest emptying of waste in the MINDS of Americans the TIMES chimes all the rhymes of the most uncivilized and calls IT 'news'.