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"NAUGHT is more than NOTHING", An Unnecessary Stain On Humanity's Silent Nothingness: Barry 'Barack' Sotero 'Obama" ET AL 'District of Criminals' aka 'U$$$ta$I$rael Merica'

This is a repost from www.news-beacon-ireland.info. The article appeared first on Shannonwatch.org.
Margaretta D’Arcy is not a war criminal. Nor is she a human rights abuser, or the commander of an invading army. But she has spent many years drawing attention to the fact that these type of people pass through Shannon Airport regularly. The legally and morally correct response from the Irish police would be to investigate this complicity in wrongdoing at Shannon. Instead they imprisoned 79 year old Margaretta because she wouldn’t promise to stay away from the airport.

[sidebar:  No matter how many words that are correctly 'well-written', and the truth is in them, the words.  AND, no matter that there are infinite sums of words to say what needs to be said and in the languages to be understood ... DOES NOT CHANGE:   'Naught is more than nothing."

The SO CALLED earth 'internationalists' took away the money sovereignty  rights' of Americans.  Took away the right to be well-educated and well-informed.  Took away the right to vote.  Made up LAW and sold this dastardly bastard British Accredited Registry "B.A.R." to the people of America and now the FRAUD BUBBLE/s ALL POPPED GOES THE WEASEL

Lied, cheated, STOLE U$ out rode U$ hard to death, and now killing to cover-up the crime of Apartheid-Genocide as the true real reality.  U$$ta$I$rael became a true monster of the world earth and used World Wars to enslave America as the global gigantic STAIN.

America began and is, tragically a STAIN or worse, a scab that won't heal:  On Humanity's Silent Nothingness.

'Naught is more than nothing."  Palestine and Israel were manufactured and the so called United States of America was and is THE MASK, for the WAR MACHINE.  A gigantic monster in earth (GOLDEN ROMAN ARMY), raping, pillaging, plundering and vile evil wrought to the world via 'IS RA HELL''s 'International Jew' also known as the World Zionist Congress.

Israel: "RELIGION MASK"<<< 










What are these THINGS that wear the bodies of humans and dress in very expensive clothing, undergo multiple surgeries to look like the aging and hard run process in living isn't a reality.  IT, the machine.

Beckett wrote a play, and it was about Paris, France.  A man had stabbed another man.  The man who was stabbed wanted to know why the man who stabbed him did such a terrible thing, and why to him - what could he have done to have the man want to 'kill' him?!

The man in jail for the stabbing was visited by the man who was stabbed.  He said, the man who was in jail for attempted murder, that he didn't know why he had knife stabbed the visitor.  That was a shocking 'reality' in that time.  A play was enacted at San Quentin Prison about the 'idea' in that play.]

"... Interview in Vogue, December 1969: "Writing becomes not easier, but more difficult for me. Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness. Democritus pointed the way: 'Naught is more than nothing."  ...."  Samuel Beckett

Hancock 17 Drone War Crimes Resisters Trial Continues This Week

Jan 23/24 - Thursday & Friday 5pm
Town of De Witt Court, 5400 Butternut Drive, East Syracuse, NY.
The Hancock 17 trial began January 3, 2014 and will continue this week on January 23 and most likely January 24. Please come in support!

After 12 hours in the courtroom on January 3rd and 6th, the prosecution case is nearly complete. With one exception, the defendants are going pro se, which means that they are defending themselves. Their defense is based on the fact that they were not at the base to break the law, but rather to uphold the U.S. Constitution and international law.

Listen to the powerful opening statements of Ed Kinane and Clare Grady at 

It is expected that the defense case will begin Thursday, January 23, most likely continuing on the Friday the 24th. The defendants' case is supported by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, international law experts Francis Boyle and  Mary Ellen O'Connell, and a an Afghani man whose brother-in-law was killed in a drone strike.

http://warisacrime.org/ <<

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  1. Can we learn? Are we able to learn how to grow the higher intelligence to be more than "naught and nothingness" ?!