Sunday, October 16, 2016


Richard Nixon tied the sales of oil to the US Dollar <PETRO DOLLAR / PETRO$> and that made all the earth people pay the United States of America to have oil, petroleum.  That was quite a trick on Mother Nature alright.

But, before that Louis Brandeis penned in the Federal Reserve System and caused the USA to be enslaved to a system which was an abomination to Mother Nature.

Mother Nature isn't pleased with the creation of the species Homo Sapiens / Human Beings.

The MONSTERS that own the Planet Earth via causing Mother Nature to be slowly but, surely destroyed is not being ignored via Mother Nature.

Soon, the CREATIVE and the RECEPTIVE (Yang Yin) are going to bring balance into the Feng Shui Point, and then all the Humans that have violated Nature are going to realize the true power in this universe and all universes known and unknown.

There is no better time than the present to ATONE before the time is too late.

Sleeping state is an awakened consciousness level:  Sleep, and say as this energy happens that the alpha beta delta theta (not to the death point in theta) levels are reached and the understanding of all understanding is understood, DREAM and in the dream state >> lucid, profound understanding that is consciousness which the divine power gives to all energy in the energy of what it is ... life, nature, we are not separate and so those that are monsters must be brought into the still point of the unseen and held accountable for the imbalances of all that has been.  To be continued ...

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