Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Asian Pacific Economic Conference, Indonesia 2013, MIA Barry Barack Soetero Obama POTUS USA

OBAMA is being absolutely insulted and made fun of.  Why?  People know who he is because in ASIA, they don't approve of how the United States of America has behaved and the USA is learning how grown-up world earth looks absent the State of Israel's Bad Spirits [BS].  Now the USA has been put into the position it should have naturally known to follow.  The USA is not an organized country and it is an APARTHEID.  With ITS' partners' China and Russia, Et Al, who are not exactly the experiment of the USA, no, the countries are not willing to allow the HOUSE OF ROTS-CHILD'S IS-RA HELL to rule their people.

Taiwanese contacted POTUS OBAMA about the cartoon made of him, he didn't respond
In TAIWAN, Mr. "Ears & Ass" is not worshiped nor respected.

We have an image problem and the seriousness of this, is HOLLY WOOD was a tree that Sorcerers and Witches got to use the sticks to scare humans and then, the Bad Spirits were in control.  IT got so big for ITS' britches.

Thinking the whole world was Holly Wood mesmerized with IT.

NOPE, there aren't enough DOPES in earth to fill the quota for the criminally insane State of Israel that has caused the United States of America to be not at APEC.

Time to change the nasty IOLTA diapers of the SCOTUS, POTUS, ET AL.

When the COURTS are a system which MADISON warned against, it is time to take the Robed Gavel Tyrants and put them into a nice padded cell for destroying their own world and quite good at the tyranny, not knowing the MONEY SOVEREIGNTY is no excuse in the law.  IN FACT IT IS THE LAW:  ARTICLE I, SECTION IX, CLAUSE VII.  Money Sovereignty appeared to not get learned in law schools.  That is wrong and in fact it is criminal.

What we have is money that is debt to some and wealth to others in a country where the money sovereignty law is very clear.

Then in the USA there are the courts which are a language and only the schooled are allowed into the system of COLOR OF LAW/s, and the people have to pay to get someone that went to law school and did not learn the most important LAW in the USA:  CONTRACTS.  MONEY EXCHANGE AND TRADES.

In the system designed as Madison warned against and thought the FRAMERS' of the U.S. Constitution were ever vigilant in protecting the NEW WORLD NATION OF LAWS, alas, America is an APARTHEID.

The RELIGIONS of course saw their way to hooky bob onto a new idea and get whatever the religious wanted.  America was NOT supposed to be a religious superstitious ruled land mass of pilgrims as the faction beneath the faction/s that were supposedly the people with 'money'.  The Jewry Political Zionists' set-up, unfortunately, the MATRIX of America and it is not what the people majority would ever choose when well informed and well schooled.  BUT, the Jewry Political Zionists' Matrix wasn't interested in other than what we got here.

APARTHEID & GENOCIDE:  USA.  DRUGGIES get chosen to be the puppets.  Freaks of nature are running the operation and controlling the druggies that are so biologically, physiologically, psychologically and think of how the human being Soetero has not been compromised to do this vile evil to USA.  METZITZAH B'PEH isn't exactly a modern idea of civilized and this practice is not only revered in the Jewry Political Zionists' criminally insane, indeed the Rabbis when USDC Naomi Buchwald Ordered the practice to STOP due to babies dying and herpes and yes all around diseased thinking and doing ... the RABBIS WENT UNDERGROUND TO PRESERVE THEIR PRACTICE.  This is a criminally insane thinking stuff.

... to be continued ....

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  1. Americans should be thoroughly ashamed. Thinking that IT from Tel Aviv, could fool all the world earth, because IT worked so well in the USA.

    NOW WE THE PEOPLE, come to the apex again, to see just how toxic the people in the American Nightmare have become and then assess the healing process of seriousness.

    MONEY SOVEREIGNTY isn't exactly a dumb idea., after all. The framers' got it quite correct.