Thursday, October 10, 2013

Globalization & TransPacificPartnership TPP & the New World Order NWO & New York Times NYT WHAT'S A Mother To Do?

Outlying party [By Jiao Haiyang/]
Outlying party [By Jiao Haiyang/] 

Many Chinese analysts noted that the intention of the TransPacific Partnership (TPP), put forward at the recent APEC summit by the US administration, is to attempt to squeeze China out of the main discussions on Asian trade agreements. Western analysts agreed. David Pilling Asia editor of the Financial Times, noted: 'Beijing might be forgiven for thinking that TPP looks like a club to which it has not been invited…. The rules are made in America.' The TPP fits with US administration policy towards China shown in establishing US military bases in Australia and involvement in the South China Sea.
>>click>>Realities of the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP

>>Sino-US confrontation nothing but a dead end <<

Officials: A matter of faith

The former railways minister Liu Zhijun, who was given a suspended death sentence in July for accepting bribes and abusing his power, admitted to holding a deep belief in feng shui, the practice of promoting harmony between humans and the natural environment. Although his position as a member of the CPC required him to be an atheist, he regularly invited feng shui masters to help him choose auspicious dates to commence and complete major projects.

Song Chenguang was a senior political advisor in Jiangxi province. Song, who received the death penalty with a two-year reprieve in 2012 after being found guilty of accepting bribes, is also reported to have visited a fortune-teller for advice on political decisions. In a study that focused on 103 convicted senior officials, Professor Tian Guoliang of the Communist Party of China Central Party School discovered that some corrupt officials turned to superstitious practices in the hope they would help to prevent their crimes from being discovered.




Once upon a time there was this system and it built the imagination in the vacuum of mass murdering our own species.  And the human beings were hell-bent in proving to each race, every tribe, all the so-called religious or other forms of silliness such as superstitions, worshiping a power that is more powerful than the deepest and greatest test in our real imaginations was IT.

IT.  Technology has captured our hearts, minds, souls.  We are addicts to IT.  Completely unable to live. or so IT appears to be so, absent IT in our lives of quiet desperation absent IT especially.

Let us all execute IT for the superstition in worshiping the IT of IT.  Execute all the humans worshiping IT too.

How arrogant of human beings, all.  Americans have finally, at long last (humans in the past few centuries), however, met up once again with the Kissinger ignorant crowd.  Granted a  momentous thinking stuff sneaks into that glorious oh we're big, usa.  Look at the world for the so called big that get to do what big when out of control does to small.  Wars.  Killing our own Homo-sapiens and calling this act a necessity due to ?  whatever!

China is big.  Russia is big.  And the people are very small, for the majority.  Kept in the places where small people are kept, killed when the bribing is caught and other forms of not high in the crime list in countries such as, America.

But, then, America doesn't torture.  America isn't like China or Russia.  The list of global partnerships and their quirks are endless.

Libya isn't.  Libya when examining closely, was quite an advancement in the history of going forward.  Now, for that enlightenment, the country is definitely in hell till we get what earth is and isn't.

to be continued about what IT is, and isn't ...


In our deepest realities, in seeing reading what the news is and isn't.  Between and betwixt too

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