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TO: SEYMOUR HERSH, ET AL c/o International Center for Journalists, 2000 M St. NW, Suite 250, Washington, DC 20036, T 202.737.3700, Communications -- Irene Moskowitz, Director,, Kendall McCabe, Officer,,
F 202.737.0530
Dear Seymour Hersh Et Al:

In the event my whole long drawn personal story is necessary, then I’ll dig through all the papers I’ve filed over the past years and get the sordid stain on our family to you.  However, my/our family story is the same as all the people in the USA that have been duped for no less than the past century as debt slaves and worse ~ Pavlov, Bernays, Hitler - Stalin ESQ experimentation and programming and ‘Palestine West’!?  Not OK.  Exemption were and are the CHOSEN.  The American individual has been nothing but the/a disposable, and/or the/a recyclable or whatever the human filth could think in a paranoid sociopath and psychopath disturbed brain chemistry - mind, WE PEOPLE are commodities and useless eaters.

In sane brains and minds we must ask:  Why are we a failed ‘totalitarian super power’ in the Twenty-first Century [CXXI]?  When did -IT- become the all-powerful-power-of-all-powers?   Where is our news, the critical information services via media necessary to choose intelligently?  Who can be found accountable as the responsible parties for the USA iron curtain ... since ... ?  How do we balance the critical mass inequity?  What is THEY, THEM, THOSE, IT – RAW UNCHECKED POWER that can manufacture INFINITE ‘CREDIT’?  Then, once we get to the tap root of our problem, we do our forensic due process law.

In the On Defamation film, by Yoav Shamir, Yoav begged to argue about how IT was supposed to be.  Norm replied ad nauseam: But IT isn’t.  IT is both Israel and the United States of America.  IT is the CREDIT which  Israel and America are both using to be, AGENDA 21, GREEN, PALESTINIAN ETHNIC CLEANSING, APARTHEID-GENOCIDE: COLONIZING EARTH.  The perpetuation of the fraud has now met the internet’s full transparency and that is what has changed the world.

America got hooky-bobbed.  LOUIS BRANDEIS wasn’t an educated man and he wasn’t a real attorney at law.  That was truly a very bad time for the United States of America.  Brandeis set a standard that has been in practice and it has to change or the FRAUD of the Supreme Court in ITS’ powerlessness to manufacture digits as credit, is to collapse US into further immoral at best and criminal fraud total dissolution to be sure.

EG ANN L. AIKEN, ET AL all appear to take the Brandeis model and believe the world and the USA remained in the same time that the FRAUD was being very well covered up.  But, ITS’ in the news, globally and can’t be snuffed, as you know.  Also, the well informed public is dependent upon the service of the owners of ink and paper in voluminous sums.  However, again, the internet has opened a portal.  The news in the State of Oregon has not been in a non iron curtain ownership for too long.

E-A-S-Y CREDIT was provided to the Jewish community, primarily.  Now we have the proof of what this decision caused in the USA.  The ZIONIST Congress was set-up, 1897, Louis Brandeis a staunch Zionist and then the states were in line for setting-up multiple systems of soft power.

Dentists, doctors, lawyers, businesses, schools, churches, Et Cetera, were to receive and did, too, E-A-S-Y CREDIT.  In the State of Oregon, ROBERT STRAUB disbursed the/a credit line to the predominant “Jewry Political”.  To this very day Oregon State has a small minority ruling and holding power positions in government, businesses, and name an industry not UN-justly enriched in this time of ‘federal credit’ to implement the ‘New World Order [NWO]’, not in positions of militant authoritarian.  It is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  But, this truth is not evident to those that choose to be chosen regardless of how billions’ eyes opened and mouths shout NO more, no more fraud versus real.  Artificiality has dominated the natural and the death is not going to get alive until we stop the lying to ourselves.

The whole planet operates on credit, or ‘letters of credit’, and this has been since Venice - before that first capitalist collapse caused in precisely the same formula and by exactly the same vile evil ideologies from the so called ‘elite’ *illuminiti’ [*urban dictionary on-line].  Tragically there are very corrupted and degenerate earth humans that have wedged their bad spirits into the holes blown in our souls.

OREGON STATE.  I have lived in other states in America.  But, this State has been where I chose to birth both my sons, one in 1977 and the other 1980, neither did I participate in the act of cutting my sons’ foreskin.  My sons were not vaccinated.  My sons’ father Donald P. Wilson, was one of the greatest human beings to walk the planet earth.  His only mistake was not understanding just how deadly the agendas were-are.  He was born February 3, 1934, and passed October 14, 2008.  I am beyond the feelings of feeling the emptiness, I am the emptiness.

The State of Oregon is a mirror of how Israel has decided life is.  IT is Ghetto-Hell as Gilad Atzmon talks about in his book THE WANDERING WHO and the book I had the great good fortune to have signed when he spoke in Oregon on his tour philosophizing Jewry Politics and the Totalitarian Agenda of Zionism.

Donald Wilson and I chose to purchase real estate in Oregon and Washington State too, 1999 to 2003.  This was after losing all in the 1980s SAVINGS AND LOAN [S&L] CRIMINAL FRAUD.  I was flown to Walnut Creek, California.  The Sandlers, Herbert and Marion promised to my face there would not be another 1980s S&L.  They lied, the lying is pathological in this confused tribe.  The tribal legal is basically the same tapestry as all the ‘professional’ wearing dress-up to distinguish the service.  Medicine is not about health and law is not about legal.

Ann L. Aiken and the United States District Court [USDC] of the District of Oregon, Division of Portland chose to violate due process law.  The FORECLOSURE FRAUD has been a very lucrative fraudulent inducement and transference of wealth in all states, and in particular where the “Jewry Politics” has been strategically empowered, the spirit, rule and letter of due process law is only for those that are licensed to break whatever boundary is stopping the criminal insane totalitarian regime.

MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS [MERS] in OREGON State was not only not found as a total FRAUD, the Supreme Court was clever in how to word the proper language for MERS to get back into the game.  GAME.  It is a game.  Life is not, but Thomas A.  Balmer Supreme Court ‘Chief’ was able to be the Attorney General and then that was after the Appellate Judge, and what was his blood lust?  To have FEDERAL CREDIT provided to Oregon State, the DEATH PENALTY gets to receive so much extra digital support from the criminals that are Wall Street’s investors.

When Walker F. Todd, former attorney for the Central Bank of the Fed in Ohio and New York told me on the telephone what the ‘crash’ was going to be, I made a commitment to do my best to alarm America into getting safe before what was already done, got done.  It got done alright, in 2005 to-date, I’d say crispy fried is about done as we can get.

Aiken, Et Al participated in a criminal operation RICO on the properties we owned and had labored for years to purchase and remodel.  The damage done to our family is not able to be calculated due to too many real dead beloveds.

State of Oregon has been taken down again and again.  Arlene Schnitzer warned in early 1980s, however, I did not understand then.  It isn’t but other than fully transparent now as to how the digital credit has been able to enrich the most uncultured of our people.

The STORY to tell-write, should be about how the people are driven from their natural homes and made to migrate as ‘pilgrims’ [Rembrandt wrote and painted these same horrors], and then the people of the same species act like there are factions and the factions are decided by the predatory and the non predatory are the ‘booty’ for the predatory.  The predatory get to make up a commodity and call IT money AND when in the contemporary world there isn’t enough of a single substance to accommodate all humans’ transacting exchanges and trades in earth.

Goya’s SATURN EATING HIS OWN, and that was about the same problem then as today, WAR.  Wars have grown into an industry which a certain minority of humans control as though this is a sane behavior.  America is a WAR nation and the JEWRY POLITICAL ZIONISTS’ are the owners’ of this industry and sell the commodity globally as though the majority of the United States people are in consensus.  My objection to criminal insanity has cost my family and me via THE KISSINGER & ASSOCIATES THIRD GENERATION PENTAGON FRITZ KRAEMER’S ON EXCELLENCE CULT ~~

VERVE.  We are shadow boxing in the demise of our complete dreams.  I, and the people of Oregon, beg a deepest probe into the State of Oregon,

JOURNALISM LEVEL OF ALL THE UNCOVERING IN THE PAST OF THE INSATIABLE GREEDY CORRUPTION, as the best exposure to ever be seen in the ‘courts’ and other systems of ‘government.  IE EG, Governor Kitzhaber won’t after a mandate, remove Goldschmidt’s photos.  Goldschmidt a criminal paedophile and can’t be held to the standard of that heinous crime.  He is said to be hiding in Israel.  TORTURER MEMO ‘LIEWYER’ Jay S. Bybee, NINTH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS?!  Paedophiles, torturers and METZITZAH B’ PEH PRACTITIONERS.  USDC Naomi Buchwald ORDER NO.  What did the Rabbis say: UNDERGROUND TO HELL WITH ‘LAW’ USA.

There can’t be a single most perfect earth ‘energy’ because the diversity is earth isn’t exactly a stagnation in the atmosphere.  Thank you for your time.  I sincerely look forward to the POSTER CHILD FOR OBAMA, GREEN AGENDA 21 OREGON, to be finally at long last in the light of the year 2013.  It has been long overdue.


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