Saturday, August 16, 2014

OBAMA | THE TRUTH | ?! | Artist Michael Dantuono

HI STORY has already been written.  He came, we saw, he bombed the ZIONIST JEWRY POLITICAL PONEROLOGY into the dustbin where time put a lid on that criminal insanity?  We don't know until the next cycle of a criminally insane of our species takes control of the NUCLEAR OPTION.  Got to give the worst of our Homo Sapiens' credit where debt is due:  Steal the right to be sane and call the imagination not working unless the insanity is criminally completely out-of-control.  Just ears' n' ass POTUS#44, he knows how insane the brain chemistry has-to-be-to-behave-as-he-has for the world to never forget the First Jewish "Black" U.S. "World" President.

Fooled almost all the people all the time?  Nadda.

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  1. He isn't spiritually evolved, but indeed mentally criminally insane. Poly-addicts do whatever gives the brain chemistry a spark, don't have synapse activity in the holy brains.