Friday, April 28, 2017


... 2018 is likely to be crunch year for another reason. 1 January 2018 is the date when a host of new regulations are set to come in force, which will “constrain lending ability and prompt banks to only advance money to the best borrowers, which could accelerate bankruptcies worldwide,” according to Bloomberg. Other rules to come in play will require banks to stop using their own international risk assessment measures for derivatives trading.

We have a brain which we use less than seven (7) percent or maybe less than that!

Chi Gong (breathing the breath as an inhale and exhale) into each "compartment" in the brain can awaken the species Homo Sapiens and then we certainly are able to evolve as higher consciousness.  When do we use our energy to focus - before or after the next cosmic reality enema?! 

Ironically, the introduction of similar well-intentioned regulation in January 2008 (through Basel II) laid the groundwork to rupture the global financial architecture, making it vulnerable to that year’s banking collapse .. This year, we can prepare for the post-2018 resurgence of crisis convergence by planting seeds — however small — for that future in our own lives, and with those around us, from our families, to our communities and wider societies.

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