Saturday, October 12, 2013

$ Shit Storm Constructive Outcome In Government Shutdown ~CounterIntuitive~

Yen Lo Wang Chinese Mythology
The Lord of Death and Leader of the 5th Court of Feng-Du, the Chinese Hell

Dollar Outlook Still Constructive Marc To Market's picture3, As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the US dollar strengthened for most of last week, despite the nomination of Janet Yellen as Fed chair and the continued partial closure of the US Federal government. While acknowledging the disruptions of the markets by the unprecedented expansion of central bank balance sheets and the new regulatory environment, the markets still appear to be functioning as a large discount mechanism.

[SIDEBAR:  US$ Petro shit storm global was not to do other than what has been done, EXCEPT!

Oooops, the take-D0WN wasn't to be for another fifty (50) years or thereabouts, BUT the George W. Bush Jr. via POTUS sealed the deal for them, those, they that are profiting here and now.

Global family, China Et Al kicks to the curb the Reserve Currency that was supposed to be an enlightened form of new world civilized.  Couldn't be other than what the real truth told is screaming and soon the US$ death when reality hits, best be prepared for PLAN 'B'.  China, Et Al can't afford the crash to occur too soon >>

Yen Lo Wang Chinese Mythology

The Chinese model of Yama, having been at first King of the 1st Court of Hell, but Heaven charged him of excessive leniency.

Too many souls were traversing the Golden Bridge to Heaven and it was becoming crowded.

To stop spiritual over population, the Jade-Emperor set Qin-Guang-Wang accountable for Judgment and designated Yen-Lo-Wang to the 5th Hell of Wailing, Gouging and Boiling.

When there he designed something to make souls especially miserable, so everybody was happy once again. Except for the souls, of course.

Like a God of some significance, Yen Lo Wang is greater than just a trader of cooking oil. He rules across the whole of Feng-Du and has a crew of deadly colleagues.

His filing system contains the records of each and every soul, including their designated death date. Monkey once paid him a visit and wreaked chaos, but we imagine security and safety has been tightened up since that time ...]

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